The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Teases a 'Mind-Blowing' Season 7

Norman Reedus feels our pain. He knows that fans of The Walking Dead are going through hell having to endure a whole summer wondering what happens in the Season 7 premiere. But, if it helps at all, “I will definitely 100-percent say that it’s well worth the wait,” Daryl’s portrayer tells TVLine. “It’s large. It’s mind-blowing.”

What’s more, once we’ve begun to come out of mourning for the unfortunate character who ended Season 6 on the wrong end of Negan’s barbed-wire-covered baseball bat, we’ll discover that it isn’t just the AMC hit’s body count that has changed. “It’s a completely brand-new world right now,” teases the actor. “It’s very exciting. And it’s emotional. And then it’s overwhelming and emotional!”

Just don’t ask the fan favorite (who’s headlining AMC’s six-part reality series, Ride With Norman Reedus, beginning Sunday, June 12) to reveal the identity of Negan’s victim. Not because the show’s producers would have his head — although they probably would — but because it would hurt to discuss it. “We’re a very tight-knit group down there [on location in Georgia], and we take it very personally, because we’re in it and living it,” he explains. “Every time you see us crying on camera, those are real tears. It’s a whole day of living that s–t.

“And when personal things happen to you, you don’t wander around telling everybody your personal stuff,” he continues. “So for us, it doesn’t feel like just a spoiler, it feels like a moment that really happened. And if there’s a death involved, it’s kinda weird to talk about it. It’s like going to our friend’s funeral or going possibly to our own funeral! It’s not like, ‘Hey, how are you? Want a selfie? Let me tell you about the funeral I was just at… ’”

So, did Reedus manage to make you feel any better? Or will you still be on pins and needles until fall?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    So this makes it pretty clear that Daryl isn’t the one who Negan killed. I still think it’s either Glenn or Abraham.

    • nyx says:

      Curious: How does this make it clear? For me, it seems that just because Reedus is giving interviews and teasing what’s to come doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be around in the upcoming season. When he says in this interview “It’s like going to our friend’s funeral or going possibly to our own funeral!”, that seemed to me to keep it purposely ambiguous and also wholly possible that the Negan kill could have been either another character (“our friend’s funeral”) or Daryl himself (“going possibly to our own funeral”).

    • Leslie Bryant says:

      Glenn,in the comic book maggie goes after glenn death
      to be the leader over the hilltop

    • Kaylynn says:

      Yes and I think is was ab or gleen and I keep going I at there chart of who was sitting where and still trying to find out who it was and when I know I’ll let people know

    • Greg Clark says:

      @Jimmy i agee that its abe too! to many indicators since S06E06 starting with abe climbing on the fence to get the RPG from the zombie hanging off the fence! from that point plus some other theories gave me some indication as to who would have a date with lucille!!

    • Megan Parker says:

      Abe. I’ve been saying that since the episode ended…

  2. Johnny says:

    Everyone who teases a new season of TWD (and works on the show) love speaking with hyperboles, especially Norman and Andrew. My guess is that Negan kills more than one person in the line-up since it would be unexpected and deviates from the (SPOILER) single kill in the comics. We can start crossing off survivors when the Comic Con trailer comes out next month and probably deduce the identity before the season premieres anyway.

    • Jonny5 says:

      Another possibility is he killed one of his own. Would be extremely unexpected but maybe he had a follower standing near the group(rick and the rest) that had betrayed him or he just flat out didn’t like. Would be a good way to send a message to the new group on how it’s “going to be” now that you work for me. You do as I say or end up like this guy. And it wouldn’t create more animosity for Negan amongst rick and the rest…

  3. Joe says:

    The actors hype and tease new episodes as mindblowing and fantastic every single year and it’s the same disappointing bore fest every time.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I love Norman but he says this every season and always, without meaning to, says to much.

  5. Annie Sisk says:

    I no longer believe a word that comes out of the mouths of any member of that cast when it comes to what’s going to happen (or not).

  6. Ralph says:

    In this internet world, they will never be able to keep it a secret, but for all trailers….Comicon and the like, I’d just use footage of last year and graphics. No footage of the future episodes if it shows any of the possiblities. Can’t imagine them doing it that way, but it would be cool to keep it a complete secret

  7. KLS says:

    I was curious who died for about a week. Now, I am just looking forward to the season starting up again. No real emotions either way. I think the cliffhanger was wasted and I don’t believe the PR stuff any more.

  8. After her terrible arc on Nashville, I would be very satisfied if they could resurrect Alicia Witt, just so I could see her killed again.

  9. Pete's says:


    Glenn dies, Rick and Maggie ends up with Rick near the end of the show.

    No mistery there.

  10. french5851 says:

    While Daryl is awesome, I don’t believe that the premiere is anything worth watching… Why should I care who dies? It does not matter, it is boring, they should have actually wrote something spectacular in the finale instead of twiddling their thumbs and rewriting the comic, but Hey! they are going to change who died… big deal.

