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Supernatural Season 12 Wish List

Supernatural Stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Share Season 12 Hopes: More Cas Time, Back-to-Basics Hunting

Though Supernatural’s season ender last month granted Dean’s fondest wish — the return of his formerly deceased mom —series stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have some requests of their own that they’d like to see fulfilled in Season 12. (Someone, get Amara back. Maybe she’s still in a giving mood?)

Supernatural Season 12 Wish ListDean may need to learn to share his BFF, because Padalecki would like “some nice Sam/Castiel scenes,” the actor tells TVLine. “I love Misha [Collins]. I get a lot of Sam/Dean scenes, and I love Jensen, but I love exploring the Sam/Castiel relationship,” too.

Ackles’ wish list is a throwback to the series’ early days — and a world Dean left behind far too quickly.

“Purgatory, I thought, was a really, really cool part of the story,” he shares. “That might be cool to maybe go revisit.”

“I’d also like to see more of a hunter network,” Ackles adds. “I’m a big fan of the original format of the show, the monster-of-the-week kind of thing. [But] I don’t know how we necessarily get back to that with everything that’s happened.”

In the meantime, Ackles is enjoying the “really cool” expansion of the Men of Letters mythology with the introduction of the London chapter in the Season 11 finale. “That’s certainly an avenue we can explore,” he says, “and I think we will.”

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13, at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    I agree with Jensen. I loved the earlier seasons when each episode was a mini-horror movie. I want more of THAT and less of the ridiculous mythology stuff like Amara.

    • Natalie says:

      I love that you say mini-horror movie. I didn’t realize how “scary” it could be until I started introducing it to friends after I was numb to it all. I do enjoy the bigger mythology; from a simple observer perspective, I like where they can take things. But as a fan, I wish they would tone it down and stop making it so apocalyptic. I spent all season 11 freaking out because the Amara/God mythology was so large that I was afraid they would never be able to come back down from it.

      • Arthur says:

        I agree, Natalie – I like a mix of MOTW and mythology, because I feel like both lend a great side to the show.

        • Aaron says:

          I kind of think the mythology thing was better when it was the Winchesters who were the mythology. As much as the story couldn’t be about yellow eyes forever, that original story was so endearing of us, the audience, to the show because it was focused primarily on, “Who did this to the Winchesters, and WHY…?”

          That… and the added mythology cut back on an underestimated element of the show’s success, because it sort of undermined it: the world surrounding. When Dean and Sam were so much less “on the scene” with their network of friends and enemies, there was more a feeling of being a part of the world, and not always the infamous hunters whom everybody looks at and/or to. I remember when season nine started, and Dean sent out a message to all the angels, and made reference to his reputation. It was satisfying that he/the show had been around long enough to establish such a reputation, but it also felt like it had taken some of the coolness of the original scenario.

          Plus, the boys’ biggest relationship strength is that they are the most of what they’ve got. That ought to be a thing in the coming seasons, because quite frankly, there should be no catches or loopholes with their mother being back. Since I’m expected to believe God has a sister in Supernatural, then that notion should really be backed by a simple, and easy gift that doesn’t cause any kind of havoc.

          And no: Amara should not later turn out to be a traitor, or somehow be made into a villain. And no: “God” should not make any other appearances, since fans have now “seen” who it is on the show, and they left things in a pretty good place at the end of the last season. No BS. Just get right into it with season 12!

  2. All these sound like good ideas. I really enjoyed S11. Looking forward to S12 spoilers out of SDCC in a few weeks.

  3. maermae says:

    It’s so ridiculous that the writers have not bothered to explore the Sam & Cas relationship more. It simply doesn’t make sense for Cas to be portrayed as more Dean’s friend when he’s both brothers’ ally and really one of their only friends who is still alive and around on the regular.

    I feel like the writers are sometimes swayed too much by wanting to give “fan service” or whatever that the actual characters suffer.

    Sam & Cas have a lot of history. From Cas letting Sam out of the panic room back in Season 4, to breaking Sam’s wall, to taking on Sam’s Hell’s memories to Cas releasing Lucifer who was the source of all Sam’s torture.

