Orange Is the New Black Finale Recap: Fight the Power — Plus: Who Dies?

Warning: This recap contains spoilers from Episodes 12 and 13 of Orange Is the New Black Season 4. (Behind? Peruse our season premiere and midseason recaps.)

As Orange Is the New Black‘s fourth season drew to a close, one inmate was dead (R.I.P., Poussey), another was armed, and the rest of the jailbirds were riled up.

Though the ladies that fill Litchfield’s bunks are the only convicted criminals in the big house, it was the officers who created the most havoc this season. MCC’s decision to hire veterans to guard the prison royally backfired, and it’s safe to assume that at least one or two of them are suffering from PTSD.

So, needless to say, the specific issues that plague the current crop of correctional officers were of little concern come the end of Episode 13: Each and every inmate stood in solidarity with Daya as she pointed Humphrey’s own gun at his head.

A MOVEMENT AFOOT | After Humphrey’s staged gladiator fight between Suzanne and Kukudio, the Litchfield Security Task Force white supremacists approached Taystee and Poussey about taking him down by any means necessary. Taystee agreed to partner up, but convincing the Spanish Harlem clique to join their cause took more negotiation than expected. First, Maria didn’t want to go after Humphrey but rather his superior, Piscatella. Second, she wanted to lead the movement, which quickly included Hapakuka and Red among its ranks. The rest of the black girls clique (except for Poussey) eventually agreed to partake in any hypothetical takedown after seeing how Humphrey’s actions had messed with Suzanne’s head. What eventually culminated was a peaceful protest that ended in tragedy.

oitnb-season-4-finale-bayley-kills-poussey‘LIFE IS PAINFUL. SUFFERING IS A CHOICE.’ | As a movement was brewing, Bayley was busy proving that not all millennials are the worst. Unfortunately, approaching Caputo about Humphrey proved little to no help. Not only did Piscatella reject Caputo’s decision to suspend the psychotic officer, he threatened a walkout if the warden attempted to suspend any of his employees again.

Realizing Bayley still had his entire life ahead of him, Caputo tried to convince the young officer to quit and leave Litchfield behind forever: “Working here changes who you are,” he said. “This place crushes anything that’s good. It’s like a monster that has grown too big for its stubby little legs, and now it’s stumbling around crushing whole cities.” Though the metaphor prompted Bayley to mull over whether working at the prison was right for him, he hadn’t made any decisions about what he’d ultimately do before he found himself in the middle of the inmates’ protest.

After the ladies all took to standing on the cafeteria tables in protest of Piscatella for his inhumane treatment of Red and other prisoners, the commanding officer ordered his crew to forcibly remove them. When Bayley was then instructed to restrain Suzanne as she was in the midst of a panic attack, Poussey stepped in to help her friend and was in turn pinned down. As the untrained officer kept all of his weight on her back, she eventually lost the ability to breathe and quietly died in front of everyone.

LET’S START A RIOT | Though MCC was ready to let Bayley take the fall for Poussey’s death, Caputo had had enough. When scheduled by the corporation to “expose” Bayley as having had intent during a press conference, the warden went off script and spoke the truth: His officer wasn’t given the proper training and never meant to take the life of a prisoner, who for the entirety of his dialogue went unnamed. Caputo also insisted that Bayley would be welcomed back to work following a temporary suspension, which turned out to be the fuel Taystee and her fellow inmates needed to band together and riot in the halls. When the prisoners were eventually stopped by Humphrey, that’s when things got ugly. The officer pulled out an unauthorized gun, which was quickly knocked out of his hands by Maritza and picked up by Daya. As the finale came to an end, Aleida’s daughter pointed the weapon at Humphrey’s head as her fellow prisoners cheered for her to shoot the corrupt guard between the eyes.

As for what else was going on at the prison, here’s what you absolutely must know:

* Healy turned Lolly in for the murder of Kubra’s hitman. In other words, Alex no longer had to worry about getting caught.

