Reign Season Finale Recap: 'Elizabeth Must Die' (But Who Really Died?)

Reign Recap

Lola was determined to help Mary assassinate Elizabeth on Monday’s Reign finale, and even though history tells us that plan was doomed to fail, there were still plenty of deadly developments in the final hour of the CW drama’s third season.

Following a bungled attempt at taking out her supposed “friend,” Lola was thrown into the dungeon, where she had some harsh final words for Elizabeth: “I march to my execution very soon, yet you are the one to be pitied.” She assured Elizabeth that her love of power will leave her forever alone, a point hammered home by Dudley’s subsequent revelation: He’s already remarried.

I have to say, I didn’t think Reign was capable of producing a more heartbreaking scene than Mary’s goodbye to Francis, but I was proven dead wrong — poor choice of words? — after watching Narcisse witness his wife’s beheading. And her final words (“Protect my son! Tell John I love him. Tell him every day!”) will likely haunt Narcisse for the rest of his life. You know, because that guy needs more personal demons.

A LIMITED ENGAGEMENT | But Lola isn’t the only character joining Francis, King Henry and Aylee (remember her?!) in the Great Beyond — at least not if Leith’s cliffhanger ending develops the way it appears to be. After saving Catherine from the Red Knights and receiving her blessing to marry Claude, who was already laying out her wedding dress in a heartbreaking montage, the former baker was stabbed and left for dead in the snow. Her name was the last word he uttered while crawling on the ground, which either means their love will be enough to sustain him… or this really was goodbye. Time will tell!

BYE BYE, BASH | Speaking of goodbyes, Monday’s finale also marked Torrance Coombs’ last episode as a series regular, though his send-off was slightly less grand than some fans (me!) might have hoped. After finally accepting that he can see things others cannot — did any fellow Game of Thrones fans get Jaqen H’ghar vibes from that creepy, old-faced lady? — Bash agreed to leave Mary and take up the life of a druid, making one final promise: “I will come to you when you need me the most. Of this, I am sure.” So I guess this is just goodbye… for now?

ONE BAD MOTHER | We’ve received glimpses of Catherine’s softer side over the years, but we certainly didn’t see much of it during Monday’s finale. When she wasn’t slapping Charles in the face, demanding that he stand up for himself and his country, she was reminding him how easily replaceable he is. In fact, her final scene found her practically dangling his younger brother in front of his face, cuing up a twisted shift in the Catherine/Charles dynamic for Season 4. (And who doesn’t love a good twist?)

OK, let’s hear your take on Reign‘s eventful finale: Were you devastated by Lola’s death? Do you think Leith will survive? And what are your hopes for Season 4? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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