Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere Recap: Bury Me a Little

The bell indeed tolled for Hanna on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars season premiere, but did you really think they were going to kill her off? Come on, now.

When the Liars’ first attempt at determining Charlotte’s killer didn’t exactly pan out — mind you, that plan involved literally picking suspects’ names out of a hat — they resorted to classic sleuthing protocol: split into groups based on romantic compatibility!

Caleb and Mona kept an eye on Mary Drake, who paid an awkward visit to the Hastings household; Spencer and Toby scoped out the Lost Woods Resort, where they essentially found A.D.’s copy of Cyberbullying for Dummies; Aria and Ezra broke into Chez DiLaurentis, where they narrowly escaped Elliott’s clutches; and Emily rushed to Ali’s bedside, where she learned that Ali’s worsening condition is being attributed to guilt. (Like, guilt over something she did — not Guilt, like the other Freeform show about a girl accused of murder.)

Spencer’s unexpected tea party with Mary proved to be one of the most enlightening parts of the hour: Charlotte’s mom revealed that she used to be close with the Hastings family, but left Rosewood after Jessica turned everyone against her. “I was born first, and she was born jealous,” Mary explained, adding that she only came back to town “because I found out she was dead.” It’s entirely possible that everything Mary told Spencer is a lie, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch a prequel about the Liars’ parents as young adults. (Hey, maybe that’s what Season 8 can be about!)

Meanwhile, armed with the knowledge that Mary has a British (or maybe Australian?) confidant, Aria hit up Snookers — yes, that Snookers — in the hopes of catching her man. Instead, she found herself on Ezra’s doorstep, her head flooded with memories of their ultra-romantic bathroom hookup. (Sorry, Liam. You never stood a chance.)

And speaking of old emotions resurfacing, Emily spent the bulk of the hour wrestling with her feelings for Alison, remembering the good times (sexy sleepovers!) while also grappling with the latest development, including Ali basically confessing to Charlotte’s murder. And finding a red jacket — not to be confused with the infamous Red Coat, of course — in Ali’s bedroom certainly didn’t simplify those feelings.

In yet another surprising turn of events, Hanna managed to escape A.D.’s clutches — after a subconscious pep talk from Spencer — only to be picked up on the side of the road by Mary. So now that Operation #SaveHanna was a success, it’s time for Operation #SaveAlison.

Your thoughts on the first hour of Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season? Who do you think the girls will bury four days from now? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your review (and, of course, your newest theories).

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  1. pllfan24 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Hanna and Caleb should save his attitude for himself. He was the one who basically told the girls to shutup and not give their opinions because they didn’t agree with their plan. Aria and Ezra are per usual in their own world. I hope Spencer ends the show single.

    • anguyen96 says:

      Well said, if I feel sorry for anyone, it should be Alison. That poor girl is in a mental institution and being accused of MURDER, AGAIN, by her BEST FRIENDS – which I might add are the same girls who put her in a jail cell two season ago. Pretty Little Liars? More like Pretty STUPID Liars.

  2. lina says:

    I found it strange with a clicking clock to save Hannah there was down time. And time where going home to sleep was a thought. Uhhh where is the panic? Spencer and mary scene was great. And does Spencer now have a twin? Is that why Hannah subconscious Spencer had no bangs? I’m scratching my head…I hope mary doesn’t rekidnap Hannah. And those silly masks that suction to everyone’s faces so perfectly they are dumb. A skintight mask can’t reshape the nose and eyes of the wearers face underneath. How come the Hannah mask looked correct sized and underneath was a Itty bitty doll head?

    • lina says:

      Also when did aria have time to dye her blondish hair dark again in the search for Hannah?

    • Wooster182 says:

      These girls always stop in the middle of crises for boys, food, inner circle squabbles, pedicures. You know, the important stuff.

    • Greg says:

      I had the same thought, Hanna was going to be killed and Aria was talking about getting sleep, Spencer sitting around and Emily was more worried about allison… No one thought to call the police or Hanna’s mom?