* Healy checked himself in to a psychiatric institution following Episode 11’s failed suicide attempt.

* Sophia’s alive! The inmate was released from SHU and put back in minimum security after Danny and Crystal confronted Pearson Sr. about the inhumane way she was being jailed.

* Pennsatucky forgave Coates but quickly learned not to act on impulse after a kiss prompted the officer to speak about the violent way he’d like to have sex with her again.

orange-is-the-new-black-season-4-episode-13-suzanne* Struggling to cope with her feelings regarding her fight with Kukudio and Poussey’s death, Suzanne tried to see what it would feel like not to breathe and managed to have rows upon rows of library shelves fall upon her chest. Her injuries did not appear life-threatening.

* Lorna’s paranoia — having prompted her to accuse Vince of cheating with his sister-in-law — has likely destroyed her marriage.

* Judy King was granted early release so MCC could avoid an additional PR nightmare following what went down with Poussey. Unfortunately for the polyamorous Martha Stewart/Paula Deen hybrid, her exit from Litchfield was interrupted by the riot that capped Episode 13.

Have at it, OITNB fans: How are you feeling at the end of your Season 4 binge? Since you’ve already had a chance to vote on Episodes 1-7, grade Episodes 8-13 below, then sound off in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HeyThere says:

    That last scene with Samira Wiley, where she smiles and looked at the camera 😭 it was beautiful!

    • flowerduh says:

      I know! It seems like she’s at peace.

      nd that was an amazing night! (Before she got popped ) I am jealous.


      I see that no one has mentioned this, but I feel bad for Bayley. All I kept repeating that it wasn’t his fault. I blame this ALL on Piscatello(If I’m spelling it correctly). I wish it were Humphery so he could go to jail(Sick psychopathic Sun of a BITCH!!!!!!) Pusseye dying literally crushed me. The final scene of her looking in camara nearly made me shed a tear. I have had a crush in her since season one. I will miss her. She’s so talented.

  2. Antoinette says:

    No spoilers buuuut….I was happy, sad, mad, distraught and confused watching these episodes. VERY DARK season but cant wait until next year. Also I need some resolution on something that Happened in season 3 that is still the elephant in the room situation :)

  3. 13 episodes and we don’t know find out what happened to Bennett. What a ripoff! We have to wait 2 years?

  4. Mj says:

    Dont kill off no more main characters or else the seies will be no good

    • Why not? The way this was handled was one of the most powerful and compelling things the series has done. The strength of an ensemble cast is the ability of characters to leave without killing it off. For instance taking the character of Vause out for most of season 2 didn’t kill it, and taking Nichols out didn’t destroy season three despite the fact that Nichols is probably the coolest character on the whole show.

      • Grace says:

        That is also your opinion that she’s the coolest on the show. There’s a high chance that if they continue to kill off favorite characters, that people will stop watching the show. New writers took over and they continue to change things. They randomly took Bennett off the show. What happen to Mendez? They didn’t even talk about him. The new writers just skipped over so many things that went unanswered. The show lost views in the 3rd season, so killing off Poussey who is a fan favorite, will only cause people to watch it less. This logic of killih off fan favorites, doesn’t make more viewers, it makes people not watch it anymore, especially if the show was losing views in the first place. It dropped a lot since season 3. Now if Samira has a better movie/show she’s in, then she can explain that to her fans and they’ll understand but not because of it helping the script and ore views because that isn’t true. Killing favorites = less views

        • Dany says:

          I don’t believe that your theory is right, there’s Game of Thrones, that kills main/fan favorite characters almost every episode and it’s one of the most viewed series in HBO’s history. I believe that as long as the character’s death has a purpose, or is justified for the greater good, writers can go of a killing spree if they like. Poussey’s death is a reflection of a reality: people get treated unfairly all the time and sometimes that injustice takes lives. And in real life not every single person that dies deserves it. I’m sad because it was Poussey, but the truth is that I wouldn’t have felt the same discomfort, anger and indignation if someone like Lorna died. Poussey represented good, hope and at some level even innocence locked up in a place where she didn’t belonged. That united to her race and heritage made the whole sequence heartbreaking and so enraging to watch.

