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Sleepy Hollow Season 4: Meet the New Scully-esque Female Lead

Sleepy Hollow‘s upcoming fourth season will be rated X.

The first details have emerged about the Fox drama’s retooled post-Abbie era, and the show’s fresh direction boasts several parallels to the network’s paranormal juggernaut The X-Files — beginning with Crane’s new partner in crime.

In the wake of Nicole Beharie’s departure at the end of Season 3, TVLine has learned that Sleepy Hollow is introducing a new female series regular opposite returning leading man Tom Mison. The character, Anna — like Abbie and X-Files‘ Scully before her — is a raging supernatural skeptic, which, per the casting breakdown, “creates conflicts with Crane.” The single mother and former military officer recently began working in the Secret Service’s “Basement,” a low-priority X-Files-like division.

“She’s got a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor,” reads the description. “She’s a born leader, but she also has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows.” Anna is “fiercely devoted” to her 11-year-old daughter Stella, a protective instinct Crane respects and appreciates.

Producers are casting a wide, ethnically diverse net for the thirtysomething character, so scroll down to the comments and help them narrow their search.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will air Fridays at 9/8c beginning in early 2017.

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