Game of Thrones @ Comic-Con: Cast Talks Jon Snow's Paternity Reveal, the Impending Stark Family Feud and More

Game Of Thrones Season 7

In lieu of a three-eyed raven, the Game of Thrones cast and showrunners on Friday did their best to predict what the future holds for the HBO series during their Comic-Con panel.

Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, director Miguel Saopchnik, as well as stars Liam Cunningham, John Bradley, Nathalie Emmanuel, Conleth Hill, Sophie Turner, Iwan Rheon, Faye Marsay, Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Kristian Nairn were all on hand to discuss the events of Season 6, as well as what could happen in Season 7:

* Benioff, once again explaining why we have to wait until Summer 2017 for more episodes: “Winter is here, and we have to shoot in places where there are trees. We have to wait until leaves fall off. … There’s no way to get the show out there until Summer.”

* Rheon, in defense of Ramsay (dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” by moderator Rob McElhenney): “Poor guy’s had a tough upbringing. He’s a bastard in the North, which is always difficult, and he’s been looking for his father’s love and acceptance all his life.” (Turner’s sarcastic response: “Boo. Hoo.”)

* Nairn on the response to Hodor’s death: “It has been overwhelming. I did not expect it to be so crazy. I’m really, really flattered as well. It’s blown my mind. I was in LA a few days ago at a hotel, and all their door stops said ‘Hodor’ on them. I went, ‘Really?’ It’s been incredible. The scene was incredibly written and directed. I knew I was going to be killed, but I didn’t expect the outpouring of emotions.”

* Though Sapochnik is not listed as a director for Season 7, he “would very much hope” to be back for Season 8.

* Cunningham on Shireen’s death: “When I got the script for the first time, you would have heard the clang of my jaw hitting the ground when I read it. … That relationship with Shireen was very easy. She’s an absolutely gorgeous human being, and a beautiful actress — and these guys keep taking the people I love working with away from me.”

* Bradley said his dream death for Sam would be falling off a ladder in his new library: “Sam’s always been told that books are follies and to be dismissed.” He then invited the audience to imagine Sam in a Battle of the Bastards-type battle with a bunch of books.

* “It’s hard to know what the future brings for her, but she genuinely believes in Daenerys and her claim. Daenerys has saved her live and liberated her and acknowledged her brilliance. … These two women respect each other and lift each other up. … I hope Missandei continues to support Daenerys, and they continue to be this sort-of girl power couple.

* Turner theorizing why Sansa didn’t tell Jon about the Knights of the Vale: “She wanted all the credit, and it was a more dramatic moment when they showed up. It made for really good television. Now here’s the question I’m wanting to know: Why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia didn’t get an Emmy nomination?” (McElhenney appreciated that one.)

* As for Jon and Sansa’s conflicting aspirations: “I’m not sure she believes Jon is capable of running Winterfell and the North,” Turned said. “She thinks he doesn’t have the intellect, the knowledge and the experience that she has … and I concur. But she knows he has those Stark morals, and inevitably, he’ll make the right decision. But whether it’s going to benefit anyone is another story.”

* Marsay was quick to shoot down the theory that Arya and the Waif are the same person: “I think the theory was a cool one. It would have been really cool, but I think Arya is Arya, and that’s her journey. The way it is now is the best way.”

* On the reveal of Jon Snow’s true lineage: “He might not know why that is, but for some reason, it’s imperative that he spreads the word,” Hempstead-Wright said. “I presume he’ll somehow tell Jon, but I’m not sure how he’ll respond when Bran shows up and says, ‘I’m a Tree Wizard and your dad isn’t your dad.”

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