Reign Recap

Reign Season Finale Recap: 'Elizabeth Must Die' (But Who Really Died?)

Lola was determined to help Mary assassinate Elizabeth on Monday’s Reign finale, and even though history tells us that plan was doomed to fail, there were still plenty of deadly developments in the final hour of the CW drama’s third season.

Following a bungled attempt at taking out her supposed “friend,” Lola was thrown into the dungeon, where she had some harsh final words for Elizabeth: “I march to my execution very soon, yet you are the one to be pitied.” She assured Elizabeth that her love of power will leave her forever alone, a point hammered home by Dudley’s subsequent revelation: He’s already remarried.

I have to say, I didn’t think Reign was capable of producing a more heartbreaking scene than Mary’s goodbye to Francis, but I was proven dead wrong — poor choice of words? — after watching Narcisse witness his wife’s beheading. And her final words (“Protect my son! Tell John I love him. Tell him every day!”) will likely haunt Narcisse for the rest of his life. You know, because that guy needs more personal demons.

A LIMITED ENGAGEMENT | But Lola isn’t the only character joining Francis, King Henry and Aylee (remember her?!) in the Great Beyond — at least not if Leith’s cliffhanger ending develops the way it appears to be. After saving Catherine from the Red Knights and receiving her blessing to marry Claude, who was already laying out her wedding dress in a heartbreaking montage, the former baker was stabbed and left for dead in the snow. Her name was the last word he uttered while crawling on the ground, which either means their love will be enough to sustain him… or this really was goodbye. Time will tell!

BYE BYE, BASH | Speaking of goodbyes, Monday’s finale also marked Torrance Coombs’ last episode as a series regular, though his send-off was slightly less grand than some fans (me!) might have hoped. After finally accepting that he can see things others cannot — did any fellow Game of Thrones fans get Jaqen H’ghar vibes from that creepy, old-faced lady? — Bash agreed to leave Mary and take up the life of a druid, making one final promise: “I will come to you when you need me the most. Of this, I am sure.” So I guess this is just goodbye… for now?

ONE BAD MOTHER | We’ve received glimpses of Catherine’s softer side over the years, but we certainly didn’t see much of it during Monday’s finale. When she wasn’t slapping Charles in the face, demanding that he stand up for himself and his country, she was reminding him how easily replaceable he is. In fact, her final scene found her practically dangling his younger brother in front of his face, cuing up a twisted shift in the Catherine/Charles dynamic for Season 4. (And who doesn’t love a good twist?)

OK, let’s hear your take on Reign‘s eventful finale: Were you devastated by Lola’s death? Do you think Leith will survive? And what are your hopes for Season 4? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rachel says:

    So from Mary’s ladies, 2 are dead 1 disappeared and 1 left with her fugitive husband. Lola was always my least favorite thanks to the affair but this was sad. I think season 4 will be interesting.

    • Ian says:

      Lol. You’re me. Lola and Kenna were always my least faves.

    • Ash says:

      That was not only sad to watch but I was annoyed with how naive they suddenly made Lola’s character tonight. Her believing, without question, that Mary would actually ask HER (her oldest & dearest friend) to murder a Queen & almost certainly die herself??? I just found that very hard to believe even if it was in their “secret code”. She’s been around the ropes long enough & dealt with the likes of Narcisse & Catherine but she fell for something like this…. Something so out of character for Mary. I just found that scenario a little hard to swallow. I guess they had to find a way to kill her (or someone) off in a way that would pit the 2 queens against each other & this was the best they came up with???? Oh well… JMHO. Lola’s forgiveness of Narcisse seemed very rushed as well after all this time. I just felt like they tried to tie up loose ends far too quickly over these last couple episodes (certainly the finale) and left me scratching my head wondering what just happened bc so much of it seems out of character for those particular characters & just completely out of left field. Sort of like the writers knew where they wanted to be at the end of the season & got to the last couple episodes & said “uh oh. We’re way behind! Let’s do bla bla bla to these characters so we end where we need to end” and didn’t think it through as far as character development & character/story consistency. Just my two cents though. :-)

