Reign Recap: Long Live the King

Reign Francis Dies Recap

Oh, Nostradamus, why did you have to be right for once?

Friday’s episode of Reign — as predicted by the aforementioned hipster soothsayer in TVLine’s sneak peek and previously announced by showrunner Laurie McCarthy — snuffed out King Francis’ light once and for all.

“I will never love anyone the way I love you,” a sobbing Mary told her husband as he lay dying in the episode’s titular clearing. (No, really, the episode was titled “In a Clearing.”)

“I pray to God that you do,” Francis replied, before drawing his final breath and sending his little Francis ghost up to heaven to see Clarissa and Aylee. (Is anyone surprised that the last words out of Francis’ mouth are noble and selfless? Because I’m not.)

One Canadian viewer — because, let’s never forget, this show airs on Thursdays in the Great White North — captured the tragic moment for all the world to see:

In case you haven’t realized it by now, this isn’t a full recap, but rather a safe space to reflect on the loss of Francis and discuss what’s to come — both in the world of the show and in our own. Does killing Francis also kill Reign? Will you stick around to watch the grief unfold, or has your interest gone the way of Mary’s husband?

Whatever you’re feeling now, drop it in a comment below.


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