  5. Jim says:

    Was this necessary? Did we need this to be a part of this show? Does it fit, tonally? I’m really not sure.

  6. MMD says:

    Right up until the end of episode 10 I was feeling like there were too many new characters and not enough interaction between certain characters. All of a sudden the entire season started to jell and I think it was the absolute best season so far. Kudos to the entire cast.

    As Antoinette said above, I am also feeling every emotion imaginable and sobbed my heart out when Poussey was killed. She was such a terrific character. Even though it was a very dark season it felt very real to me. Everyone gave tremendous performances and that final scene of Poussey Washington smiling into the camera nearly broke me. I truly hope that the prison reverts back to the feds rather than being for profit and privately owned. I am going to wait a couple of days and then rewatch the entire season again. It is going to be a long wait to find out what happens next.

    I only know 2 things for certain. 1. I would never last in prison and 2. I would never have survived living in the 1800’s. (HOW, Deadwood)

    Anyone looking for another good prison drama try out the Aussie drama Wentworth on Netflix which is darker overall and I actually preferred until this season of OITNB.

    • Antoinette says:

      I started watching Wentworth the next day…So good!!! When Tasty broke down I was shattered…The emotion was so REAL!!! I felt like my friend was the one laying there….

      • MMD says:

        I know – me too, especially the way it was shot with everyone else held back. Glad that you are enjoying Wentworth.

    • Nicole says:

      This season broke my heart! I’m so with you on everything concerning Poussay! I just finished the season and may look into Wentworth because I definitely do love prison drama shows.

      • MMD says:

        Much darker than OITNB’s first 3 seasons but really, really good. If you enjoyed S4 of this, then I think you will really like it.


    PLEASE TAKE THE SPOILER OUT OF OF YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT. This was the first result for the google search “poussey,” and the search engine optimization blurb ruins a huge plot point about the death of a character. If you’re going to post about such a huge reveal about a beloved character less than 5 days after a 13-episode season is released, at the very least keep it out of your article lead-in or even just start it with some sort of a spoiler alert. Seriously unacceptable internet practice, I will be blocking this website from all my browsers and search engine results going forward.

    • Jess says:

      When you type in Poussey without even hitting ‘enter’ the first suggested search is “Poussey death” and the second is “Poussey dies”. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop googling the characters and just watch the episodes.

      • Jen lee says:

        I only searched “orange is the new black recap” and immediately saw “Poussey dies…” I didn’t search a specific episode or character. So yes, that is a ridiculous spoiler.

      • John says:

        You can just about put anyone’s names in and dies will show up. Lol. But u must have known something if u were searching for her.

    • your mom says:

      you need therapy

  8. Alicia says:

    Why do all the good characters have to die for , makes me not wanna watch it anymore 😔 Loved Poussey and Tricia which died at the beggining of oitnb 🙄😐 :(

  9. Big Mike says:

    Haven’t started the new season yet. Didn’t read any of the above. Just scrolled past it all to post this comment.

    Putting “who dies” in the unavoidable headline of this article is a dick move. Simply knowing that a character dies in the finale is a spoiler in and of itself.

    C’mon guys, you’re better than that behavior.

    • Eva says:

      If you’re THAT sensitive to even traces of a spoiler, what are you even doing here?

      • Big Mike says:

        You can’t be serious?

        • Doug says:

          No you can’t be serious “big” Mike. It’s a TV show. Get over it. When. I was searching to see if the new season started yet search results already had things about her death in it so it’s nothing new and certainly not the only site that has it. so do you go to every single site and write your comment or are we just lucky enough to get your gem of a comment?

