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Supernatural Spoilers Season 12

Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Drop Ominous Season 12 Scoop: 'Sam Gets [Spoiler]'

It was the shot heard ’round the world… or at least around the TV sets of nervous Supernatural fans.

During the closing moments of the Season 11 finale, Sam stared down the barrel of a gun belonging to Lady Toni, a member of the Men of Letters’ London chapter. When the hunter refused to acquiesce to her demands, she fired off a round that may or may not have hit Sam off-screen.

“She shot him,” star Jared Padalecki confirmed to TVLine Wednesday night at the Saturn Awards, where he and castmate Jensen Ackles were presenting an award to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. “I don’t know where, but I know she shot him.”

“What else is new – Sam gets injured,” Padalecki added with a laugh. “At least I’m not getting tortured – yet.”

But that wasn’t the season-ender’s only cliffhanger. At the episode’s conclusion, Amara thanked Dean by giving him what he’s always wanted — Mary, the mother he lost as a child. (BTW, if you thought/hoped Papa John Winchester was going to reappear during those final minutes, Ackles briefly shared your sentiment, “But I knew they couldn’t get Jeffrey Dean Morgan back.”)

Supernatural Season 12 Mary Returns

“I’m anxious to see how that [surprise return] pans out,” said Ackles, adding that he and Padalecki are meeting with new showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb later this week. “[My reaction] was kind of like, ‘What’s going to happen now? How is this going to work out?'”

Padalecki was excited by the twist, as well. “I love [Mary’s portrayer] Samantha Smith. So I was like, ‘We get Sam back! That’s awesome!'” he enthused. “My reaction as a fan of the show was, ‘What a cool show to be a part of where we can do that and get away with it.’ [That] and I was just really stoked.”

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Aly says:

    Aw, man. I was hoping it was just a warning shot, but Toni indeed injured him. Grrr. :\

    • Eva Veverka says:

      Yeah, but these guys gets shot all the time and it rarely hurts them ‘that’ much.

      But she ‘did’ look surprised about something so who the heck knows.

      I wonder if Dean is in an alternate reality NOT in Heaven. I got no idea what they are doing with Mary.

      I know Young John Winchester is on General Hospital now, but I would like him to come back and have a life with Mary.

      And then Dean, rather than having a perfect life (the life that Amara thought would be a perfect life), is busting his chops trying to get back to “this” reality.

      And Mama and Papa would understand and try to help him.

    • H says:

      Maybe he was shot in the head and he will be mentally challenged for this season.

  2. Gail says:

    Perhaps they can get Matt Cohen who played young John Winchester. Mary is young so John should be too.

  3. Luke says:

    Teasers like this for shows like Supernatural are so silly. “Oh no, is Sam going to live?” Yes, he’ll maybe wear a bandage for 1 or 2 episodes, but then they’ll be fighting monsters like nothing ever happened by episode 3.

    • And that’s what makes it good! If he or Dean stayed dead then, duh, the show would be over. And since noone wants that, you have to make them smarter than Death (and they killed him) or at least smart enough to come back if they died. At least it’s not a Soap Opera … then it would always just be a dream.

  4. Brandi says:

    I would have rather had Bobby given back to them.

    • Raechel says:

      I’m with you there. Mary never made much of an impact to me

      • Pat says:

        Bobby would have been way better. What can Mary do? Too bad Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn’t have been brought back. But yeah, with him on he walking dead no way he could commit to any episodes until the tail end of the season 12.

        • Brandi says:

          Maybe they’ll turn her into some bad A hunter. She is a decedent of hunters.

          • Now that would not be good. They love their Mom and she is sort of revered by the fans and we wouldn’t want to see her messed with. I think this is just a look at Mom for Dean’s sake but I think if the new show runners had checked back, Dean never wanted his Mom back. He actually commented on that in a previous episode when her Father wanted to bring her back and Dean had a fit…”what would you tell her?!” It’s different when it’s Sam, he is all Dean has in his life and he will literally move heaven and earth to keep his brother safe and with him.

        • Rob Horine says:

          Bobby’s too easy. Now, I would love to have Bobby back, but this will work. Last thing Mary remembers on this earthis it’s 1984(?) and Mary hears baby Sam cry, only to see Yellow Eyes give Sammy the taste of demon blood. Then it’s 30+ years in hell.

          Mary’s back, and there is a strange man in front of her (dean) and the baby she tried to protect is now a Moose. I think you can get some play with that.

          Also a thought came to my mind. Maybe, as a plotted pilot, Jody Mills gets killed, so the boys go to avenge her death along with Claire and Alex. Throw in Theater Girl Marie from the 200th episode and Kate from Bitten. And have Mary lead them (since she’s been in the life). And boom, you got Wayward Daughters Academy.

          What do you think?

        • Cherry says:

          What can Mary do? She was raised as a hunter by hunter parents and came from a long line of hunters. What can Mary do… smh.

