Post Mortems

Eva Green Reacts to the End of Penny Dreadful: 'I'm Going to Miss Vanessa'

Eva Green went to hell and back during her three seasons playing Penny Dreadful‘s Vanessa Ives, and yet the actress admits that parting ways with her tortured alter ego will be far from painless.

“I’m going to miss Vanessa,” the actress confesses in the above behind-the-scenes video, which was shot during production of Sunday’s stealth series finale. “It’s going to be hard to kind of leave her behind. To be able to play such a beautiful character is a gift for an actor and I’ve been so lucky.”

Green adds that she’s heartened that Vanessa was able to go out on her terms. “I always thought Vanessa deserves to go to the light,” she explains. “Deep down her faith is too strong, and that’s why the Joan of Arc in her has to win. It’s just such a strong ending.

Co-star Josh Hartnett, whose Ethan was tasked with putting Vanessa out of her misery, believes it was “inevitable” the the start-crossed lovers’ conclusions were “intertwined,” adding, “It’s not the way Ethan wanted it to end, of course. He wants to take care of Vanessa. He’s always wanted to take care of Vanessa. And it becomes clear that this is the only way he can actually do that.”

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  1. Shaun says:

    Such a sad but truthful ending.Goodbye Penny!

    • Jim says:

      If anyone thought there was ever any end for Vanessa other than this, I don’t know what show they were watching. Screen perfection.

  2. C.C. says:

    I haven’t finished the season yet…..BUT I’M SORRY WHAT!? Vanessa died and this season was actually the last!? What on earth…

  3. witchy woman says:

    I will miss the series even more than The Sopranos!

  4. Maryann says:

    Penny Dreadful was one of the best series on television. I am a heartbroken fan that is has been cancelled. No, I disagree that it had to end. It most certainly did not.

  5. Ioanna Pap says:

    I am sorry but I am quite frustrated with Vanessa’s ending. On one hand she was almost nowhere to be seen at the 8th ep. and only in 2 scenes (!) at the last one. And on the other, after all that work to make the divine Eva Green’s Vanessa such an incomparable force of nature did it had to be a man (and God!) that saved the day? A man, Ethan, who gave her up, to “walk alone”? I am all for lyrical, melancholic, unhappy endings as long as they are earned and worthy of the characters. And although the show gave a great ending to everyone else I thought it treated Vanessa unfairly, not even allowing her to become the agent of her selfsacrifice.

    • Jim says:

      Suicides don’t go to heaven. She was the agent. She convinced him. No small task.

      • Maria M says:

        This so much. People complain it had to be a “man” to kill her, but they forget that in Vanessa’s faith suicide is a sin. The show began with Ethan and Vanessa’s first meeting, it had to end with their last, too.

    • Jezabel says:

      I completely agree with you. After all that Vanessa had to go through I thought that it should have ended with her winning in the end and living a normal life which she so deserved with Ethan. Regardless, I miss the show already with all its wonderful characters that made me smile, cry and scared at the same time. I’ve also always been a big fan of Josh Hartnett but every character in this series were amazing, they made you feel how they felt and that on its own is great acting! The script for every character were well thought of and written.
      I was hoping it was going to last as long as Supernatural has. :(

      • A. Van Buskirk says:

        Agreed. Supernatural & Penny Dreadful are my favorite TV shows.

        • Carmella Whitehurst says:

          I too wanted Vanessa to be free of her demons, and be happy with Ethan in the end. Her character was strong and her acting was superb. I miss her too.

    • David says:

      Well said it was all very rushed! Dracula was crap very dissapointed with him they could have made 8 series of penny dreadfull and they would been best thing tv alongside GOT

  6. Brendan Mc Allister says:

    For me this programme has been a fantastic piece of TV magic. Cannot flaw anyone who has acted in every episode. Great twist to many monsters I guess you could say, that we have seen done so much in the same way. Very well written and produced. But have that fondness for Eva Green, would love to have met her here in Dublin and what I could of the cast.

  7. Jamie says:

    Excellent series an amazingly talented crew. I hope there will be more of this caliber. I will soon miss this show. Maybe they will meet again one day. Thank you for entertaining the world

  8. I already miss this so much … I still hope for a mind changing.

  9. Shashu says:

    There are so many places to go with this series, even without our beloved Miss Ives. This was am amazing show, and I’m hungry for more.