      • Jen lee says:

        That headline isn’t a “trace” of a spoiler, it literally gives away the biggest plot point of the season. It is outrageous to include that in a headline.

        • Big Mike says:

          Nice to know that other people have a trace of common sense. Kudos.

        • Jenny says:

          Yeah, the headline was ridiculous .I didn’t finish the season until a couple of days later, and the scene wasn’t quite as powerful knowing that someone would die ahead of time.

  10. Kayla says:

    TAKE “WHO DIES” OUT OF THE GOOGLE SEARCH RESULY. All I did 2as google Pousey and you literally put who dies IN THE TITLE. What a DICK MOVE.

  11. Joey says:

    Man, so many whiners in the comments. The show’s out, you haven’t watched it yet. Not TV Line’s fault whether or not you had the ability to watch it yet. Stop acting so entitled.

    • flowerduh says:

      Thank you! Well said. It’s been out since friday and if you haven’t watched then tough! Why are you googling OITNB in the first place! Just watch the damn show already!

      • Big Mike says:

        I didn’t google anything. I simply browsed TVLine like always, planning on scrolling past any OITNB articles until I watched it. Then *poof* spoiler in the unavoidable article title.

        • a says:

          Then you’ve done a good job avoiding spoilers because I don’t even watch this show but I heard about the death over the weekend due to Twitter, Tumblr, other news sites.

      • buzzbug17 says:

        I googled “oitnb season 3 recap” so that I could remember what happened last season before sitting down to binge this one. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a major spoiler to not be in an article title just days after a show comes out. Some of us don’t have the time to watch the entire season the day it comes out and it is basic internet courtesy to not spoil for others who don’t watch right away. I have been very careful to avoid Facebook and Tumblr for this reason too. I’m disappointed that even cautious Google searches aren’t safe :(

  12. Wren says:

    Very emotional and realistic. Last scene was so sad but somehow a release for Poussey . Unless writers made mistake of lighting up the spire on One World Trade Center, it definitely supports idea of freedom. Much symbolism here.

    • Jennifer Lum says:

      I kinda felt that the final episode Poussey storyline wad like a pre/post story. She lived it, but did she relive it in the afterlife. The best night ever…

      • Doug says:

        What afterlife? What R u talking about?

      • Felicia V says:

        Jennifer Lum I felt the same thing she seemed so happy and the way she smiled at the camera at the end I feel so emotional right now I always loved Poussey character she was such a good peron

  13. Brad says:

    After episode 12. I had to turn it off. That cafeteria scene was some of the best writing I’ve ever scene. Such a powerful movement, only to have that heartbreaking ending. I cried for 20 minutes and could watch the last episode u til the following night. Bravo, OINTB. RIP Poussey

    • Dude, seriously? It’s fiction.

      • Doug says:

        For real and not even the most emotional show out there. Walking dead has way more emotion to it

        • Shadow says:

          Seriously? Please. The Walking Dead is a good show, but outside of fear and anger, there aren’t too many other emotions being shown. And just cause a show is fiction (which it isn’t btw cause the show is based around Piper K.’s real life experiences) doesn’t mean it can’t illicit emotions.

    • RiverSong says:

      Totally agree. I was also emotional after watching. A really good show can get to you like that. Other shows that kill people all the time can make you numb to death on their show after a while. This whole season brought me to tears at different points.

  14. Anastasia says:

    I cried! Cried a lot!

  15. Megs says:

    Ugly cried. Like, full sobs with hyperventilation cried. I’m usually just a heavy falling tears person when it comes to TV deaths, but this one was so unnecessary that it bordered on real life tragedy. Which is more a shame than anything else, because it really was a commentary on real life happenings.

    • Jennifer Lum says:

      Me too. In the shower and it ruined my weekend emotionally…

      • So… the fate of a fictional character in a TV show ruined your weekend? You might do well to remind yourself that this is just entertainment.