  11. Liz985 says:

    Eh. I’m very suspect about all the hyperbole. Last year, the whole cast was going on and on about how traumatic and mind blowing the finale was and it fell short. Let the audience decide it’s reaction in real-time and stop with all the PR prefacing.

  12. CalebFillion says:

    “here’s norman, every TWD-fan loves him! he’ll say nice things about the new season and you will all forget about the stunt we pulled in last years finale.”
    ..still in damage control-mode, mr. gimple?

  13. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I’m ready for the new season to start. Plus if it turns out to be Glenn who dies then it’s not a surprise, but the live action of the beating will be…..if they really going to show it.

  14. Michelle says:

    It’s too bad it isn’t Daryl. He’s a mess and useless. He should have been the Lucille victim. AMC stop dragging this dead character in this show.

  15. Melody says:

    I’m calling it now. The first episode will have a Time Jump. You will not see the character killed.
    You will see the camera pan to a grave/marker. If its Glen…you will see Maggie (possibly holding a baby) If its Abraham you will see Sasha and Rosita with Eugene in the distance.
    If its Eugene you will see Abraham and Rosita paying their respect. If its Darryl…you will see Rick with Michonne (Since Carol is gone)

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Not necessarily :-) :-)

  17. Ordinary Person says:

    I definitely 100-percent say that it I am done with the TWD.

    • Bobby says:

      Good. I’m tired of you people whining and “threatening” to stop watching like it actually matters.

  18. Casi says:

    I think this is one of the worst fan bases a show can have. Yeah it sucked they didn’t show the death. But a few months later and I am over it. I can’t wait until next season. And I thought last season was one of the best since the first few seasons.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      100% completely agree. All the whining is so pathetic and annoying as heck. I’m gonna laugh my butt off in October when I see some comments on here from people who said they were done with the show. Yes I know who you are, LOL!!!

    • Bobby says:

      I liked this season a lot, but I still wish they would have shown the death since it was so hyped and the tension was so high for so long. They could have easily shown the kill scene the way they did and added the person’s identity. To me personally, that would have left me with a much stronger desire to watch next season. I still will watch, but all that build up and all the tension is more or less wasted unless they do an amazing job at reestablishing the sense of panic and loss of control by Rick.

      I’m expecting and hoping for a fast-paced and gruesome premier like the mid – season opener. If they can match that or surpass it, I’ll be happy.

  19. Still thinking it will be Glenn (would explain why there was a cliffhanger) or Eugene.
    Also, if Norman knowing so much about season 7 most certainly mean he’s not dead in the first minute of the premiere.

    OR, producers specifically told the victim of Negan to say good things about S7.


  20. Daniel Snow says:

    Here we go again. The Hyping prepared to be modestly letdown. Again

  21. Rick L says:

    I dont think there will be any time jump in the premiere. EP said in an interview that they will be “pushing the envelope” of gore, so I expect we will see some pretty graphic stuff from the Negan kill. As to who it is, who knows, all I can say is that Glenn is running out of lives for someone who is no longer in the books……..

    • Cassie says:

      As opposed to Darryl, who was never in the books? Or Judith, who died with her mother at the prison?
      The books are just a guide to the screenwriters. They don’t have to follow things exactly.

  22. Irene Finley says:

    I think Carl is on the receiving end of Lucille, but he doesn’t die – just has the holy hell beaten out of him. I think his hat absorbed a lot of the force of the first blow and that’s why he didn’t pass out immediately. If you watched closely, Negan slightly pivots to his left, the second blow started to come down slightly Negan’s left, (not straight on like the first,) leaving me to think it hit Carl’s shoulder before the screen went black. The rest of the blows could have broken arms, a leg, etc. – we just heard them, not see them.

    That would set up the story arc of Negan keeping Carl in his camp to “recuperate” and to “get to know” Negan, (as in the comics, where Carl become “the little serial killer” over time,) while Negan sends the rest back to Alexandria to do his work, (which also keeps Rick in line…. for a while.) I think Rick will eventually join with the Knights, Hilltop and other communities to wage war on Negan after that.

    Did no one else hear the single gunshot go off simultaneously as the forth blow landed? You can hear it echo in the night air. If you recorded it, go back and listen real close…. wonder who was shot? :)

  23. It’s not the wondering what’s going to happen at the beginning of season 7 that’s so annoying, it’s the wondering what ALREADY HAPPENED at the end of season 6.

  24. eik says:

    Ya well…unfortunately regardless of what they do in the opener…they can never re-create the pent up suspense that was lost in the last episode. Pity.

  25. Maria Steinson says:

    Ya ya heard it before. Just hoping it’s worth the wait and the hype 😳

  26. David McCormick says:

    I think it’s Rick, his character has turned to the dark side with too much arrogance on his part.

