Power Season 3 Premiere Recap: A Ghost By Any Other Name

Power Premiere Recap Season 3

Just when Ghost thought he was out…

Power‘s Season 3 premiere finds the drug kingpin-turned-nightclub owner in the process of trying to go legit — but all the tailored suits and law enforcement girlfriends in the world can’t cover the fact that no matter how much James St. Patrick wants to be on the up-and-up, his Ghost persona runs (and rolls) deep.

So the hour finds James continually looking over his shoulder — after all, that araña card didn’t just leave itself — and fielding angry/confused/hurt inquiries from the people who used to look to him to lead. Read on for a recap of “Call Me James.”

FRESH START | We open on Ghost — er, James, as he makes pretty much everyone call him during the hour — and Angela during a very successful night at Truth. They’re super lovey-dovey and he seems to revel in his role as the club’s new owner, but he’s still sporting bruises from his fight with Kanan, and Angela has made sure to pack a little firepower in her clutch.

That’s probably a good thing, given that Tommy is skulking about outside the venue, if for no other reason than to give his estranged bestie the stinkeye. Perhaps in response to that (or maybe just because it’s good sense), Ghost ups the security measures in the building, a change he notes just before bending Angela over his desk at the end of the evening. Still, as he makes clear to an employee who’s yearning for the big, quick money the drug trade provided, “The club is the new hustle.”

Later, Angie mentions that she’s contemplating a move to a new department — though she doesn’t mention anything about Greg gunning for her — and casually drops that she’s ready to meet Jamie’s kids whenever he’s ready for that to happen. And he seems into the idea, too.

MEET THE NEW BOSS | Meanwhile, Tommy is getting out the word that he’s the new boss, a position Holly is all too happy to support. Tommy is also one of the very few people who know that Lobos didn’t die in the mass hit; the Feds choose to use that assumption to help them as they move forward with a John Doe prosecution of the drug lord. Things to know: Sandoval is totally in Lobos’ pocket, and the fact that the Lobos prosecution is happening means that Angela is stuck in her current department — a development that doesn’t make any of her distrusting co-workers happy.

Lobos also warns Tommy that if he doesn’t kill Ghost, he won’t gain access to the drugs… and Holly and their pooch are in serious danger. But when Tommy gets a little big for his britches while threatening some two-bit dealers, Julio (who witnesses the whole thing, hightails it to Truth to ask Ghost what the heck is going on. And Angela sees. And Angela does not like what she sees.

When she later confronts James about his visitor, he tells her the truth: “He came to the club because he didn’t believe I was out.” She believes him, then shares a little intel of her own: Lobos is alive and thinks the Jimenez ordered the attacks. “You’re safe. It’s all over. I guess Ghost really is dead,” she says. Oh honey. I want a little of whatever you’re smoking, because later we see James pick up the phone and dial a certain pasty hothead: “We need to talk, man,” he says to Tommy. “It’s Ghost.”

THE BODY COUNT RISES | By the end of the episode, Tommy’s dog is dead (a Lobos warning, right?), James tells Tasha he didn’t kill Sean but he did off Kanan, and the woman who delivered the bloody card to Ghost is roadkill, as well. And there are more “major” deaths to come!

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