    It’s meaty stuff there. It’s a disservice to these characters to skip over Sam & Cas development in favor or Dean & Cas.

    I also love what Jensen said. I too miss the hunting world and would love a re-set to the simplicity of hunts from the early seasons. Wrap the show up (whenever it does end) like it began.

  4. Kate says:

    Less Dean’s manpain and more Sam screentime.

  5. DELETED says:


    • Scribe says:

      What is the problem with two guys just being FRIENDS? Why does they have to be subtext to it? I see those three as family. If the character was gay to start with fine! If its a natural progression, say like Willow in BTVS but Dean has been established from get go as a heterosexual! Jeez.

      • Amulya Chintaluri says:

        omg yes! someone said it! totally agreed… this whole subtext thing, people go WAYYYYY overboard at times :P

    • Freddie says:

      Speak for yourself. Sam is not irrelevant. However the angel storyline should have ended seasons ago. And if there was to be a queer character it makes more sense for it be Sam b/c unlike Dean, Sam’s never said he was straight.

      • Art says:

        The angel storyline has largely ended – and even if the angel storyline reaches a conclusion, Cas isn’t going anywhere. It’s very obvious his home is on earth with the Winchesters now, and he’ll be around until the end.

      • dean says:

        Sam has also never pulled the covers off of a naked man just to check out his junk.

        • Jasker says:

          5.07: Because then Dean says “Your wife told us about your, uh, birthmark there. That’s nice. Well, you look great. Cliff. Did you get some work done?” Given that he is now 40 years young Context it is a thing. Within the story it made sense and not some symbolic moment of bi-ness. It’s like you don’t even watch the show but have caught bits and pieces of it. Tumblr strikes again.

          • dean says:

            I’ve seen every single episode, and the look he gave was blatantly obviously appreciative, and no he isn’t 40 years old, he’s 37. IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW. And it’s not like it was an isolated moment. Straight men don’t get male sirens. Sirens are inherently sexual creatures whether you like it or not. Straight men don’t get so big of a crush on a man (who looks like their brother no less) that they memorize everything about them down to their footwear and tell them its what makes them so sexy, and the show often parallels Dean + man with Sam +woman. Dean + Mark Sam + Cara, Dean + Gunnar Sam + Rio They even contrasted Dean and Benny’s relationship to Sam and Amelia’s.

            And my Tumblr has all of 2 posts on it cause I mostly just use the drafts section to archive my writing, so good job being wrong about yet another thing.

        • Callie says:

          The siren represented Sam. “No. I gave him what he needed. And it wasn’t some bitch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother that looked up to him, that he could trust.” Dean has no problem getting women, so why would the siren present as a woman for Dean like it did for those other guys in the episode?

    • Jazz says:

      I feel this is a flame comment. If not, Please rewatch the entire show again.

      Anyway I agree with Jensen. I hope he broight it up in the writers meeting!

    • Emily says:

      sam is irrelevant? how you even seen the show? the entire premise is about TWO BROTHERS.

    • Joe says:

      What in the ever loving…? Who is this “we” that you speak of? You and the voices in your head? Sam is far from irrelevant, and I hate to break it to you but the show isn’t about romance. Please go back to your fanfiction site and stay there.

    • “Shippers are not the problem. Hate from any kind of fan is the problem.” – OP

      I think “Sam is totally irrelevant” is a hate comment and a divisive opinion to cause a ruckus.

      Recommend to other commenters – don’t rise to the bait.

    • Aly says:

      And by “we” you mean “you”. Because I don’t want that or even agree with you at all, so please don’t speak for me.

    • Sara says:

      J2Bros? Is that you? You can’t harass anyone since Twitter beefed up its block protections so now you’re posing as the people you harass? GET HELP. What you do is so unhealthy. This isn’t Wayward Dot. How do we report violations for posing as another person?

      • J2M4EVER says:

        I agree Sara, Dot doesn’t speak like that but J2bros and her anti-Misha anti-Destiel stalking crew does. Funny how the comment was deleted as soon as you called them out. They need to grow up and get another hobby that isn’t making randoms on the internet look bad because they don’t like a ship. I mean wtf. Thank God there’s plenty of love in the fandom especially among J2M. It drives the haters crazy!