      • Wish I could click ‘like’. ITA. Lola spent most of her time in England talking about how much she hated her husband. Then suddenly she loved him again. I completely AGREE with the idea that she was painted as painfully naive in these final episodes. I was saying the same thing to someone today. Lola is arguably the most moral character on the show. For HER to be asked to kill Elizabeth was absurd. Also, telling Narcisse – WHO HAD RECENTLY SEEN MARY – would easily have solved the conundrum. FFS, Mary would sooner have asked Narcisse to kill Mary than Lola. Really, really shoddy writing. We dont know the circumstances around the actress, but another female character killed. Torrence is leaving the show. I assumed he might be the fatality.

      • kataynagrimm says:

        Yes!!! You nailed it girlfriend. Lol..I couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean, really?? What a joke! Lola couldn’t have even TRIED to find out if she was being deceived before she completely trusted a total stranger, who completely threw her under the bus as soon as they took him to the dungeon. Give me a break!
        Unnecessary. Annoying, aggravating!

      • Julie P says:

        I felt the same way. That Lola didn’t question it more bothered me, especially since she was a mother. I can’t believe they have written off all of Mary’s ladies, their side stories kept me watching when Mary’s got annoying.

      • Alexids says:

        I agree with a lot of things you said. I pretty much felt the same way. I do understand how she forgave Narcisse. With her situation the way it was. They’ve been separated a while and time has a way of healing old wounds. Then she knew it was a good chance she would die especially if they were caught. When your out in life or death situations everything seems so insignificant. Plus you always want to leave off on a good note with the person who’ll be raising your child once your gone. The whole Mary asking her to kill Elizabeth had me flabbergasted. Especially think about how she’s seen some of the next evil masterminds at work. Like really. But looking back we’ve seen her be manipulated in the past. The way Narcisse tricked her into marriage. Just because you hang with big dogs doesn’t make you one. Just means you might be coming home with some nasty bites if your not careful. Plus the message was coded. Not even Elizabeth knew about the coded messages so why wouldn’t it be from Mary. Remember she’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch. And she didn’t have much time to think. One last thing. This season finale was cold blooded. I didn’t think they could too Francis death, but that was the best be heading since Anne Boleyn.

      • Kenny Lane says:


      • Joytrink says:

        Agreed. Very poor writing. Lola would have certainly had questioned Mary asking her to kill the Queen. It is so out of character for Mary to even ask such a thing. Lola would have known it was not true. The attempted murder scene
        was very unbelievable as well.

  2. luv2cook says:

    I am BEYOND upset that they beheaded Lola and killed Leith!

  3. Ian says:

    Just happy they left the door open for Bash to make appearances. I always felt like Mary and Francis were too hard a sell after he got Lola pregnant, and a full blown romance with Bash was something they always denied Mash shippers, even though Adelaide and Torrance have had the easiest chemistry of Mary and her few suitors.
    Was never a fan of Leith and Claude. His best was his first with Greer, so they may as well kill him off.

  4. Georgia Smith says:

    Rather underwhelming finale. Killed off Lola (did we really need to see the headless dress to know she was beheaded?)…Bash moves on….Mary picks up again with the smarmy Gideon…Catherine emotionally devastates yet another offspring. The only real cliffhanger is Leith….Does he survive or not? I think the writers could have made this a bit more of a teaser to get me back next season…especially since we all know how this story eventually ends.

    • Ash says:

      I’m thinking they may take some “artistic freedom” with the eventual ending after watching this episode. I foresee Bash’s training allowing him to be seen as “whoever he needs to be seen as” like the old lady Druid in tonight’s episode & that he will eventually use that gift/skill to take Mary’s place at the beheading. The Druid lady kept saying “if you truly want to help Mary” or “truly want to save Mary”. Then his statement about being there “when she needs him most”. I think they are setting us up for a big twist with her beheading. But then again I could be completely off & reading far too much into this. Ha ha!

