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Walking Dead: Negan's Victim

The Walking Dead Season 7: Has Negan Revealed His Victim's Identity?

Since The Walking Dead’s Season 6 finale left us with the most polarizing cliffhanger in recent memory, we’ve seen fans of the AMC hit use everything from geometry to isolated audio clips in hopes of deducing which character Negan fatally “beat the holy hell out of.” But, in thinking and rethinking over the climactic scene, we’ve realized that the top Savior might actually have identified his victim himself before he’d even started swinging. Consider:

Only five characters made any kind of an impression on Negan: Rick, the leader of the “pricks”; Carl, “the little future serial killer”; Maggie, whom the villain noted looked “s—ty”; Glenn, who freaked when it appeared that his pregnant wife was being chosen for batting practice; and Abraham, who all but volunteered for “the honor” of being sacrificed to Lucille. (Negan’s enigmatic response: “Huh.”)

We know that Rick and Carl are safe, because Negan promised to have the boy’s remaining eye cut out and fed to his father if anyone dared to intervene. And, keeping in mind the relatively small number of women that the slugger offs in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels — and the fact that, in the comic book series, the sociopath is also, surprisingly, anti-rape — it doesn’t seem likely that he’d actually go through with his threat to “put [Maggie] out of [her] misery right now.”

Walking Dead: Negan's VictimThat just leaves Glenn, who by this point we all know gets struck out in this issue of the comic books, and Abraham, who, in the graphic novels, is by then deceased. (In the small screen version of events, Dwight shot Denise in the eye with an arrow instead of the soldier.) And, since only one of the men qualifies for the “very beloved to everyone” tag that Kirkman affixed to the victim — no offense, Abraham — it would appear that Glenn won’t be able to cheat death for a second time.

That is, unless

Negan was faking out his potential victims — and us along with them — by all but ignoring the individual that he was about to choose. Certainly, it’s not out of the realm of possibility: He is both a showman and a smart S.O.B., after all.

Walking Dead: Negan's VictimIf that’s the case, “the very best one” that the villain selected could turn out to be — gasp! — Daryl. Having blown up Bud and his team of Saviors, and gone head-to-head with Dwight, the biker was certainly on Negan’s radar. And. given the lengths to which the show went to make us believe that Glenn had kicked the bucket in “Thank You,” would anyone really be surprised if the powers that be were again trying to mislead us by letting Norman Reedus do interviews teasing Season 7?

What do you think, armchair analysts? Are you betting that it was Glenn who was “takin’ it like a champ” in the sixth season finale? Daryl? Or someone else entirely? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. P-Tates says:

    I’ve said this to my friends since the season started and the casting call for Negan, I do hope it just Daryl. Not because I don’t like the character (which I do), but it would have a HUGE impact of emotion and it would be a great twist for EVERYONE watching

    • Most people who say, “I won’ watch this show again if they kill off So-and-So” continue to watch long after So-and-So’s death. However, I believe that many of the people who threaten to leave TWD when/if Daryl dies WILL stop watching and I don’t think that AMC is willing to allow the showrunners to take that risk. Of the characters who could be on the receiving end of Lucille, and who aren’t Glenn, I agree that Daryl’s death would have the most impact on the audience.(Maggie’s or Michonne’s death would also devastate the audience but I just can’t see them as options in any scenario.) It would be repulsive to kill the pregnant Maggie(in a very unsettling, potentially alienating way) and killing Michonne would piss off people who love Rick, a huge portion of the audience who loves her character, and another portion of the audience who would consider the choice to be too far astray from the comics. Daryl is the only way for them to save face in the eyes of all the whiners who couldn’t handle the cliffhanger but I would be shocked if they killed him.

  2. dave2442 says:

    I’ve always believed it’s going to be Daryl. Even those who never read the books knows it’s Glenn who got it then, and it would just be a shrug if he got it here, esp. after his fake death earlier this season.

  3. Brandon Katz says:

    *Spoiler Alert*


    For anyone interested in the Daryl-Victim scenario, here’s a bit of info: The Spoiling Dead Fans have spotted Daryl on set several times this summer and have reported that it appears as if Negan takes him prisoner after the events of the season finale. This, obviously, suggests that he is not the one killed in the lineup. We’ll find out for sure in October.

