Donald Trump Named Republican Presidential Nominee — Watch Video

There’s nothing “presumptive” about it anymore; Donald Trump on Tuesday officially became the Republican party’s nominee for President of the United States.

The announcement was made live by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who added that it was his “distinct honor and great pleasure” to nominate the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

“We have gotten off course, and the American people know it,” Sessions said. “Our political system is not working. … But this time, it’s different. One man, Donald Trump, was not intimidated. He would not be silenced. He spoke the truth. He gave a voice to the people’s concerns. The American voters heard this message, and they rewarded his courage and leadership with a huge victory in our primaries.”

The 2016 RNC kicked off Monday, immediately generating headlines with controversial (for a number of reasons) speeches from sitcom vet Scott Baio, soap star Antonio Sabato, Jr., and the Donald’s wife Melania Trump.

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