        • Becca says:

          Christ dude, shut up! People are allowed to have emotional reactions to fiction. It’s why human beings make/watch it in the first place. Stop trying to make yourself feel superior by mocking other people. Yeah, I’ve seen your narky comments on other people’s posts, grow up.
          FYI I didn’t cry when Washington died but that’s just cos I’m dead inside. You don’t see me judging people who aren’t! 😉

          • Not crying doesn’t make you dead inside… it means you have a firm grasp on the line between the imaginary world and the real one. There’s nothing to cry about, because no one has died. It’s all fake. It’s perfectly possible (and, I submit, far more healthy) to thoroughly enjoy fiction and maintain that detachment. An inability to separate fictional worlds from the real one is the primary reason my ex-wife didn’t get custody when we split.

          • 10,000hats says:

            @crazyguitarteacher People often cry because they can relate to the pain the characters feel or perhaps crying shows compassion. Just because someone connects to characters and storylines doesn’t make them delusional about the line between reality and fantasy. Most likely it means you can relate to and imagine the pain or joy the characters feel. Being able to detach from fiction works for you. What purpose does it serve knocking others because you have a different emotional reaction?

          • Doug says:

            I get his point though, I mean to be sad is one thing but to have your weekend ruined over TV? Cmon. That song at the end was fire though

          • erindippity says:

            Standing ovation. Crazyguitarteacher is a real life Piscatella. Mean spirited jerk.

        • Dude, I Can’t Breathe isn’t just fiction. This stuff is real for some people.

  16. Eva says:

    I think they went completely over the top with the guards this season. I mean, I get bad, but half of them were just unrealistically evil for shock value. And then they kill the most universally liked character in a ridiculous accident? It was emotional, but also annoying, since the writers’ emotional machinations were just visibly lazy. Still an entertaining season and a better show than 90% of what’s on tv right now, though.

  17. Yolanda says:

    What’s going on with killing off fan favorties on TV shows this year? First they killed off Norma on Bates Motel then Vanessa on Penny Dreadful and now Poussey on OITNB. I don’t like it. I’m all for killing off characters but nowadays it’s every day thing. It hurts me so much because I’ve grown to love these characters as if they were part of my family. But now it’s kill off this kill off that on every single show. First it was novelty now it’s just tired.

    • Leelah says:

      Based on Psycho, Norma had to die eventually. Now we can see really see Norman at his craziest

    • GK says:

      Wow… get a grip. These are fictional characters, and this is entertainment. The death was a superb plotline and masterfully handled.

    • Doug says:

      I never even heard of two of the three shows u mentioned but game if thrones and walking dead do it all the time. It is necessary to keep the story going. And like in this case the actor usually has something else going on so they kill them off so they can pursue the other project. She is on walking dead which is a much bigger show.

      • JustMe says:

        She might be a voice in some animated mini series about Michonne (according to IMDb where I had to just look it up), but she is not on the original The Walking Dead. She’s apparently going to recur on You’re the Worst on FXX according to TV Line, though.

    • Geleesa says:

      Okay now im pissed all over again. I can’t catch a break! Ducking* spoilers. First the asshole Facebook guy is all in an oitnb s4e1 recap section talking about finale deaths and now I don’t want to binge bates motel anymore ughhh! Let me enjoy my damn shows and the commentary after in the appropriate place like wtf. *end rant

  18. Gordon says:

    I type in orange is the new black into Google so I can look up the cast and the first thing I see is a MAJOR SPOILER in the headline? THANKS A LOT WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.

    • MMD says:

      Stay away from Google if you’re worried about spoilers. is your friend if you are looking for cast info on any movie or show.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Ok why did no one attempt cpr on her?! Just say in….

  20. Alison Nash says:

    Two days later and I’m still in my feelings about Poussey. I also had trouble eating after the guard made Maritza eat that mouse.

  21. Nicole says:

    WHY did Poussay have to get killed????? This season has me angry and sad right along with the characters!