    • Bwhit says:

      I read that AMC is trying everything in its power to shut down that page. There was an article about yesterday on Yahoo. They are going out of their way this year because of this reveal I guess.

      • Laura says:

        Then perhaps they shouldn’t have screwed the fans with such a cheap stunt. They knew they wouldn’t be able to contain the information until the premiere and rather than use the raw emotion and momentum of the episode, they went for a tired, obnoxious ‘TUNE IN NEXT TIME’ fade-to-black. So now we’ll all most likely find out who it is beforehand and I won’t be upset with Spoiling Dead, I’ll be upset with Gimple and Co.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Seems you’re already upset with Gimple and Co. so what does it matter?

        • Derision says:

          It was a season ending cliffhanger, commonplace on TV shows, get over it already.

          • Laura says:

            You’re both missing the point. I still love TWD, I have no issues with Gimple other than this. But they know full well that info like this is difficult to keep under wraps and yet they still decided to go ahead with this type of cliffhanger, thereby denying the viewers’ ability to see it first and in the moment. They could have gone with another cliffhanger but chose to go for the ratings grab and, as a result, their viewers will get spoiled early, which is unfair to all. And FYI Derision, TWD doesn’t really do cliffhangers at season finales, only mid-season, go back and take a look…. I believe that is why most viewers are upset by this move, because it ISN’T commonplace on this show.

          • partisan says:

            It was a cheap gimmicky move to top off a season of cheap gimmicky moves. We have every right to be pissed and to bitch in comment sections, just like you.

          • Jim Guidry says:

            It was lame, manipulative, and unnecessary. It’s been that way since Dallas pulled it off so completely. Everything after that has been cheap imitation. We’d still be talking about TWD even if they had killed whoever on the last episode. Cheap ratings ploy.

        • Get over it, already. The cliffhanger was not a cheap stunt; it was a brilliant choice to keep an aging show relevant. TVLine is writing articles about it a couple months after-the-fact, message boards are still clogged with speculative posts and everyone knows that you whiners will watch the show when it returns along with the rest of us. They made the right choice even if the death, as I suspect, will be Glenn and thus a huge cop-out.

        • You’re upset because a TV show you like had an entertaining cliffhanger that makes you want to watch even more?

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Honestly for me, I love Norman and his alter ego Daryl but I would prefer that he gets it rather than Glenn. It seems that the character has run it’s course and really has nothing more to contribute. But I keep hearing over and over that Negan does not kill women or the injured so who the heck knows. As far as interviews go, Norman says the same thing every season so whatever :-)

    • wrstlgirl says:

      But having said all of that I’m sticking with my original guess from the beginning and that’s Abraham.

      • Mark says:

        I just don’t think anyone really cares enough about Abraham for it to have the impact the producers are intending. To me it’s a two man race between Glen and Daryl

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Abraham has a ton of fans who really love him and will be upset if he dies. You should see his lines at WSC. Would it have the impact of Daryl, probably not, but really at this point I don’t see Glenn having an impact at all. It’s expected. I just try not to be a flopper so my gut told me Abraham months ago and I’m sticking with it, LOL!!

        • Victoria says:

          You forget that a lot of producers take themselves a little too seriously. Do you watch the Flash? They kept saying how mind blowing it was going to be who was in the iron mask when it finally aired it was meh.

      • Gerald Todd says:

        Abraham would be the best one to kill off he doesn’t have a lot invested in the show.

  5. Jake says:

    It is Glenn. Steven Yeun has two movie roles lined up, “Mayhem” and “Snowpiercer.” Could not do that much work and still be on the show.

  6. Bwhit says:

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will be Daryl or Glenn. I think they are the two that would really be a punch in the gut. I’m just not sure I will be able to watch any of the people in that lineup get the bat…. Not because of the gore, just because I’ve grown attached to these characters. So involuntary eye covering in the first couple minutes of season 7 may happen lol.

  7. Squirrelly says:

    With Norman working on that motorcycle show and now that Kojima game, I had a feeling it may also be him…Though my #1 gut instinct is still Glenn, like in the comics.

