Walking Dead's 22 Most Painful Deaths

Walking Dead deaths

As you brace yourselves for what Norman Reedus has already warned fans of The Walking Dead is going to be an “overwhelming and emotional” Season 7 — starting with the resolution of that “killer” Season 6 cliffhanger — your friends at TVLine thought that now might be a good time to remind you of something:

You’re going to be OK. Really. You’ve been through this before. We all have. So, no matter which of your favorites finds him- or herself on the receiving end of Negan’s blows, you’ll be all right. It may take a while, but seriously — you will.

To make sure that you believe us, we’ve compiled a list of the series’ 22 most painful deaths ever — you know, the ones from which you were sure you’d never recover… and then, of course, got over! We’ve even ranked them from least upsetting (“Uh, who was he again?”) to most heartbreaking (“That’s it! I’m never watching this show again!”).

Oh, and before you dive in, one thing to keep in mind: We’ve left off the demises of total d-bags like Shane and the Governor. It’s significant when the villains are bumped off, sure. But crushing? Not so much.

So, with all that said, let’s get to it. Scroll through the gallery below, then hit the comments with the deaths that you think we should have included (or got in the wrong order).

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