Power Sneak Peek: Will Tommy's Mom Discover Holly's Big Secret?

An expectant mother should do everything possible to secure her child’s safety, right? Prenatal vitamins, baby-proofing the apartment, putting out a hit on her baby daddy’s former business partner…

As outlandish as it sounds, says Power star Lucy Walters, that’s exactly how her character views last episode’s visit to the Jamaicans.

“She’s a survivor, and the way she survives is to look out for herself,” the actress tells TVLine. “And now she’s in a place where the “I” has become an ‘us.’ Here’s someone who doesn’t really let people in, and she has for the first time.” She laughs. “And it gets ugly.”

We’ll say. Being a little sneaky when it comes to the money is one thing; crossing boroughs to pay someone to kill Ghost is entirely another.

But that survival sensibility is strong, and it’s keeping Holly from sharing her big news with Tommy, Walters adds, though as this Sunday’s episode (Starz, 9/8c) opens, she’s edging closer to telling him they’ve got a little Egan on the way.

To complicate matters, Tommy’s force-of-nature mom Kate (played by Patricia Kalember, Sisters) unexpectedly shows up at the apartment during a very tense moment… and then doesn’t want to leave. And you can imagine how well that goes over with the already-on-edge Holly.

Press PLAY on the exclusive video above to watch the two most important women in Tommy’s life meet for the first time, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the mess that Holly has gotten herself into.

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