    Come to think of it, while Glenn wasn’t seen in any of “those” set photos, Daryl also wasn’t to be seen either. I guess if he really is off working on those other projects and Glenn is the one getting batted, they can handwave Daryl’s wound being infected and him falling into a coma for x amount of episodes.

    *Whispers* I’m just happy my girl Michonne is safe.

  8. A fan of TV says:

    It was obviously Abraham (he took it like a man, as Negan stated, and it was so clumsily telegraphed with his conversations about kids and a future with Sasha) and that’s why this speculation and that cliffhanger were such a waste.

    The only thing the show could do at this point to make the whole thing a shock would be to follow through on the tiny hint they gave when Sasha called herself and Abraham a ‘package deal’ in the finale, and he offs them both.

  9. Charles g says:

    well since “Glenn” and “Daryl” has been photographed filming this season it isn’t them

  10. Ken Benjamin says:

    It will be michone.

  11. Spence says:

    If this show wanted to be realistic and gutsy- which it seems less and less like it will be- they would kill Maggie. Seriously, Negan even said that he wants to use them as his property, his workers. Clearly he noticed that Maggie “looked sh–y” meaning she would be a very poor worker for his operation. To be realistic, Maggie would be the best choice, and, writing-wise, killing a pregnant woman who’s been on the show for 5 years would be hugely impactful. But alas, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Eugene or Abraham’s head bashed in when the show returns.

  12. "A" says:

    Get ready because Negan”s victim is going to be either Daryl.
    ( Norman has his new AMC show )

    We know Rick and Carl are safe, he won’the kill Michonne, Maggie, Sasha, or Rosita because they are women, no one will really care if it is Eugene or Aaron, it won’the be Abraham because he maned up and asked for it, it won’the be Glenn because that is to obvious so that leaves us with Michonne or Daryl.

    ( Negan did say his mother told him to pick the very best one … and … in the final moment without speaking he point to Daryl, Abraham, Carl, and Rick before saying you are it so with Rick, Carl, and Abraham safe this leaves only Daryl Dixon )

  13. Corie says:

    Its definitely Abraham or Michonne

  14. Jenn says:

    I still think it’s Maggie. They frequently veer from the comics, and honestly, Glenn or Daryl would be too expected. Maggie is obviously not well, and Negan would view killing her as a smart move to save resources that would be used to save her – she’s possibly not able to be saved anyway. Also, it would send a serious message to the rest of them – no one is above his rules.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      That would be pretty F’d up if it is Maggie. She may not be well but I kinda doubt it. Negan doesn’t kill women.

  15. Britt says:

    Kirkman, though, he’s a special kind of sadist.

    Issue 154, letters column: “… we gave you a few extra months to hope, to not grieve.”

    Like that’s better? Has he not seen any TV shows where the missing person’s family’s like, “if they’re dead, I just want to know so I can bury them and move on”?

    We just want to know who’s dead, so when we rewatch the show during the summer, we can cry at appropriate moments and make gifsets of the dearly departed. Is that too much to ask?

    But in my opinion, it’s not Daryl. I don’t think they’d off him without Carol witnessing it. (I’m NOT a shipper.)
    And what, next time we see Carol it’s, “Bee-tee-dubs, your bestie totes got murdered. Laters!”

  16. "A" says:

    How does one edit a post ?
    ( or can you ? )

  17. Rob says:

    Shhh. apparently you can’t even GUESS who Negan’s victim is or AMC will threaten to sue you because you MIGHT get it right.

  18. Yanta says:

    There are really three core characters that draw viewers: Glenn, Daryl and Rick. All the others are expendable to varying degrees.

    Personally, I think it would be ratings suicide to kill any of them. There would be an initial surge in viewers to find out who was killed, and maybe for a few episodes after, but then, the decline that is already underway will accelerate.

    I stopped watching after the “Thank you” episode, until someone said “You need to watch, things were not as they seem”.

    But if any of those three are killed off, I won’t be back.

  19. Fan of Walking Dead says:

    I fell like it is going to be Glenn but I don’t want him to die. And I don’t want Daryl to die either. Why won’t he kill someone that isn’t important to the Walking Dead series. Man I can’t wait till season 7 . I am just really curious on who Negan kills.