          • To back up what you are saying – wasn’t there an episode that explained SHE was actually the hunter and John only became one AFTER she died? Or did I dream that? I thought for sure that was the case.

    • McSatan says:

      My thoughts exactly! The show hasn’t been the same without Jim Beaver.

  5. Arthur says:

    My guess is a shot to the leg or something to hobble him? I’m also curious to see how having Mary back works – my guess is she’ll be back for a handful of eps rather than the whole season, but who knows. I just want to know that Dean, Sam, and Cas are all right and hopefully back home safe soon. Those three are why I watch!

  6. ninamags says:

    Looking forward to SamnDean next season for sure.

    Are those Saturn awards going to be televised on tv?

  7. Dakota60 says:

    Hmmm….didn’t Mary sell Sam out to Azazel? I hope they don’t forget that little fact.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Shame they didn’t bring Bobby back…

  9. bonnie says:

    Can’t we get Bobby back?

  10. Rob Horine says:

    I hope Mary stays around for a awhile. The boys can use some stablity (or as much as a hunter can get).

    Me thinks that the London Men (and lady) of Letters are going to get a rude awakening about what hunters do hanging with Sam.

  11. We ALL, and I mean everyone, want Bobby back.

    • Cherry says:

      I don’t. I love Booby, I love that we’ve gotten an episode every season with him in it and I hope that continues, but Bobby’s story ended and had nowhere else to go and, at the time, the boys needed to be self-reliant again.

    • Rob Horine says:

      C’mon, let Bobby rest. I mean he’s still in his Heaven? I hope those Hannah and her Goon Squad put him somewhere worse. But if you spent 480 years in Hell, even the worst of Heaven beats hell hands down.

  12. susan davis says:

    I’m glad Mary’s coming back! I’m dying to see what type of character she is going to become! Is she going to become a hunter? Or maybe a woman of letters? Can’t wait!!

  13. Leslie Oldfield says:

    October is so far away.

  14. Carrie says:

    I actually want to know more about the Mary twist than Sam getting shot. That lady probably didn’t shoot to kill and I’m not the least bit worried that Sam is dead. I mean, come on. I want to know if Mary will be a big part of the show from now on and if she and Dean will team up to find Sam. I thought bringing her back was an awesome twist and we all know that she used to be a badass hunter.

  15. Washingsand says:

    I wish that they would stop moving supernatural.

  16. Washingsand says:

    I wish that they would stop moving supernatural. There is a lot of other shows they can move. No matter where they move you guys I will still be watching.

  17. Krasus says:

    Who else wants Jared or Jensen to play Green Lantern in the Flash and Arrow-verse? ;) Both would be great!

    • Amber says:

      I personally think Sam is dead and Mary will trade her life for Sams so he can come back. You know how when Dean was healed it turned out that someone else had to die to keep the natural order of things. Maybe I watch to many episodes and read to many books lol tge reapers are out to get them so this might be how they stick it to them. Could be way off though.

  18. Amber says:

    I personally think Sam is dead and Mary will trade her life for Sams so he can come back. You know how when Dean was healed it turned out that someone else had to die to keep the natural order of things. Maybe I watch to many episodes and read to many books lol

  19. cheryl says:

    Best show on TV, no matter how the story goes, it will be great. I still set an watch reruns as often as I can, Just love the Boys, and all the cast members that have come an gone.

  20. Andrew Hass says:

    Sam and Dean were just kids when they lost their mother i think.So their memories of her may not be clear and so she may not be exactly be what they remember her to be.Plus she may not know everything that has gone on since she died and Sam and Dean may be forced to tell her.As for Sam, maybe lady Toni’s aim was off and she just planned to shoot him the arm or something but she hit him somewhere else.

  21. Eszti says:

    I honestly think this was such a bad ending… I love this show but at this point they could have ended it graciously.
    Dean playing psychiatrist with God’s freaking sister was so out of character to me, also the British Men of Letters were never mentioned, did nothing, and now they just show up and shoot the person who saved the world multiple times and even worked with God?!
    I don’t like how they brought back Mary either, by giving Dean what he “wanted most”. I don’t think that Mary was what he wanted most, she didn’t have an impact on his/their life. Bobby played a much bigger part in their lives and they had real connection, not just a few fading memories. Mary’s death at the beginning of the show was strategical, it triggered their father to become a hunter, gave them a purpose…
    I’m sorry if I’m overthinking this but I really didn’t love this ending.

    • Brittany says:

      I see what you mean but they should not have ended it! I do not want to even think about this show coming to an end. I hope to God it makes it 20 seasons! I can’t believe no ones talking about God. Since he was obviously God all along now, he let everyone b***h him up. I went back and watched and it was bad. Back to the way they ended It…I thought it was interesting. Dean has always wanted his family together more than anything. He experienced having a mother/family together, where Sam didn’t. Sam doesn’t really know what he’s missing but Dean does. I think it could go either way but I have faith in the show (cast, writers, directors, etc.). The men of letters, London edition, seems a little off with everything else, but maybe it will be interesting. It would be awesome if they found out Laura V-something from Bitten/Smallville was their half sister because I love her! I wish they could bring Bobby back but that’s too much at once. I understand John is busy but that’s really what I think Dean would really want (both parents/the whole family).