      • cocklecki28 says:

        Idk if it was j2brothers. @/Kaelysta capped and is spreading the fake comment on twitter. The antis have been doing stuff like this against destiel shippers more since we trended DESTIEL SHIPPERS LOVE SAM yesterday. Its ok they can have hate in their hearts while I can’t wait for more Sam and Cas relationship and Dean and Cas and team free will!

        • Sara says:

          Kaelysta said she wasn’t sure who left the comment but Kelios is telling everyone it’s definitely something Dot would, and I wouldn’t put it past her based on what she thinks of “Destihellers” “Minions” and “C*ckless” shippers and Jared and Jensen’s wives. : /

          Whoever did it is a really sad person. And the people retweeting it knowing it’s fake are completely pathetic and everything wrong with the fandom.

          • Lisa says:

            lol, there is no hate whatsoever on Wayward Dot’s Twitter. Kelios is a different matter. She and her friends tweet nothing but hate…

    • Someone alerted me to this thread and screencap of the offending comment which is thankfully now deleted, and yes, I can 150% verify that was *not* me making that hateful comment. For the record. So hello to the trolls trying to impersonate me and frame me as a “hater.” Check my twitter account, you won’t find any hate.

      I’m all for more Sam and Cas scenes. Cas is family. I think the Sam and Cas relationship should be more developed. I hope we get more Dean and Cas too, and Sam, Dean, and Cas all working together.

      • cocklecki28 says:

        Its obvious it wasn’t you, there’s no hate on your twitter ever. I said let them have hate in their hearts, we have lots to look for ward to with Sam, Dean, Cas, Jared, Jensen and Misha! Love it!

      • Hikari says:

        *thumbs up*
        If it would have been you it would have shown up EXACTLY like this with your twitter acct visible.

      • snazzyo says:

        I’m so sorry you were misrepresented. I’ll look for the Twitter handle next time. I’m glad the devisive post was removed.

        Posing as someone else… Just so wrong.

  6. Angela Rice says:

    With the advent of the London Men of Letters, it would be awesome to see the long-awaited Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover. Weeping Angels Anyone?

    • I’d watch that. BUT, we could also get an actual SuperWhoLock shout out if they go to faux!London (that’s Vancouver set dressed to look like London with a few bits of stock footage).

  7. Natalie says:

    I like a lot of the ideas mentioned here. The relationship between Sam and Cas would be great to see, especially since Cas is important to BOTH brothers. He may have pulled Dean from Hell, but he’s pulled Sam out of the muck just as many times. I would also like to revisit Purgatory, if only because I love the set, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Leviathans again. Apparently I’m in a small group, but I actually liked the Levi arc, and I felt like it was unfinished. It’s been a while since I’ve seen season 7, but I don’t remember if there was any way to definitively kill a Levi, and I would really like to know where they all went with Dick Roman gone (did they die, find their way back to Purgatory, or blend in as humans?).
    And I cannot express how much I love the idea of a hunter network!!! My favorite part of the early seasons was seeing all those friends or fellow hunters on different hunts. Lately, the human friends the guys encounter just don’t have the same endurance or ability as they do (IMO at least; an exception was the lovely woman in “Into the Mystic,” and I would love to see her again) this season so it would be really awesome to see some hunters that could hold their own. The hunter network would also help bring back the monster-of-the-week format, because there are still so many urban legends to be explored.

    • Kris says:

      Cas has tossed Sam in the muck more often than he’s saved him, so I vote more hunters and monsters, less Cas and angels.

    • I know the gay couple said they were out, and Sam and Dean let them go, but I really liked them, would like to see more of them, too. As a hunter team and a gay team, I think it would be neat to explore that angle. I’m straight, btw, but I like to see them push the envelope. I want more of Kim Rhodes and Brianna Buckmaster, too. Such great characters along the hunter network, if they can somehow get back into that type of story. They’ve managed to work a few in even last season, so I think they can.

