Jimmy Fallon Mocks Trump's RNC Entrance in Tonight Show Spoof

Jimmy Fallon might not be the champion of the world, but he’s certainly the champion of late night.

The Tonight Show host came out as Donald Trump toward the top of Tuesday’s program, parodying the presidential nominee’s entrance to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” from Night 1 of the Republican National Convention, while airing allegedly unseen footage from Night 2.

Attempting to jazz things up, Fallon’s interpretation included a quick Michael Jackson-esque dance number and an old-fashioned top hat which he quickly discarded before taking to the podium. Among his best one-liners:

* “I know I wasn’t supposed to be on stage tonight but our key speaker Alf cancelled last minute. He had to return to Melmac. Sad!”

* On behalf of wife Melania Trump’s Night 1 speech, he claimed “she stole the show… literally. I mean, she delivered her speech like a true First Lady,” except “harder, better, faster, stronger. And you can quote me on that!”

* “How great was Scott Baio? Wasn’t his speech great? Wasn’t it fantastic and huge? I loved it so much I’m going to put Charles in Charge of the nuclear launch codes.”

* “It’s fantastic to be here, home of Cleveland’s great football team, the Cleveland Browns.”

* “Last night you heard from Antonio Sabato Jr. from General Hospital, and tonight you heard from Kimberlin Brown from The Young and the Restless, which is interesting because for the rest of the week you’ll be hearing from all my children.”

Watch Fallon’s over-the-top impersonation above, then sound off bigly in the comments section below.