  27. Michele says:

    I say its Carl

    • Baylor Green says:

      Can’t be Carl because he says if anyone does anything cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his dad. Or something to that effect. I think it’s Abe because his character went through a full circle arc with telling glen he wouldn’t think of having a baby to now telling Sasha he could with her. Also with him settling his issues with Eugene. Plus of the group he would be the most likely to take that first hit without crumbling. Prison yard rules.. Take out the biggest mf’er first.

  28. George says:

    It’s Aaron who Negan kills. There is evidence to prove that both Glenn and Daryl are filming episodes for season 7. And Aaron’s life-sized model was photographed and shown on the internet. A model filmmakers would use when shooting a character’s death.

    • dana says:

      I doubt it is Aaron. He is not a hugely popular character and IMO his death would generate little more than a yawn from the majority of TWD fans. I’m betting that it is Abraham that got Lucilled.

  29. Kaylynn Cortis says:

    I like that cuz it starts on my birthday so I happy now I’ll have a good 15th birthday #ILoveYou all on #thewalkingdead and #Norman

  30. Niket says:

    How can be THE WALKING DEAD be mind-blowing without Daryl Dixon..????

  31. Deb stell says:

    So over the fan baiting and the formula TV The Walking Dead has become, it used to be a good drama.

    • Spence says:

      PREACH. People quip that fans who are irritated by the finale are just “whiners.” Yet as I’ve said multiple times- the issue with this show is not the cliffhanger, the issue is that what was once a thought provoking, dark drama (season 4!!) is now a gossipy gimmick to get ratings. The cliffhanger itself is not what bothers myself and many others. What the cliffhanger represents from a writing and production viewpoint is what is so upsetting.

  32. I am definitely looking forward to the season 7 opener. I cannot fathom the loss of any of the characters, because they are so integral. but they are indeed entering a new world now.

  33. DirtyDiana says:

    It’s Michone who dies.

    • Joan says:

      I sort of think it’s her also. It would bother alot of them also hurt Rick so yeah I can see it being her. Plus she would take it like a champ.

  34. Jan says:

    I think its Eugene that meets Lucille, my opinion so be nice bc we all have a right to speak them!

  35. Ann says:

    It might be either Abraham/Sasha or Eugene. The TV show doesn’t follow the comics 100%. If they did, it’d be boring with no element of surprise. Carol is supposed to be dead a long time ago. Abraham’s comic death was given to Denise. Carl was shot by a stray bullet as Douglas (Deanna in the show) shoots walkers entering Alexandria (not by Jesse’s son). Rick & Jesse “get together” in the comics BUT they don’t in the show (thank goodness). Also, Rick is WITH Andrea in the comics (the show killed her off in season 3). Sasha is not in the comics but was created for the show to take Andrea’s sharp shooter/”sniper role”. They even go back to Hershel’s farm after they leave the prison, but we will never see the prison again in the show. The Governor chops off Rick’s hand in the comics. The show created Merle (Daryl’s brother) to take that part (TWD creator Robert Kirkman admitted that he regrets chopping off Rick’s hand). And many more discrepancies… AMC has already deviated so much, they don’t necessarily have to kill off Glenn. Most fans want him alive til the end IF at all possible.

  36. theladykt says:

    If Daryl Dies, We Riot!!!!!

  37. Green says:

    Just because Daryl isn’t in the comics, didn’t mean he will not continue in the television series.

    I’m anxious to find out who wad killed but somewhat sad at the same time.

    The show will not be the same without Daryl, although of you look at the final episode of season 6, three of the characters kind of said goodbye.

    Abraham days has wad leaving, Carl was shot in an eye sand Daryl was ready to venture off on his own.

    Glenn has cheated death so many times it’s ridiculous.

    I’m guessing it’s either Carl, Abraham or Daryl, may be Glenn but I doubt it.

    Although Negan is one evil bastard, I don’t see him l knocking off any of the females, at this point, maybe later I the season but he wants to humiliate them and especially Rick.

    I think Negan will tortured Carl, just to humiliate Rick, what better way for Negan to get back Rick as he watches his flesh and blood tortured nearly to death.

  38. Lisa says:

    I think it’s Abraham because he looked neegan in the eye,and raised himself up on his knees, kind of like a challenge. I think everyone else looked more defeated. Either way it was terrible to watch and I hate to see anyone go.

  39. Jo says:

    Glenn dies. Abe and Carl get beat later in s7 e1. Taken as dead, to our well known cast, but all are brought to saviors camp. Rick is totally broken and called a coward. Rough. Norman Shmorman lives, darn.

  40. vivian says:

    Um who really cares…the anxiety of not knowing is what makes up go back to it. Whomever it is…will be missed but lets be honest here…every character is important but the one who just breathes air and brings nothing to the table is good old “CARL”…

  41. Russell says:

    Im done watching the show rick is a pussy he should have killed Keegan but no that’s it for me. The first six seasons were good but not anymore so you just lost a faithful watcher of the show bye