Degrassi: Next Class Finale Recap: Love Lockdown

Degrassi Next Class Finale

Friendly warning: This post contains lots of spoilers from the Degrassi: Next Class finale.

Oh, what a difference nine episodes make.

At the top of Degrassi: Next Class‘ 10-episode run, Maya was dating Zig and forming her band; Miles and Tristan were at each other’s throats; Frankie was trapped in a post-Winston funk; and Lola and Shay were friction-free besties. Compared to all of that, the Netflix drama’s first finale felt practically post-apocalyptic.

Let’s begin with Maya, whose on-and-off relationship with Zig is — at least for now — a thing of the past. She was willing to forgive him for “basically” just kissing Zoe, but after hearing the story from Zoe’s perspective, her capacity for compassion vanished faster than Tori Santamaria. (No, seriously, remember her? Poof!) She did, however, forgive Grace for keeping the Zig/Zoe secret from her. Because, you know, she needs to have at least one friend.

Degrassi Next Class FinaleIn other relationship news, Frankie has decided — again, for now — that Winston isn’t the guy for her, after all. That’s right, after spending all season pining over her ex, she’s decided to hop aboard the Jonah Express instead. (Good luck with that!) Lola also apologized for dating Tiny when Shay had clearly called dibs on him, though I’m not sure what that actually accomplished. I mean, it’s not like she’s going to stop dating him or anything.

Then came the biggie: After (reluctantly) coming clean about trolling and swatting Maya, Hunter went into full-on meltdown mode — or should I say “lockdown” mode — and arrived at the Snow Ball with a surprise date: his father’s gun. A last-minute phone call from Miles calmed the little freak-show enough for him to leave his weapon concealed, at least until he arrived home later that night.

But would Hunter really have killed himself if Miles hadn’t walked in on him? And is Miles really going to keep his brother’s secret? Man, it’s hard to believe that the least dramatic Hollingsworth is the one who sold naked pictures of herself to students a few seasons ago; this family is the best kind of trash.

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