The Mindy Project Season Finale Recap: Trapped! (And the Closet)

The Mindy Project Finale Season 4 Recap

The Mindy Project‘s Season 4 finale simultaneously gave Mindy-Danny fans exactly what they wanted (more Danny!) and what they dreaded (more Danny being Danny!). But did Dr. C finally ‘fess up about getting married? Read on to find out.

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DAN THE (PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE) MAN | Danny starts the episode with good intentions: He’s going to tell Mindy about his upcoming wedding, and hand her an invitation to it, during a Leo hand-off session. But Dr. C chickens out, and instead drops the envelope in the mail for Mindy to discover later on. Nice.

At work, as Mindy, Whitney and Chelsea get psyched for their impending girls’ weekend in Miami, Jody tries once more to apologize for the whole him-having-a-STD-and-lying-to-her-about-it thing. But Mindy doesn’t want to hear it — and anyway, pretty soon they’re all interrupted by a fire alarm: Mindy’s been keeping her clothes at the office, because Leo’s sleeping in her old closet, and some of them caught on fire in the storage closet.

This gives Jody an idea: With Morgan and Colette’s help, he’ll sneak into Mindy’s apartment and build her a new closet while she’s gone for the weekend. Because closets totally trump chlamydia.

GOING DOWN… | After a brief disciplinary meeting about Leo’s recent aggressive tendencies at school, Mindy and Danny find themselves locked in a stuck elevator. On a Friday night. When there’s no one around to free them. So they talk. They share stories. They eat candy straws. He finally confesses that Jody sent her a love letter, which came to the old apartment, and that he’d scared the Southern doc into backing off.

When Mindy point-blank asks her ex if he ever got serious with any of the women that came after her, he thinks about Sarah, his fianceé, but he kisses Mindy, right there where they’re sitting on the elevator floor. That, of course, leads to sex, and when they’re sprung from the elevator the next morning, Danny walks her home with a dopey grin on his face. They part as really good, sometimes naked friends.

CLOSET CASE | And Mindy doesn’t seem that mad about missing her girls’ weekend, or anything really, until she enters her apartment to find Jody there. A slight complication in the building of the closet — he accidentally ripped a hole in her living room ceiling — created a series of events that ended with Dr. Kimball-Kinney buying the apartment directly above hers for her.

She’s shocked, and touched, and a little weirded out but also happy that Leo might have the kind of room that little boys dream about. Still, an apology apartment?

“I’ve done it before for someone I might possibly, against my better judgment be in love with,” he says, standing with her in the new space.

“Holy s–t,” Mindy replies, and as the camera moves down into Min’s old flat. And what’s on the table? The day’s mail… including Danny’s wedding invitation. Holy s–t, indeed.

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