  8. Joe says:

    I’m with Jensen Ackles. Bring back a simpler format. Season 11 had the best MOTW episodes we’ve seen since seasons 5/6 but that mytharc was a mess.

  9. Tess says:

    Yeah, I’d love more Sam and Cas. And Cas in general, particularly with the brothers as a team, because I feel that Castiel’s arc really says it’s time for that. Dean just told him that he’s family, a brother, and heaven’s full of jerks, so forget them and give us Team Free Will, please.

    Monster of the Week episodes with the three of them like Hunter Heroici? Yes, please! Purgatory would also be good.

    • Mick says:

      Yes, I am 100% here for more Team Free Will! Cas’s home isn’t heaven anymore anyway, it’s on earth with his brothers, Dean and Sam. Dean’s comments to him in the car in the finale gave me so many feels.

      • Tess says:

        Me too, man.

        I like that they actually called back to earlier in the season when Cas was treated badly by the angels (again) and told he didn’t belong.

        No, he doesn’t, because he’s learned about humanity and cares about them, like the angels were supposed to do in the first place. :)

    • Ashley says:

      The whole point of having Misha (and Mark) on the show is to help give J2 time off, so when you add that to the budget factors (i.e. they will never have the budget to put Misha in more than half the episodes, especially not in it’s 12th season), the likelihood that they are going to suddenly have Cas in all the MOTWs is slim to none.

    • Kris says:

      Ugh, no. I’d rather see more humans and hunters, vs. monsters. No more effing angels and NONE of that tfw crap that the fans made up.

    • Hikari says:

      Yes, more team free will, us tribros need it!

  10. ninamags says:

    Of course Jared wants more screen time with Collins. Anything to keep Dean away from the useless angel. They don’t want any more reasons for the batsh*t fans to scream queer baiting in regard to Dean.

    I would love if they went back to simpler days. They hardly ever run into other hunters anymore. They could mine tons of stories from them.

    I’m also super excited for the Brit MoL. I didn’t care for the purgatory storyline either.

    Oh, Vlada, you keep doling out these quotes a tiny bit at a time. THANKS!!!!

    It makes the time till the premier go by faster. :)

    • Arthur says:

      Nina, most of the hateful comments I see in comments sections are from you – stop attacking other fans, and ffs, knock it off with the hate. Cas is family and he’s not going anywhere. It’s time you accept that or move on.

      • Kris says:

        Cas is family like Adam is family. He’s nowhere near what Bobby and Sam and Dean and Mary are to each other. All you Destiel fans need to give this up. People are allowed to hate characters– especially ones who have damaged the heroes and let evil out of its cage with no consequences. Cas is not family. He’s a screwup.

      • Hikari says:

        Yes. Misha is coming up on 100 episodes this season. *looks @ a reply to you* to say Castiel means less to the boys than Bobby is ridiculous. Also, saying that Cas has had no consequences for screw-ups shows that the replier apparently puts on blinders whenever Castiel is on screen.
        Castiel IS FAMILY.

    • DELETED says:


  11. Mia says:

    Let’s say that louder for the people in the back – “I love Misha”. Thank you, Jared, I totally agree. He’s such an awesome part of the show and I love the friendship between not only Sam, Dean, and Cas but also Jared, Jensen, and Misha! We couldn’t hope for a nicer, cooler cast.

  12. Chris says:

    Season 11 was so good – can’t wait for season 12, especially if that means more Castiel. I’ve got to second what Jared said – I love his relationship with both brothers and would love to see even more.

  13. DELETED says:


  14. Mona says:

    More monster of the week episodes? ! Like more than we had on seasons 10 and 11?!
    Man I don’t know what to expect but if this happens, I am out. I like the arc that is why I was hooked by season 3 and that is why I liked seasons like 8 and 9 more than seasons like 1 and 2 because they had an arc or at least tried to.
    As for season 11 you are the ones that made it so big and then jammed the season with fillers granted some were the best like baby, safe house, red meat and into the Mystic but a lot were very bad like the plush and love hurts.
    I honestly think that a reasonable mixture of the 2 is better because MOW without arc makes the whole season disjointed and arc without MOW makes the show boring.