      • Ash says:

        I mean they had to be making some type of point by showing the old Druid lady being able to look like Bash’s little girlfriend bc that random “girlfriend” had zero plot point other than for the old lady to eventually use her gift to look like her… and then the “helping/saving Mary” and “when you need me the most I’ll be there of that I’m certain” comments. I just think they are really setting us up for this to all come into play in a twist on Mary’s eventual death scene. My imagination may be running away on me though. Hmmmm.

        • Daphne says:

          I really hope you’re right! Knowing what happens to Mary Queen of Scots historically has always had me dreading the ending of this show… Your theory would allow for “historical accuracy” while also allowing for (the real) Mary secretly having some kind of happy ending (or at least survive) making fans happy (or at the very least happier than seeing Mary beheaded)!

          • Lily says:

            That teenybopper twist, probably will not happen. The decent thing about “Reign”, is they are not afraid to kill the main characters, when history stated they would die.

          • Jeri says:

            I wish they did not feel compelled to be historically accurate. This is not a documentary and they would have more freedom for twists and surprises; Perhaps use history as a drawing board but with freedom to change outcomes when desired,

          • Daphne says:

            I think they already stray from history quite a bit (Bash didn’t even exist irl, her ladies were all called Mary, etc.!) but they seem to stay true in the big strokes of it all. The fact is Mary Queen of Scots had quite a tragic life, so I wonder how much of it they’ll keep on the show… Or if it will be like an epilogue in writing at the end of the last episode so they don’t have to go into the thick of the drama of it all (imprisonment, beheading, etc.)

          • Ash says:

            lily- well they have certainly pulled stunts like that before. We had ghosts running around the castle, people who can see the future & perform magic. A woman who could save herself from being apparently burned alive, Druids who can look like anyone the wish, Francis being brought back to life on one occasion. If they seemed concerned about historical accuracy, that idea wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. As long as it “seems” to the public that Mary has been beheaded, I think that’s the most historical accuracy the writers are concerned with. Also I’m about 20 years too old to be considered a teeny bopper. Ha ha

    • Katherine Ann says:

      I agree, it was too graphic. That’s all I saw as I laid in bed thinking about the show, was Lola’s bloody headless body. I feel like all TV shows are going down the path of Game of Thrones and killing off all the main characters. The show is becoming displeasing to watch.

    • kataynagrimm says:

      Lol! They just had to throw in the gory beheading… Really?? Game of Thrones wannabe maybe? Didn’t even work out..They couldn’t pull this episode off at al.

  5. Priyam says:

    oh no poor Lola!

  6. Nina says:

    You kill Lola, you kill my current reason to watch the show.
    And dying that way, no forgiveness asked to Elizabeth who has been a friend, no contact with Mary, just ruthless and no heart…

    No more girl, with Aylee and Lola dead, Kenna away pregnant by mr. noone and Greer… too.

    I have no interest i watching a fourth season with just Mary, idiot-Gideon, Elizabeth (i won’t never empathize with her again) and who else?
    Should have ended here.

    Good bye to an other show.

    • TMIZ says:

      Yeah, what pissed me off about Lola’s death was that the cause was so out of character! She would never have tried to kill anyone. She would have been like “this can’t be right” and just run I think. She already proved to be a total failure at subterfuge with the pearls incident. It just didn’t make sense to me.

  7. regina rose says:

    Wow this cam go many ways
    Mary , she an Katherine are forces to be reckoned with
    Poor lola. Mary’s brother ???

  8. safistikaytdlayd says:

    Let Leith Live!!!

  9. Imzadi says:

    I liked Lola because she was Susan from the Narnia movies (she should have stayed and married Caspian–I would have!!!!). I can’t believe they killed her and might have killed Leith as well. And then for Bash to go off (we knew he had to because he’s in the Romeo & Juliet show!). Total disappointment. BTW Mary’s brother James is a regular on Good Witch, and the British assassin who gave Lola the pistol is also a regular on Good Witch (but his part was TINY!).

  10. talia says:

    Watched this last week when it was released on Netflix here in the UK, not happy they killed Lola (hope to see Anna Popplewell in another tv show or film). Also hope that Leith survives as Claude deserves to be happy and because he is like the only character who isn’t corrupt in anyway.