  10. Angie says:

    While I am sad that Vanessa died,I think the show should have gone on,at least for another season,just so they could wrap up the secondary characters,so now we will never know what happend to Frankenstein and doctor jekyll,or what mr.Clare would be doing next,it’s just overall a sad ending to a good show.I will miss it.

  11. sandra says:

    Excellent program ,amazing actors who all worked brilliantly together and the story line was fantastic. I hope you change your mind a do another session on the other characters or spin off. First tv series program I have watched past the first couple of series. Brilliant piece of writing . Sorry it has come to an end. :(

  12. Kara says:

    In my wishful world Netflix picks up the series. There is so much story left to be told. Yes Ms. Ives is gone but Eva could be brought back like Dr. Seward.

  13. Chris says:

    I just finished watching the final episode. I am gutted. Why finish something wonderful. It make no sense. I am shocked to now realise that I will never see this talent cast together again. Rory Kinnear was by far the best character build on the show. His scenes stole every episode for me. What a great talent. What a great cast….. What a great loss.

  14. kerri says:

    I am heart broken over the cancellation . Penny Dreadful is such a great show with talented actors and actresses. I cried at Vanessa’s death, the creature burial of his son and visitation of his only friend grave. Such a powerful moment. I dread to say the show can shift gears and continue even without my Vanessa. Maybe God will bring her back. The writers are so talented they can think of a way. I do hate to see such a great show be canceled when other series. not to mention any names, have been on air for many years. Resurrect Penny Dreadful !!

  15. John Peter says:

    I would like to say that I am truly sad and, I believe, justifiably disappointed at the conclusions drawn by the writers for this Penny Dreadful season finale. I am a a gentleman who really believed that this is the greatest series ever created for television, and I would like to add that it has been my habit to watch many of the top-rated tv series over the course of many years, so I am not a novice. However, let me make my argument:

    1st: Let me say that this dissertation is not a bash to the writers, for they have truly proven themselves to be geniuses in their use of intelligent dialogue, romantic pursuits, and partiulary in their highly creative spin on all of the beloved character’s we have come to know and cherish, and for which they continued to expounded upon and impress us with weekly. But their lies the problem. After three intense seasons of marshaling these supernatural troops into one undesputable goal of rescuing ms. Ives, there can be found no other alternative solution, except to simply shoot her to end her misery. I asked myself after witnessing this, where is the genius at work in this scenario. Were the dark forces so much greater, and we’re the character’s in our opposing forces so much without capability, that this is all that could be derived and implemented. For shame. A doctor who could transcend death, and initiate life, the adventurer who carries with him the inner beast, yet the ability to love so fiercely as to hold back its fury, the explorer who’s hardness and hatreds were turned for love of a new found daughter, the frightened yet brilliant archeological expert who overcame his fears in persecuted captivity for the compassion he felt for Ms. Ives, as well as the companions surrounding and assisting him, the man-servant who’s character, devotion, and self-sacrifice was the cornerstone in the foundation the others rallied to in their times of need, and the reincarnated good witch and motivated physchairtrist who joined the cause, and were both willing to give all they had, including life, for this women whos protection they came to defense of, as well as the frankenstein “monster”, for lack of a better term, for it seemed he was more the poet-scholar, compassionate ever seeking lover, with any anger and rage being triggered by the ever perpetuating inhumanity constantly being thrust into his mist, and out of all these exceptionally talanted people no brilliant and fearless life saving ploy could be derived from a cohesive talent pool like this. My dear friends, you must be kidding. The story lines alone in each characters domain could have enveloped multiple additional seasons, with so many choices of even more inspiring endings.

    2nd: What about all of the unanswered questions left on the table. What happened to Dracula, did his reign end? In reference to Dr. Jekyll , we never got to see Mr. Hyde develop, etc.. etc.. etc..