  22. Bitter Fan says:

    Could you please never put the name of the character who dies in the title? I know it’s not there in the title on this page, but this article came up on a Google search about OITNB season 3 and the title was “Season 4 Recap: Character’s Name Dies…” Spoiled the entire season 4 a bit for me now. I’m not sure why that title was different, but would love if you guys at TV Line could check into that problem for future articles.

  23. PolarBear says:

    This season rocked me to my core. Poussey was one of my favorites (I also thought she was just gorgeous) and watching her die was near torture. I immediately began to bawl when Taystee broke down. The last episode was just… so beautiful and so painful at the same time. They portrayed the grieving superbly, as I would expect from these amazing writers.
    And I’m glad they did the last scene the way they did. Seeing Poussey look into the camera made me cry even harder. It’s so haunting. She was such a beautifully written character and, although incredibly sad I believe that her death was a great addition. What a way to get the other prisoners standing up for what they know is right! I’m so excited for the 5th season.
    Long live Poussey!

  24. robandco says:

    Amazing season, very dark, but also one of the funniest IMO.
    Everything escalated at the end, and it was glorious. The whole cast has been amazing this season. The show has improved so much after season 3 that was IMO the worst of the show.

  25. Matt C. says:

    Poussey’s death was so devastating. But ending it with her smiling right at the camera after her amazing night in NYC was beautiful and perfect, even though I was bawling my eyes out! Season 4 was incredible, and I can’t wait for season 5. It’s gonna be a long year…

  26. CK says:

    How about you don’t put spoilers in headlines? Kind of common sense and plain old decency.

  27. The last three eps were VERY disappointing. I’ve loved OITNB from day one, but this season?? Cripes.

    Towards the end it got insanely political and I’ve had enough of forced political agendas in entertainment.

    Maybe the MPAA should have a warning for overt politicalization. I just want to be entertained.

  28. Nate Kadetz says:

    I love these new guards….not love as in they are great guys but they are a perfect enemy to hate that symbolizes the corruption and inhumanity that goes on in the worst institution since human slavery…our prison systems. They really show how their behavior goes unpunished and unnoticed bc of who they are and the position they are in to do it. For me great examples of abuse of power in prisons, I recommend reading about the Stanford prison experiment conducted in the 70s or the series of tests done by a doctor after nazi Germany’s fall to see the banality of evil and how it can corrupt even the best of people.

  29. Tonia Bettie says:

    My feelings were deeply hurt after the loss of Poussey she truly was one of my favorites and will be truly missed .. However I am so in love with this show and can’t wait to see the next season .. Great work directors and creators and a special congrats to a the actresses that make this show a success I am such a fan … I feel connected to all these women truly awesome job!!

  30. davisbunch says:

    I hated the beginning of this season. The way Piper was acting, like she was superior just didn’t do it for me. I hated how much they changed Pennsatucky after fixing her teeth and some scenarios with the guards were very “unbelievable”, for example how fast and easy they made it seem to chop up a body and no one notice a thing, not even all the blood on their uniforms when they went back to their dorms. After watching Episode 11, it started to get much better, the ending was exactly how I would I have imagined it. The last 3 episodes are the only reason why I will watch S5 next year. Oh and CAPUTO….took him long enough to grwo a pair…he was getting on my last nerve!

  31. Doug says:

    This season seemed to be completely on its own from the other seasons, it was too out there. Cmon the guy has a baby mouse and ten dead flies? Like really? And they made the guards wayy to dumb. The girl that got her arm burnt would have got revenge in other seasons, i was waiting for her to kill the hawaiian for setting her up. Did they get a new writer this year? It wasn’t horrible per se, but it just seemd different. Like the end when they are burning the notes in the hall, why the hall? Wouldnt outside make more sense? They seem to be able to sneak around with ease so why take the chance of people smelling it? I know why they did it like that, but if they trying to keep some sense of realism that took it away. Oh but that song at the very end is da bomb!!!