  11. Daphne says:

    Here’s hoping Leith is the new Jon Snow… Plus, I can’t help but wonder if the reason why they didn’t make a big deal of Bash leaving + Torrance’s tweet from back in March where he said: “Tough to comment on specifics, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Bash on #Reign.” is because he’ll actually be back next year in some guest star capacity?

  12. April says:

    What with happen to narciesse? And will he take John to Marie?! Please tell me that she takes him in and takes care of him! Also wtf with laith that guy cannot catch a break he better live and finally get the love he deserves! Gahhh why didn’t Elizabeth just let Lola go?! That kills me to watch he die, I hope Marie’s brother claimed clean and tells her every thing so she can kill knox that lowly scum!

    • Vik says:

      YEEEEEES!!!!! I so agree with you!!! exactly! specially the part about Leith. He was alsways the good guy, right from the beginning! He doesn’t deserve to die!!!! He need’s to finally be happy!

  13. Marie says:

    I’m not sure where Season 4 might go, but some of these comments got me thinking………. Francis’ death was such a heart-breaking moment that I wish the writers would do ANYTHING to bring him back!! Forget the historical politics and make some new waves! I’d love to see little Jean (John) return to Scotland under Mary’s care, she is the God-mother and he is King Francis’ only living child. And then Bash should transform his physical body into King Francis. It’s perfect! Team Frary and Team Mash both benefit, and the little boy gets a family. Now THAT would be some epic drama I’d love to watch in Season 4!! (Historically, Queen Mary didn’t marry until 5 years later, so there’s room for this scenario). Don’t bury Team Frary!

  14. Sabrina says:

    I hated Lola’s death, she was a good character. Why wasn’t she more discreet

  15. Brianne Clawson says:

    without bash I’m out

  16. Cynthia says:

    Goodbye, for now, (Bash) Torrance Coombs. I love him but totally understand he needs more screen time. Good luck on your next endeavors!
    I will miss Lola but how much more could she do being in England? Narcisse having to see that was so heartbreaking for me. I wonder if he will blame Mary? I like the animosity they have towards one another. I hope he returns back to Scotland with Mary, so we know her and Francis’ son will be safe.

  17. EJ says:

    The finale was wrapped up too quickly. So many questions left unanswered. How did Queen Elizabeth know where to send the invitation (execution) to Narcisse? Wasn’t he in England disguised as a Priest? Queen Mary receives report of Lola’s death & Narcisse imprisonment. She mourns her dear friends death. What about John the son of Francis? Who will raise him?

  18. zainab says:

    I must say dat killing Lola n Leigh makes me very sad. I HV been watching reign since season1 episode 1,it really kps me going I love it very much but with Francie’s dying,Lola n Leigh is too much for me to bear.I just hope that season four will b interesting.

  19. Shari says:

    I loved it!! I never believed Lola hated her husband. She was hurt and angry. But did not stop loving him.
    It was a very sad ending. I loved them together.
    If they put him back with Queen Catherine I will scream.
    I have loved this show from day one.

  20. Rebby says:

    I think John Knox had Lola set up to kill Queen Elizabeth; and someone else had Leith set up to either die ir get seriously hurt with a stab wound. I don’t understand why Bash had to leave- doesn’t make sense.

  21. Kimmy perkind says:

    They did not have to kill Lola…. This was the worst season finale ever!!!! Narsisse and Lola were finally going to be happy!! The way this was written was heartbreaking and not in a good way… In a way making me not wanting to watch one more episode!!! How sad!!! Smh

  22. Anne says:

    Of course they had to kill off Leith. in 1559, princess Claude married the duke of Lorraine. (At the age of eleven). Kind of easy to guess what’s going to happen next. Mary marries her cousin, has a kid, is widowed, gets married again, upsets the nobles, flees to England, is imprisoned by Elizabeth for nineteen years, then executed. Wish the writers would just ignore history & let everyone live happily ever after.

  23. JAYLEEN says:

    I will miss lola, Regardless Reign always done an Amazing job!

  24. Allie Lanzagarita says:

    I’m still hoping that its not yet goodbye for Bash. I love to look at Bash and Mary together.