    • I also appreciate the balance between huge story arcs and MOW episodes, but lately, I think, those story arcs started to shadow other things. What I missed from those earlier seasons is a mystery plot which made MOW episodes dark and interesting. It got lost somewhere in the middle, where we have learned more about SPN universe and it would be nice if they will bring the element of surprise back. Maybe they should introduce some new creatures to the show, but not Darkness or God’s caliber, but something less obvious (like on the vampires or witches level).
      Although I think the trope with the Man Of Letters as a still existing secret organization is a good beginning.
      It will be also nice to focus on those more simple aspects of the show this season – the mystery, the horror plot, scary world out there, interaction with other humans, maybe some new friendships, stuff like that.
      I think this is what Jensen meant.
      But also I would love to see more of TFW fighting monsters together, that would be great and I think it’s time for finally provide this dynamic.
      Dabb seems to understand those issues so it gives me a lot of hope for the s12.

  15. Catherine Wilkinson says:

    I agree with more Sam and Cas scenes as well as seeing more hunters and a few more MOW but include Cas (something like what they did with ‘baby’, have the boys go on hunts and Cas stay in bunker and find info or all 3 go on hunt). However, I hated the first half of season 8. There was a few good episodes but I skipped all scenes with Purgatory/Amelia upon 2nd + viewings. I wish they did more team free will episodes and actually have Cas stay with them in the bunker.

  16. Sarah says:

    Jared i love you dude but Castiel has been hanging around seven years too long already. I miss the old days and the MOW like Jensen said, just Sam and Dean on the road, the simple times.

    • Rich says:

      Hate to break it to you, but Cas isn’t going anywhere. He’s family. He’ll be around till the end, and if you haven’t accepted that in the eigh seasons he’s been here, I’m not sure why you still watch? Jared and Jensen are pretty bloody vocal about their support of Cas and Misha. He’s a huge fan favorite, right up there with the brothers now, and if you can’t say anything nice then just don’t piss all over the many, many fans who love him (which includes most of the cast and crew as well).

      • netflixpro says:

        An overused character is an overused character. They don’t know what to do with him anymore. Why wouldn’t someone watch? He’s not even in half the episodes and even when he is most of the time he doesn’t even do anything. Don’t freak out just because someone dares find him boring. He hasn’t been useful in seasons. They really need to make him useful and cool again.

      • Kris says:

        Just because you keep blindly repeating “Cas is family” doesn’t actually make it so. Cas tried to kill Sam, he let Lucifer out, he does nothing but screw up. The show would be so much better without all the contrived plots trying to force him to fit into the show.

      • Stop taking it so personally. Just because someone doesn’t like Cas that doesn’t mean they are “pissing all over you”. Try being accepting of opinions that don’t agree with yours.

  17. Fran says:

    If this is true that Jensen doesnt want scenes with Misha(this is why they reduced their interactions since S9 and this sudden focus on SamCas and the TCA) because he cant stand people associating him with a queer ship,that means he clearly has issues with gay people especially with the male ones.I mean we already knew what he thinks about gay cowboys and such things so I’am not surprised

    • Leslie says:

      We’re back to the Jensen is a homophobe because he won’t give me what I want. Fran, you’re the reason why people look down on Destiel shippers. You make the great ones look bad.

      • Lisa says:

        Jared stans are all over these comments trying to make destiel shippers look bad. I’m sure the poster you’re responding to is one of them.

    • Cherry says:

      Jensen does not have a problem with gay people, he has a problem with the obsessed set of shippers who have spent the last 4 years harassing him over that ship.

    • “If this is true that Jensen doesnt want scenes with Misha (…) because he cant stand people associating him with a queer ship”
      No, it’s not true and please stop spreading those hurtful rumours.
      Even Jared already said they all will be fine with playing queer characters if the writers would say so, but this is only writers’ decision to make, not their.
      Maybe some people should stop assume actors have this power over the show, that they can change the whole story arcs and relationships between the characters. They don’t.
      And please stop insinuate Jensen is a homophobe, he’s not.

