Mindy Project Poised to Recast Mindy as a White Man in Season 5 Episode

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The Mindy Project is flipping the race card on its head.

“We’re pitching an episode called, ‘If I Was Born a White Man,” star and exec producer Mindy Kaling revealed to reporters Friday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I love the idea that something happens to Mindy that is really sexist, and then she wakes up the next morning as a white man.”

If the high-concept installment gets the OK from Hulu, Kaling says the plan would be to cast a Caucasian actor “to live [Mindy’s] life, still with my [voiceover]. It seems really interesting and fun and kind of a weird wish-fulfillment to see how differently she would be treated.”

Kaling also revealed that the Danny-Mindy-Jody cliffhanger will be wrapped up quickly at the start of the 16-episode season, hence the cheeky title of the Oct. 4 premiere, “Decision 2016.” And don’t necessarily read too much into Chris Messina’s recent status downgrade. “No matter what happens, [Danny is] Leo’s dad, so [Chris] will always have a place on the show,” maintained exec producer Matt Warburton. Added Kaling: “I love acting with him, and he’s such a great guy. He’s still in the world of the show.”

Kaling and Warburton also dropped some Season 5 casting news, divulging that Nasim Pedrad (New Girl, Scream Queens) will recur as Mindy’s pediatrician and B.J. Novak will reprise his role as Jamie for “a juicy little arc.”

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