  25. Ribs says:

    Rest in peace Lola …….lm looking forward to the next season

  26. COREY JOHNSON says:

    thank god that man stealing woman is gone.

  27. Del says:

    I feel as though I’ve lost all my favorites. Greer, Leith and Sebastian! I do like how we’re seeing Scotland finally :3 How will Kenna ever find her husband though.. :\

  28. Christa says:

    Lola should not have died…. her character was amazing!

  29. Ola says:

    Lola didn’t actually forgive her husband her hurt her too much but think of it this way if she died without anyone by her side who do you think would take care of Jean phillpe? So she told her husband that she loves him so he would take care of her son since his father is dead and mary is in Scotland and half of her friends are dead and the only one left is greer and she couldn’t possibly give her son to a prostitute so nars was her best choice and safest for her son !
    But com’on baaash he was my fav 😭😭😭😭 I always hated Kenna so good she’s gone but baaaaash omg
    Ltrly who’s in the next season if they’re all dead 😂😂😂

  30. Nancy Richards says:

    So done with d show….not interesting anymore.

  31. Christina Turner says:

    Oh how I hope for Leith to survive! I am also scared for Mary that Narcisse will come after her based on the false letter that was sent in her name to Lola. I can’t wait for the next season

  32. Michelle says:

    It was heartbreaking for me to hear Lola’s last words as she met her fate in the season finale episode. I had grown fond of the character as she continued to develop and grow throughout the show. Most of the comments here mention her being naive by not questioning the coded letter and its authenticity. However, to me, I see a true loyal friend who was willing to give up her own life in a heartbeat to protect not just Mary, but also her country. She was brave, devoted, and full of love. I will miss her next season :,(

  33. Denise says:

    I will not watch Session 4 if Leith is truly dead!!! I mean damn does everyone have to die!!!! Really getting irritating. Too much death.

  34. Ashley M Parsons says:

    Does anyone know how far they’re going to take the story? Not that the writers are necessarily sticking that closely to history, but I know they just finished filming season 4 (the last season)…I’m just wondering if they’re going to take it to her death or even her 3rd marriage.

  35. Kelley says:

    I am so annoyed with this series. I loved the first season and most of the second, but Season 3 was the worst. We all know how the story ends in history and I am not waiting around to find out how it plays out here

  36. Amber Mac says:

    I am a new van of “Reign” and trust me when I say that I have binge watched the series up to the season 3 finale over the course of the past week. Lola losing her head happened so fast that I wasn’t sure what to think, I am heartbroken certainly but believe me, if I have learned ANYTHING over the course of all these episodes whether it be whom I’d trust with my life or whom to avoid altogether it’s this, Narcisse WILL HAVE HIS VENGENCE and I feel sorry for anybody who gets in his way! I am a Game of Thrones fanatic as well and “hell yes” I got Jaqen vibes of that creepy lady lol. What I didn’t understand was “did” Mary really send that letter to Lola?…, bc I never seen any evidence of it. Catherine will climb back on top, that is a given.., she is just far too invested to do otherwise. Will Mary gain the trust of her fellow Scots?, this I believe so but there is going to be a lot of fighting and dying to make it so, especially involving her rival Knox. Leith is going to make it, he has to! That poor guy has been through too much not to and to kill him off now would be a tragedy. I’m a Walking Dead fan as well, and another thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that, to keep a series interesting and the ratings high, the writers have to show that NOBODY IS SAFE…, especially main characters. I mean, sure, throughout the series it’s good enough to waste “no name” characters or characters that play only small parts such as chambermaid here or a solider in the kingsguard there, BUT in the finales you MUST get rid of somebody that is going to make a viewer stand up and shout “WTF???!!!, no way did that just happen!,” spilling their popcorn all over the floor or knocking over their Dr. Pepper in the process, it’s the rules, I didn’t make them I just know them, so don’t blame me lol! I’m fixing to start watching season 4 and I have high hopes…, fingers crossed for Leith!

  37. CJ says:

    I was shocked that Lady Lola was beheaded in reign. I miss her character. I also miss bash.

  38. Siki says:

    Leith should not die please