  22. Tyrant_Lizard_King says:

    Well their mom was a hunter when she was younger so I imagine she’s fully capable of handling herself.

  23. Amanda says:

    they did realize that he was shot like… 5 episodes earlier right? I was so tired of hurt sam seriously. He’s like dying all the time it is embarrassing….
    I have no idea how mary could fit into the show either…
    I just…I don’t know… there’s nothing that can catch my attention…

  24. Destiel Darling says:

    Mary is boring as hell. Why not bring back Bobby instead?? At least he was interesting. I hope she gets to meet adult Sam and then vanishes forever. Bobby is the one that is really missed. Also Cas naked would have been a nice touch as something Dean needed.

  25. Bob Wood says:

    Jerffery Dean Morgan has stated he would love to go back to Supernatural for a 1 off or 2 episode thing but right now he is way to busy playing Negan on the Walking Dead

  26. Paula Cook-Shanahan says:

    Thank you J2 for the info on season 12. I can’t wait to see the season premiere in October!! Been watching since it started 11 years ago. Best show on tv….luv y’all!! You are the best ❤️

  27. Penny Eaton says:

    Personally, if the bulletin board on Lady Toni’s wall is a bit of an easter egg, I’d love to see some more Henry Winchester (Gil McKinney), and maybe introduce Millie (John’s mother), and explore a wee bit of the Winchester family MOL lore. Flashbacks, or time travel, either way, would like to see Sam and Dean interact with their grandfather again. I do think Lucifer will be coming back into the picture at some point (hopefully with Mark Pellegrino somehow), especially since he’s still kind of evil, but has “made up” with God. Also, maybe offscreen God/Amara can resurrect Gabriel and fix Michael too, or at least bring some resolution to the Adam storyline (I’m thinking Jake Abel will make an appearance at some point this season, since he has been popping up at cons this year for the first time). Anyway, that’s my wish list.. and more of Billie the reaper.. she may want the boys to cease to exist, but she’s cool..lol

  28. me says:

    They should bring Jim Beaver (Bobby) back somehow. It’s bad enough he wont be in the Deadwood movie, ( did anyone else notice he took a bullet in the same exact spot in the forehead on both shows?) but on Supernatural, they can litteraly bring back anyone (with the exception of John Winchester… I mean Nagan… Umm, I mean Jeffery Dean Morgan. He’s obviously a little busy.) Tied with Deadwood as my favorite all time shows. Here’s hoping they go til season 25!

  29. Ghen says:

    Im really looking forward to the next season. Hope Supernatural never ends

  30. ghg says:

    Hate Mary!!!Stupid Mary!!!HATE!!!

  31. debr jean welsford says:

    I love supernatal form debra jean welsford

  32. Audrey says:

    lol I know right

  33. Nancy says:

    About Sammy getting shot I was rewatching the season 11 finale when I noticed that when Lady Toni shot him I heard the shot, I heard the bullet casing hit the ground but I did Not hear Sammy hit the ground so that leaves me to conclude that he has Not been shot or it’s just a flesh wound & as far as Mary goes she was a hunter raised by a long line of hunters and John Winchester better be thankful that he’s already dead because she might just kill him for raising her boys to be hunters although she really didn’t know the extent of the deal she made with yellow-eyes and I for one can’t wait for season 12 & beyond!!!🔯💯😎🔫🔪

  34. me says:

    Also, for your consideration… Among the others I have mentioned wanting to see resurrected ( or brought back to the show, anyway), I would love to see Jesse the antichrist child ( season 5) come back. I have wondered since he disappeared in episode 6 “I believe the children are our future” what happened to him and which side of the fight he ultimately would have ended up on. Maybe even as the big bad for season 12, 13, or beyond. Possibly fighting Crowley (and/or Lucifer) for rulership of Hell.

    • Nancy says:

      Me, I love the idea of Jesse coming back but I don’t think he would be a bad guy because I we know he didn’t like demons very much because of what they did to his mother so I think he’s already made the choice that Sam said he had a difficult time making ,I think Jesse already chose humans!!💜🌎🌹

      • me says:

        Good point. Personally, I would rather see him on Sam and Dean’s side as well. As long as he doesnt end up like anyone else who helped the boys…Father Jim, Caleb John, Ash, Ellen, Joe, Gabriel, Balthazar, Bobby, Charlie… There’s more, just can’t remember names. Jesse could be the “Angel in their pocket” ( figuratively, anyway.) Remember, he us both Angel AND Human, but far more powerful than both. He could kick some ass! Also, new bad guy idea.. Amy Ponds’ son. Chronologically he would be old enough now… What ever happened to his vow to kill Dean?