  3. Riana says:

    The beginning of the episode made it clear that Ali was feeling guilty about Wilden. It’s extremely obvious that she didn’t kill Charlotte. It was probably Elliot framing her.

  4. LOVE this show. Loved this episode. But these things cracked me up:

    – Aria’s hair changed color in those few minutes between the 6B finale and 7 premiere.

    – Spencer had no bangs in Hanna’s dream.

    – Why does a random red jacket prove that Ali killed Charlotte?

    – “My best friend is gonna die if we don’t solve this mystery but I kinda wanna just sit down for a beer and then go cuddle”

  5. nadialus says:

    #savehanna more like #hannaneedsbetterfriends. Mona and Caleb were the only ones who seemed actually concerned. Speaking of Mona, I hope they finally treat her character better this season and give her more screen time. Also, to me personally, (I know a lot of people liked the scene) the hanna + spencer scene felt more like a quick way to win fans back after the disaster of 6b.

  6. lauri5567 says:

    I wonder why Aria and Emily didn’t put 2+2 equals 4 together (Oh wait, Aria and Emily, enough said.)
    1. Allison’s husband is acting incredibly odd.
    2. He’s in charge of Allison’s care.
    3. Out of no where, she’s had a complete mental break.

  7. "A" says:

    SPOILER ( possible ) AHEAD … BEWARE … and read at your own RISK !!!

    In this episode we learned Mary was first admitted to Radley because a child died well she was babysitting them sooo I think we should be asking are selves who this said child was.

    ( Mary was in Radley until she turned 18 and then readmitted several times before she got out for good 23 years ago )

    If my math is correct Mary was in Radley the third/fourth time around over a ten year period between 18 to 28 years of age. If she was babysitting I’d say she was 14 to 17 at the time of the child in her cares death.

    Soooo could the child who died in her care be Melissa twin, Spencer twin, Alison’s twin, Spencer and Melissa’s brother/sister, Jason and Alison’s brother/sister, or the real Charles DiLaurentis ?

    I wonder if the girl Spencer saw dancing in Radley was actually a teenage Mary Drake.

    I wonder if the ex-lovers Mary couldn’t be friends with was A.D. or Peter or Kenneth.

    • Josh says:

      Mary couldn’t have been baby sitting any of the liars, their siblings nor they’re twins. The liars are only like 23, their siblings are like 28? and Mary has got to be at least late 40s early 50s, so none of them were even born when Mary was babysitting. However, it wouldn’t suprise me if thats where they go since according to the show, Wilden was a cop whe he was like 10, since he covered up Marion’s death when Charles was a kid, and Charlotte is a year older than Jason and Jason was in Melissa’s grade, and Melissa went to school with Wilden, which mean Charlotte/Charles is older than him…

    • Annabelle says:

      Mary is Alison’s moms twin, so that would mean Alison’s mom had Allison as a teenager and Jason when she was like 11 or 12. Which would further make Spencer’s dad a pedophile.

  8. thehell says:

    Anyone else think they’re going the book route but instead of Ali and Courtney, its Mary and Jessica.

  9. Tryingtofindthelogic says:

    Why did Hanna see Spencer in her dream? Is there a reason why? Instead of just seeing Caleb or her mom???

    • success says:

      i think she was talking to herself but in the form of spencer because she needed to come up with a plan so her mind went to the smartest person she knew because thats who she needed in that moment……. she was just hallucinating …

  10. River says:

    Why no one suspect Elliot? The whole episode most of the liars and the team are saying Alison. Ali is in danger right now and they are still holding grudge, living and thinking in the past. In all the previous seasons and episodes, the liars always jump to conclusion one after another, especially Spencer, and she suppose to be the smart one. I rather #savealison than #savehanna this new season is dark no more child play and games. I love the show but I just wish they could be smarter. Also I wanna know if there another twin other than Jessica and Mary because sometime if a mother is a twin the child could also be a twin.