Grimm @ Comic-Con: A 'Monrosalee' Litter (?!), Diana Drama and More

Grimm Comic-Con Panel Season 6 Spoilers

If Silas Weir Mitchell has his way, Grimm‘s Monroe and Rosalee will have not one child, but a “litter” of Wesen when the couple’s pregnancy comes to term.

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Mitchell and co-star Bree Turner addressed the issue during the NBC supernatural drama’s Comic-Con panel Saturday in San Digeo.

“I just hope it’s a litter,” Mitchell joked, to Turner’s horror. “I’ll help nurse!”

“I like the sound of litter,” co-creator David Greenwalt, with co-star Sasha Roiz interjecting, “Bree’s just knitting a dozen little cardigans!”

The panel — stars David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Claire Coffee, Russell Hornsby, Reggie Lee, Roiz, Mitchell, Turner and co-creators Greenwalt and James Kouf — took the stage to talk the upcoming Season 6. A few highlights:

* Giuntoli was asked which of Nick’s ladies he would choose: Eve/Juliette or Adalind. “Nick wants to be with the woman who wants to kill him the least,” he joked. “I would like it to showdown in a big, Jerry Springer way.” Tulloch chimed in, “I would just like to say, for the record: Eve does not need a man. If it happens, it happens. But Eve does not need a man.”

* Rosalee’s pregnancy revelation was a happy moment for the pair, but “We’re just going to be worried. Really, really worried,” given that the gang is still in real danger, Mitchell said. But despite the inherent peril, there’ll be room for lighter, fun moments as the Fuchsbau-Blutbad spawn gestates. “I’m sure there’ll be some foot rubs and some pickle requests,” Turner said.

* Whatever happened to Hank’s evil honey? “We didn’t see her die, necessarily, so she may come back,” Russell said of Black Claw operative Zuri.

* “Diana is a parenting challenge,” Coffee joked, noting that her daughter with Renard probably needs a firm hand… but could turn lethal if she doesn’t get her way. Mitchell suggested taking away the child’s creepy dolls. And when someone asked who gave them to her, Kouf and Greenwalt piped up, “We did.”

* Speaking of the creepy kiddo, look for everyone’s favorite babysitters to keep an eye on her at least once in the upcoming 13-episode run. “Monroe and Rosalee are Care.com,” Turner joked. “All we do is care about people, and we fall into their patterns of co-dependency,” Mitchell added, deadpan.

* An audience member, a Portland resident who played one of the jailed Wesenrein in Season 4, wondered when his character might be set free. “When hell freezes over,” the EPs responded. “Which could happen on Grimm!” Mitchell added.

* Another member of the crowd wondered whether Adalind’s kids — Diana and Kelly — would be friends or foes. “The answer is, kinda both,” Greenwalt said, with Kouf noting, “We don’t know exactly what Kelly can do yet.”

* Hornsby said he didn’t mind being the only human character left in the series’ core gang, because wogue-ing looks a little painful. “If I were to do that, I would need a chiropractor and cocoa butter at night,” he said, laughing as he moved his neck awkwardly.

* Roiz worked in a reference to Republican presidential candidate by saying that Mayor Renard was “looking forward to making Portland great again.” Coffee quickly responded, “But Sasha, Portland has always been great,” a sly reference to presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

* Greenwalt reminisced that Wu wasn’t originally in the show; Lee read for the part of Hank, but when they decided to go with Hornsby, “What did we do? We created a part for Reggie Lee.”

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