    • Hikari says:

      Considering Jensen LOVED Purgatory, and repeatedly shows his support/love of Misha, (even kissing him on stage) and being a big part of the YANA campaign, I severely doubt he has any issues with being associated with said ship, or having scenes with Castiel.
      Where does it say he wants less scenes with Misha?

      People need to get over some unfortunate things said years ago, and look at how far he’s come since.

      • Callie says:

        Just last year at a con, Jensen said that there were fewer scenes between Dean and Cas and that he liked that. That was not something he said years ago, it was just last year.

  18. Cherry says:

    LOVE their ideas, would love to see some variety in the MOTW again. I’d also like to see a smaller big bad for S12, real people like these other MOL. (I mean, how do you go bigger than God’s sister? You can’t, so they need to go smaller.) And I’d love to see an end to the angels and the battle for heaven for a while because it’s gotten boring, and for them to give Castiel a story line outside of that.

  19. NP says:

    Please god more monster of the week!!

  20. What a nice interview! I’m not sure if Misha would be as eager to have more scenes with Jared though considering how Jared seems to love to torment him on the set. ;) But I would definitely welcome seeing Castiel more integrated in the day-to-day lives with the brothers. The show has made it clear that the Winchesters are Castiel’s family now, and I’d love to see his relationship with both brothers developed more. Castiel is my favorite character, and the main reason I still watch Supernatural. I also love the idea of exploring more of the MoL mythology, and I’m intrigued with where they may go with that in season 12. :)

  21. basil says:

    no, the show doesn’t need boring and pointless sam&cas scenes, it needs more cas&dean that’s the most interesting dynamics with the best chemistry

    • Sara says:

      “basil” don’t you have something better to do than run up and down the comments saying the exact same thing, posing as different Destiel shipper every time? Try and go outside or pet a puppy, and if you’re over the age of 14, act with some maturity please.

    • Leslie says:

      What are you pretending this time?

  22. DELETED says:


  23. Annie says:

    I’m really excited about the new British MOL and what that might bring to season 12 but I agree more hunters would be fun too! I think they have a great opening to go back to more MOTW episodes and meeting other hunters IF they use it well because they brought Mary back! She was a hunter! It makes sense to me that a way for her to stick around and get to know her kids would be to hunt with them – which leads to MOTW!

  24. Since people are having fun accusing me of random (untrue) things….here’s me, logging from my twitter account, for IP verification. If TV-Line is monitoring and deleting troll comments, they are welcome to verify that none of them came from me.

  25. Nobody Nobody says:

    More Cas/Sam sounds good to me!!!! I loved their relationship. I hated how the writers disintegrated it to pander to the dean/cas debacle by having sam be unfeeling towards cas’ possession. So gross. I remember a time when cas told sam that nothing was worth losing him. I remember a time when sam wouldn’t give up on cas when he was possessed by leviathans and even after cas had broke sam’s wall, even while DEAN had given up on cas. Sometimes cas/sam’s interactions seem more genuine than dean/cas, the latter being a relationship great in fanon but not even substantially supported in canon unless they start contriving shit to make it look good (like making sam suddenly uncaring for cas).

    LOVE the input of our two great leads. Jensen clearly misses the original heart of the show which is an aspect that gives it such a down-to-earth and gritty and exciting quality. MOTWs ARE supernatural. Jensen also said at jibcon5 that he enjoyed the season that had less dean and cas screen time, S9, so just give these boys what they want! Gosh I miss that classic rock road show.

  26. Sharmel Moore says:

    So great to hear the insights of our two caring and invested leads, even after 11 freaking years. They know THEIR show and what’s best for it. JUST LISTEN TO THEMSPN-WRITERS! I love that jared expressed his desire to reestablish the balance between the cas/sa m and cas/dean relationships. Sam and Cas have always had a great working relationship and a great personal one.They have always supported and believed in one another. It was so disheartening to see the way the writers reduced that wonderful, trusting relationship by making sam coldly indifferent towards cas for the sake of pushing the cas/dean fanservice in S11.

