Degrassi: Next Class Returns: Grade the Racially Charged Season Premiere

Degrassi Next Class Recap

Degrassi: Next Class‘ Frankie Hollingsworth may be a lot of things — including a reluctant participant in a child pornography ring — but is she racist?

She is if you ask the ladies of Northern Tech, whose predominately African-American volleyball team didn’t take too kindly to Frankie and Co.’s prank on the Season 2 premiere, a giant poster depicting members of the Northern Tech team as zoo animals.

I’m also concerned about how this will affect Frankie’s friendship with Shay, who was against retaliating in the first place. (The Northern Tech girls technically struck first, stealing the Degrassi players’ clothes during practice and forcing them to run out during a fire alarm in their towels — or in Frankie’s case, nothing at all.)

It’s pretty clear that Frankie went too far, but with a last name like Hollingsworth, there’s also a good chance that — yet again — she won’t have to answer for her crime. Looks like we’ve all got some binging to do this weekend.

Elsewhere in the halls of Degrassi Community School…

* Miles was all set to leave for boarding school, until an incident with Hunter — he crashed Miles’ car on purpose because he claims he can’t be left alone — caused him to re-evaluate a few things. Not only did he tell his mom that Hunter brought a gun to school, but he also reconnected with Tristan. (It was nice to see them holding hands in the hallway, but I can’t imagine these two will last the season without another dramatic breakup.)

* Speaking of reunions doomed to go down in flames, Maya decided to give Zig another chance after she realized that he’s her musical muse. (And can we talk about how Degrassi casually re-introduced Peter Stone into the fold? I guess it’s nice to see that not every alum is still working at the Dot.)

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