Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere Recap: Bury Me a Little

Pretty Little Liars Recap

The bell indeed tolled for Hanna on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars season premiere, but did you really think they were going to kill her off? Come on, now.

When the Liars’ first attempt at determining Charlotte’s killer didn’t exactly pan out — mind you, that plan involved literally picking suspects’ names out of a hat — they resorted to classic sleuthing protocol: split into groups based on romantic compatibility!

Caleb and Mona kept an eye on Mary Drake, who paid an awkward visit to the Hastings household; Spencer and Toby scoped out the Lost Woods Resort, where they essentially found A.D.’s copy of Cyberbullying for Dummies; Aria and Ezra broke into Chez DiLaurentis, where they narrowly escaped Elliott’s clutches; and Emily rushed to Ali’s bedside, where she learned that Ali’s worsening condition is being attributed to guilt. (Like, guilt over something she did — not Guilt, like the other Freeform show about a girl accused of murder.)

Spencer’s unexpected tea party with Mary proved to be one of the most enlightening parts of the hour: Charlotte’s mom revealed that she used to be close with the Hastings family, but left Rosewood after Jessica turned everyone against her. “I was born first, and she was born jealous,” Mary explained, adding that she only came back to town “because I found out she was dead.” It’s entirely possible that everything Mary told Spencer is a lie, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch a prequel about the Liars’ parents as young adults. (Hey, maybe that’s what Season 8 can be about!)

Meanwhile, armed with the knowledge that Mary has a British (or maybe Australian?) confidant, Aria hit up Snookers — yes, that Snookers — in the hopes of catching her man. Instead, she found herself on Ezra’s doorstep, her head flooded with memories of their ultra-romantic bathroom hookup. (Sorry, Liam. You never stood a chance.)

And speaking of old emotions resurfacing, Emily spent the bulk of the hour wrestling with her feelings for Alison, remembering the good times (sexy sleepovers!) while also grappling with the latest development, including Ali basically confessing to Charlotte’s murder. And finding a red jacket — not to be confused with the infamous Red Coat, of course — in Ali’s bedroom certainly didn’t simplify those feelings.

In yet another surprising turn of events, Hanna managed to escape A.D.’s clutches — after a subconscious pep talk from Spencer — only to be picked up on the side of the road by Mary. So now that Operation #SaveHanna was a success, it’s time for Operation #SaveAlison.

Your thoughts on the first hour of Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season? Who do you think the girls will bury four days from now? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your review (and, of course, your newest theories).

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