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Eva Green Reacts to the End of Penny Dreadful: 'I'm Going to Miss Vanessa'

Eva Green went to hell and back during her three seasons playing Penny Dreadful‘s Vanessa Ives, and yet the actress admits that parting ways with her tortured alter ego will be far from painless.

“I’m going to miss Vanessa,” the actress confesses in the above behind-the-scenes video, which was shot during production of Sunday’s stealth series finale. “It’s going to be hard to kind of leave her behind. To be able to play such a beautiful character is a gift for an actor and I’ve been so lucky.”

Green adds that she’s heartened that Vanessa was able to go out on her terms. “I always thought Vanessa deserves to go to the light,” she explains. “Deep down her faith is too strong, and that’s why the Joan of Arc in her has to win. It’s just such a strong ending.

Co-star Josh Hartnett, whose Ethan was tasked with putting Vanessa out of her misery, believes it was “inevitable” the the start-crossed lovers’ conclusions were “intertwined,” adding, “It’s not the way Ethan wanted it to end, of course. He wants to take care of Vanessa. He’s always wanted to take care of Vanessa. And it becomes clear that this is the only way he can actually do that.”

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