  32. Heikki Quick says:

    Nice job saying “spoilers” in article title – cuz the link TO the article says very plainly what the spoilers are. “Poussey dies, Daya grabs gun”??? Glad i already watched it all, i would have been PO’d. Why do people have to ruin things for others?????

  33. FU says:

    wow, way you put the spolier in the title

  34. dee says:

    LOL i typed in “humphrey orange is the new black” and the main post was

    ‘OITNB’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Poussey Dies, Daya Grabs Humphrey’s Gun

    I would be pissed if I havent seen the season

  35. Teisha says:

    Did anyone else think to themselves, “Why is no one attempting CPR?!”? Out of all the guards, inmates, and doctors, no one thinks that it might be a good idea to give it a try? Or, do you think this was probably attempted, but it simply wasn’t shown?

  36. Sylvia says:

    I love it keeping

  37. Zelar says:

    Please please keep them coming

  38. debra york says:

    Did I binge or what. Finished . Now I am sad. Plz bring on the next layer of contentment. I love,love the story. The truth and honesty. I appreciate every character in the show.

    Bring it!!!! Ready for another.

  39. Hso says:

    The last few episodes of this season have been heartbreaking. Incredible show, but very hard to watch. I’m gonna go cry quietly in the corner now.

  40. Chuck says:

    Suzanne being the heck out of Kukudio was extremely intense

  41. It was a nice touch to see Aleida watching the press conference with no way of knowing if it was Daya who was the unnamed young woman. Would really like to see some sign of Bennett next season.

    That said, this season was painful. Incredible acting and writing. But my heart is broken and my stomach is sick.

    I’m happy to binge this show once a year and put it back on the shelf.

  42. Dayanira says:

    Terrible. Killed off a really hood character and won’t be watching it anymore.

  43. Megan says:

    Pissed off that they killed off poussey 😭💔

  44. Janetwol says:

    Is anyone else wondering why Linda from MCC was in the toilet stall at the end of the show with a name tag that said “US DOJ”?? Does this mean she really works for the US Dept of Justice and she is spying on MCC? I’m confused

  45. Pauleen says:

    How long till season 5,6&7 come out? I hate waiting

  46. Alexane says:

    Season 4 was the best so far ! And I think poussey’s death was a necessary evil to make the show greater than it already is. Only shows that goes against the odds by killing major characters are really interesting (Unlike Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries).
    And, of course, what a nice cliffhanger. Although I’m kinda disappointed Daya was the one picking up the gun. I would’ve want Piper to be the one. Gangsta with an a haha

  47. Sarah says:

    I am heartbroken over Poussey!!!! Sooo sad, I loved her character so much. What even more sad is scénarios like this happen in real life, all the time. These senseless unnecessary deaths delivered by “authority figures” within society. Ahhh, this is going to naw at me, I amngoing to miss Poussey!

  48. Jen says:

    This was definitely the best season yet. Episode #12 should finally win them the much deserved Emmy. I’ve watched it a few times now and every time I still sob like a baby when Poussey dies. Fantastic acting all around and great direction by the amazing Matthew Weiner. I loved so many things this season and am in awe by the performances from Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Lori Petty, Samira Wiley, and Natasha Lyonne just to name a few. I loved the arc of Piper this season and loved seeing Alex become one of Red’s “daughters.” Of course I adored Nicky returning. I think that cornfield scene with Nicky, Alex and Piper could possibly be one of if not the best scene in the series. And that ending definitely has me wishing we didn’t have to wait a whole year to see if Daya pulls the trigger. Is it June 2017 yet???

  49. Christine Medrano says:

    Can’t wait till season five . @ first I thought it was stupid . Y? Bc I did 7 yrs in prison so it seem too fake but then I really got into the show an now I can’t get enough of it. So I think daya should kill the officer an nothing get done to her Bc everyone has her back lol

  50. Victoria says:

    Out of everyone why Poussey?!!!!! I’m in non stop tears not ok!!!