    3rd: The bottom line…Many of us who loved and looked forward to each thrilling week, I believe would have liked Showtime to further pursue and extrapolate on all of the wonderful story lines in play, and in respect to a conclusion, follow the spirit that cultivated the hope the story projected, and give us a more lavish spectacle for an ending, not just what was so suddenly, and dissapointly played out. Please, Let’s not rush any series developed. Take a page from Game of Thrones, in this regard. You need to step up to the plate Showtime. One problem with showing your brilliance is that it sets a different standard, and quite a different expectation.


    • Christine says:

      Well said sir and spot on! They also introduce a wonderful new character that we don’t even really get to know, Miss Catriona. I think they could have still gone on another season, despite what they say about ending the show because it was time, not because of ratings or what have you, but while I was watching this finale I felt it was rushed. It looked rushed, and I’m truly disappointed. From what I have read and heard Mr. Logan is working on another project and some speculate he just didn’t want to continue writing for PD and instead chose to focus on his new project, which is called “Just Kids” (you can google John Logan + Just Kids). Very disappointing! Here’s an article I read from TVline about how they could have continued the show, which I think would be an awesome idea perhaps if Netflix picks it up? Wishful thinking on my part but I really loved Penny Dreadful!!! RIP Ms. Ives!

  16. Chaz says:

    What a fantastic and (much too short) series! I loved the remarkable acting, especially from Eva and Rory. I don’t have much time for TV, only PBS and Showtime via a ROKU box. However, I was very much impressed with not only, the aforementioned acting, but also, with the brilliant way the many plots were woven into the episodes.

    Didn’t they also kill Eva in Casino Royale? Could it be jealousy of her beauty!!

    There was a time when meadow, grove and stream…
    Where is it now, the glory and the dream?


  17. M.Kusanagi says:

    Vanessa’s death is the proper ending for PD, no doubt. But the thing is, it wasn’t yet the right time for her to die. She hardly appeared in the last 2 episodes which made it all the more unconvincing how much she was suffering and what exactly made Ethan accept her death wish. He had been away from her for quite some time, unlike when she had pleaded him to kill her in season1. He rejected her wish then, so it makes no sense that he would choose to do differently in season3. No offense but people who think the series ended well are totally mistaken. If Showtime wanted the series to continue but it was Logan will which rushed it into a cheap ending, it was none other than an irresponsible choice of a storyteller and a betrayal to devoted viewers as much as it was a disrespectful way to treat all the wonderful characters and the staff/cast who had done such a fine job in giving them life.

    • chaz says:

      I agree, mostly. However, I believe Vanessa’s situation was far from hopeless, even after her burning of the Cross. Are we to believe that an arbitrary death, even for the “Mother of all Evil” precludes the possibility of redemption?

      The writing up to the time of Vanessa’s “surrender” to Dracula was engrossing.
      At that time, I even thought that given the conversations between Cat and Vanessa, that they had devised a “plan.” However, then, the story went off the rails. Perhaps John Logan could have been more diplomatic with the ending — even though I grant the decision was his. But, to bring in Jessica at such a late stage and then end it abruptly — well, she looked lost and confused in the cemetery scene, in fact, they all seemed to have had a, (What The Hell Just Happened!) look on their faces.
      So, Where there has fled the visionary gleam?

      • jubby says:

        Maybe its not about the story but Eva Green. She is already such an A-list artist she shouldnt be doing mini series anymore. Just maybe

  18. The ending did huge disservice to Vanessa and Lily and negated its own message of empowerment. Why even bother if at the end both female characters lose anyway? Vanessa pays for her self-acceptance with her life, and Lily ends up begging her murderer/kidnapper/rapist for mercy. Nice feminist message, you guys.

  19. jubby says:

    i cried at the end

  20. George quinones says:

    This was a wonderful series to watch, like many other good series the creaters have chosen to cancel it. Why is that when we see something so good suddenly gets taken away, I will never understand why producers do it. Seems to me they have no social responsibilities with the fans, it’s usually about them. I will miss this show and the characters who performed without a question great. Penny Dreadful was and is far better to watch than any movie of its genre…

  21. Akash says:

    Vanessa always makes me end up in tears
    RIP Penny Dreadful ! RIP Vanessa !!😭
    Can’t wait to meet you in person Eva…
    Au revoir…

  22. Carmella says:

    Please bring Penny Dreadful back. Frankenstein can do it!!!