    • Gina says:

      I think he’ll Start with Glen,and Daryl will sacrifice himself by throwing his body in front of him. I Love him and his character. But, that’s the man he’s become. Willing to die for his WD family. He may safe Glen or both get killed. Remember they said that the scene will throw a hard left turn?

  20. baforrest929 says:

    ANYONE still thinking it is Daryl is not doing their homework. Norman reedus has already been yapping to the press in regards to where his character is going in Season 7. Just BS? Yeah, that is way too much trouble to throw viewers off track. Not impossible, of course, just, realistically, not likely.

  21. Bark Star says:

    I think I am beyond caring.

  22. We know the death will be a big one, that Michonne, Rick, Carl and Maggie are safe and that the deaths of Sasha, Rosita, the guy with the mullet or Aaron would not have any sort of impact on the audience.(I’d hate to see Sasha go but she’s not really a fan favorite.) We are left with Abraham, Daryll and Glen. We all know that AMC is not going to risk losing the fan favorite’s audience by killing off D…I think that more People would be upset with his death than they would be with even Rick’s death. His fans are feverishly and fervently vocal. Killing Glen would seem like a cop-out but killing Abraham would not have the same impact on fans. Glen’s death in the comics has a significant impact on Maggie’s story, which I think will play a huge factor in the decision on who Negan killed. I did not, in any way, have a problem with the cliffhanger as it was smart to keep people talking for as long as they can keep them talking but I do think that the death is going to disappoint most people(Glen or Abe) for different reasons. They could always go far left of center and kill Carl or Daryl or all of the non-essential characters but I don’t think the writers have the gall or the Chutzpah to take that risk.(If Abraham takes the hit, I suspect that either Sasha, mullet guy or Rosita–or any combination of those 3–will die as well to compensate for the lack of impact.)

  23. KLS says:

    I didn’t mind the cliff hanger ending. It’s almost expected now (in most series, not just TWD). I did mind all of the hype saying it was “gut wrenching”, “disturbing”, “the most difficult day/scene to shoot”, “I cried when I read the script”, PR crap when it wasn’t. I understand that they filmed the entire scene (finale & premier) all at once, but we only saw half. Having it split into two episodes (finale & season premier) diluted the entire thing. I realize the cast & crew probably didn’t know where the split would happen, but it just seemed all contrived to me.
    As far as who bites it… I vote Abraham.

  24. Gerald Todd says:

    I truly believe if they kill off Glen or Daryl , I don’t care about the graphic novel, that they would loose a huge fan base over that. My son is 14been a huge fan ever since the show started and when he and his friends thought Glen was dead they had really made up their minds that that would be the end of Twd for them so just saying if they build up a character like both of those guys, they better think twice about killing them off.

  25. Delisa says:

    I think maybe eugene

  26. cHillbilly87 says:

    It was Eugene. It clearly shows Negan’s shadow moving to Rick’s left right as he makes his choice. The only ones who were on Rick’s left were Sacha, Carl and Eugene. And Eugene is the one who came up with the idea, and the survivors were watching them the whole time, so they know he’s the one who thought to break up the group from the RV. Just my .02

  27. Janel says:

    I think it is Eugene, not that I want him to go but if I had to choose one it would be him. Sad to lose any of them though. Can’t wait to find out.

  28. RoyW says:

    negan kills dwight.

  29. naomi says:

    it was carl that got hit on the head with the wire bat

  30. MissDixon says:

    Well Norman Reedus was already spotted on set wearing a graffiti jumpsuit and filming so I doubt it was Daryl. That leaves Glenn.

  31. Nancy Nieves says:

    I think its Michonne. It was said that Negan is totally different from the comic. Her death at this point would be the one that would most affect Rick and Carl, which is the main purpose of this killing. Bringing them to heel. Also don’t think it would bother AMC to kill a woman this way. Remember how Lizzy killed her little sister and then was killed by Carol. I thought those were the worst kills yet in this series. Look at the flowers. I really think her death would be a game changer.