    I totally agree with Jensen too, as usual. He loves the original layout that made supernatural SUPERNATURAL. Brothers being brothers and on the road. He has been saying it every year in every interview. MOTWs are the bread and butter and heart of this show, and lately have proven much, much more unformulated and intriguing than these horrible mytharcs, which are overloaded with long-since-irrelevant side characters and their vapid, time-wasting storylines. I don’t care what’s happening in heaven and hell anymore. These storylines havebeen poorly portrayed and the mystery is utterly GONE. Give me humans, please. Give me Sam and Dean talking to each other again. Give me the road and seedy motels and classic rock. I know Jared and Jensen need time off, but give me NEW & INTERESTING side characters. Sigh. Let’s hope the new creative team will listen to the core of the show, and that being their two lead actors.

    • Lisa Stork says:

      Now, I agree with going back to the old formula, I’ve been rewatching, and I love the humor mixed in with the drama that they used to have, and it’s so rare now. I love the on the road going from case to case killing the monster of the week. But I do like some of the new additions, too. I’d love to see them revisit, on occasion, some recurring characters like Sheriff Donna or Sheriff Jody. I loved Gabriel, and Chuck/God. I love Castiel, and if they can fill out his character I think he’s a great addition, Misha is a powerhouse actor. I think Sam was cold to Castiel in S11 because most of the time, Cass was Lucifer, and of course Sam isn’t going to be nice to the angel that tortured him. That just makes sense. They’ve had arcs before. They usually have arcs. It’s just that the arcs have been so massively epic that we forget when they return to the basics. But even in S11 they did. Just not enough, and not quite far enough. Basically, I think it just comes down to striking a better balance.

  27. Pat says:

    I enjoy watching this show and I love both Sam,Dean, Castiel and Crowley. Heck, I like all the characters on this show and I have no complaints. I still cannot wrap my brain around having God make his presence known, already. It just felt like that should have been done on the series finale. So I will be anxious for Season 12 to start and see how and where they go with the storylines.

  28. lordofluck says:

    I would love to see more of the Hunter community, that was one of the reasons I loved the bar it was a place where Hunters gathered.

  29. Sara says:

    I think it would be ok for them to have a season free of a ‘big bad’. I think them dealing with Men of Letters things will be something fun to watch. And have more cases of the week. I’m interested to see how the mom is going to fit into everything. Will she take on the mom roll or will she take on the mom/hunter roll? Whatever they decide, I’m in. I’m in it till the end. :)

  30. Gotta say I completely agree with Jensen; we were all hoping for things to finally get out of the Biblical realm and get Sam and Dean back to the family business, maybe meeting up with more hunters like the guys in The Chitters, hunting the monsters that are still out there! Enough with the books, the rules, and who needs the guys to be answering to a bunch of snooty Brits who obviously think they run things and don’t even have the info that the Bro’s fixed everything that broke and even had GOD’S help to fix this last one! America has enough lore and hauntings, ghosts and monsters to last a LONG time! Take them back to work, not trying to trade intellectual jabs in England.

  31. Dawn Paolella says:

    Definetly LOVE THE SAM/ CASTIEL thing.. I hatedf purgatory. Im just so HAPPY WE HAVE A SEASON 12 !!!!!!!

  32. Simone says:

    I’d prefer less Cass, more Back-to-Basics.
    I like the way Jensen is thinking :)

    Plus A LOT of Mary Winchester! Because I’m sure they’ll yank her away from us and the boys.. far too soon.

  33. andrea says:

    BRING BOBBY BACK!!!!! That is my wish

  34. Mike J says:

    Got to get Amara back. Never get tired of looking at her!

  35. Mona says:

    Expectations: season 12 is the last and then the show will get canceled without a proper ending. Why do I think that?

    1- in order for people to get invested in the show there should be that feeling of suspense that danger that faces the characters but that feeling is long gone because we know they will not die and even if they did he will just bring them back with the blink of his eye and any big problem that faces them chuck will just wipe it clean with the snap of his fingers because there is no way in hell will he let his most favorite pets or so he says get harmed especially if he thinks that earth is safe as long as they are on it.

