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The Flash Is Doing 'Flashpoint' Story — 'In Our Own Way,' Says Grant Gustin

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Lest there be any doubt — and really, was there any? — The CW’s The Flash is taking on the DC Comics’ famous Flashpoint storyline, series star Grant Gustin announced on Monday.

After teasing that he had just read the script for the Season 3 premiere, Gustin got executive producer Greg Berlanti’s blessing to actually reveal the title — “Flashpoint.” “This is not a drill,” Gustin effused.

As noted in TVLine’s What Happens Next? feature, The Flash very clearly set the stage for Flashpoint by sending Barry back in time to save his mother Nora from being killed by Reverse-Flash. But in doing so, he (likely) created an alternate timeline where his future is different in meaningful, yet-to-be-seen ways. (In the comic-book series, for example, Citizen Cold is the hero of Central City, while Barry doesn’t have his powers — and will scramble to get them back in order to make things “right.”)

Along those lines, Gustin later noted, “We’re definitely doing this [Flashpoint] thing our own way…. This will be its own thing.”

In a TVLine poll, 45 percent think that the alternate timeline will be fixed in December’s massive four-way crossover event with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, while 22 percent suspect it will be resolved sooner, during November sweeps. Still, 16 percent believe that, somehow, some way, this live-action TV take on Flashpoint could span all of Season 3, even though a powered Barry would seemingly be needed for the aforementioned crossover.

The Flash Season 3 premieres Oct. 4, again airing Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Whatever the case, are you curious to see The Flash’s version of Flashpoint?

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