    2- with a show of that age, it looks for a proper closure to the story that is both strong and able to tie up loose ends. So come on you wasted Lucifer’s ending and now God’s ending. How on earth are they going to end it on a high note if they are dragging it just to make more money?!
    Plus, men of letters after god sister? ! Come on. I know you can never top that but you had the chance to end it strongly but you wasted it and that storyline will be some much weaker like a reboot than the previous one matter how interesting it might be. Once you jump that horse you can never come back from it and anything after seems irrelevant and unnecessary.
    3- anticlimactic finale with flat cliffhanger

    4- 3 writers are gone. So here they have 2 options either give the original writers more episodes which means more Buckner and lemming or bring new ones that know nothing of the story and they will write crap shit like they did with Nancy won who wrote the chitters.
    With the show runner leaving, this honestly makes me think that he set season 11 to be the last but the cw can’t just let the show die in peace can she? And this makes me wonder their policy lately which is jam the middle of the season with fillers until they are renewed or cancel and treat every season like the last one and that makes me wonder if they hadn’t been renewed, would we have gotten the same story? HELL, NO!

    5- new time slot against football and with a weak lead and new show runners one of them is the hypocrite singer.

    • Lunalove says:

      Jared and Jensen have both signed on through season 13 and two showrunners have previously left and the show went on.

      • Mona says:

        Except for the fact that it is officially renewed for only season 12.

        Doesn’t mean they signed up for season 13 doesn’t mean it’s happening. I depends mostly on ratings and then consequently on the channel.

  36. TJ says:

    While binge watching 1-10 seasons on Netflix, I was a little disappointed that the men of letters path was ended so quickly. I thought it would have been awesome for the boys to learn a little bit from their grandfather during the whole Abadon saga. I have not seen season 11 yet so I am looking forward to seeing how thing end up.

  37. Andy says:

    The worse season in supernatural is season11 for more than one reason first god is there but he is not that powerful u just made him like any other characters his role was very sample he just appear then got defeated then made peace that’s it has no affect in fact he shouldn’t be there and I can talk for days the the final episode was the best coz it ended the hole season which was really so bad not like all the10 season ..

  38. rhenaveyond says:


  39. Justin says:

    I miss how the show used to be. Every Episode had new monsters to face and more characters to meet. I wish the father would make a return. The chemistry between two brothers and a broken father are something to remember.

  40. Matt says:

    I like the weekly hunting episodes too

  41. Rojina says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t include Cas in almost any of the “just hunting” eps and the monster of the week eps I mean it would be awesome to see the three of them together on a hunt more often. The few eps where cas was on their hunting team was hilarious and amazing so GIVE US MORE CAS ON THE SHOW. He is like my favorite and come on he’s actually a main character so treat him like a main character.

  42. Amulya Chintaluri says:

    AGREED. I do miss the monster-of-the-week format. I just don’t understand how the men of letters can even harm them after they are blessed by god and one of them is the crush of god’s older sister :’)

  43. Petra Wilson says:

    I love the show and I would love for Charlie to come back. I think the monster of the week would be nice for a change and a break of Sam or Dean being sword of cane, or being lucifer. Having Mary on should be interestin, and how long before she gets kidnapped?

  44. Cynthia Dalzell says:

    Ive read the semi-spoilers for season 12 and am ecstatic about the ideas y’all have that I’ve read just now. Winchester brothers are my heroes and I’m so relieved Cas didnt die. Cant wait til Oct 13. Also relieved 12th season wont be itz final season. SN ROCKS!!!!!
    Cyncere Autry
    46 yo; Montrose MI

  45. Cynthia Dalzell says:

    I am sooo incredibly psyched about season 12 Premiere of SN! My husband and I have watched since Episode 1. I was afraid of maybe Season 12 being the last and hopefully NOT! I thought the finale for season 11 was a bit disappointing but the plot for season 12 sounds amazing. I read Castiel is gonna be awesome as always, that Mary Winchester is displeased about her sons being hunters, naturally and that Men of Letters Brittish Division are the season’s villians. Very interesting. I patiently await for Oct 13 if im not mistaken. Way to Go SN & CW!!
    Cyncere Autry