  32. Vickie says:

    I believe it might have been Aaron or sasha

  33. David Deremo says:

    Common sense would suggest Daryl, if only because if he were included in the cast of season 7, where did he find the time to film his new “cycledoc” show “Ride with Norman Reedus”? Although if another character is dispatched it would make for a wonderful surprising twist not many fans expected! I do believe that Daryl would be at the top of Negan’s kill list due to the whole RPG incident and the other members of the Saviors want revenge surely. Personally if my choice if I could choose as a writer, I would choose Abraham to die. Middle of the pack popularity and definitely with his military background, a serious threat to Negan and the Savoirs. I also believe that with this scenario, fan outrage would be near non-existant and therefore will easily remain the #1 series on air. Also remember that Negan “recruits” anybody with value to his family of Savoirs and also that in graphic novels he is against rape and violence against women. So having said this, if direction aims to be similar to the graphic novels – the weakest most useless male will taste the wrath of Lucille; but who knows what Negan’s opinion of the group’s men are??? In conclusion, I’m thinking either someone who is a threat, someone who is useless and weak, or maybe even someone well liked among the group, just to prove a point and assert his power.

    Thanks for reading!

  34. Patti Hale says:

    I am probably wrong but I believe it was Eugene because he has finally decided to step up and start helping instead of cowering in a corner. Or Abraham because I think he is ready to be done.

  35. glenn adey says:

    If Negan’s victim is not Abraham, Kirkman and company need to be called out in a way that far exceeds the flack that they have gotten over the whole cliffhanger thing. TWD has been very careful with regard to anatomy and detail throughout the series’ run – intestines coming out of Glenn’s chest in “Thank You” – I don’t think so! If they let something as obvious as clear vision in a POV shot of a victim when there should be hair hanging in the eyes go, I will lose all faith. The victim, upon being struck had both eyes open with no obstruction in the way. That leaves a precious few as the possible vic. Standing up after that first blow? Only Abraham could have done that. Any other outcome would be an unacceptable cop-out.

  36. Jan says:

    I hope not Daryl, he is my fav,I like Glenn, Abraham, the rest, I hope he gets one of his gang, namely Dwight, because of him, one of Negans gang had to have his arm cut off, not to mention Dwight isn’t trustworthy he left Negan once already, just have to say that was some awesome acting of Rick, he made me feel his pain.

  37. Jan says:

    Negan is not above killing a young person, remember what Jesus said about what Negan did to a 16 year old at hilltop, I know about the eye thing, but who knows, I certainly hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

  38. Eric says:

    my guess, completely out of left field and he takes out Dwight. Dwight is a major cause for the conflict and is weasely and a d-bag to boot. if Negan is psychotic enough to of his own guy, it’ll be a very clear indication what he’ll do to Rick if they don’t do as told.

  39. joe lopes says:

    think of it this way, it might be a trick being played on us by the director. It could be like the time we all thought Glenn was eaten alive by the walkers: we were given a small part of the big picture. The rest of that big picture is revealed that when Glenn fell to his supposed death,he fell to his salvation. saved by the body of his suicidal friend who helped him to distract the zombies, Glenn crawled out from under the rock and was able to continue the rest of the season. Think of it this way: these season finales are made to leave us in suspense and with as little info on what happens next as possible. By leaving us what we THINK is the answer to the finale, like Glenn dying, we are left with what is considered a convincing answer to the ending, but only a small portion of the big picture.

  40. yo mamma says:

    you guys are stupid af, daryls been on set and filming. rick, carl theyre all on pics from spoilers. seems daryls some sort of prisoner. but yeah not him. considering its your jobs…do an ounce of research next time. scrubs.

  41. Julie says:

    It was Michonne … So many clues throughout the entire episode… Her dreads on the chain of walkers,the discussion during the first stop of saviors on the road about someone rick “loves,” and the episode is filmed from her point of view several times, no one else’s. #ihopeimnotright

  42. Aryn spalding says:

    Bet you its ricks son.

  43. aspenlola says:

    some food for thought.

    i think it is abraham who gets it. for two really little obscure reasons in addition to the more obvious. first, in the season 6 finale, what could be an easter egg: the “knight” who rescues morgan and carol has the same carrot top haircut as abraham. second, if you look at stills from negan’s bat scene, there is a line in the dirt from he to abe.

    if there is a shock and awe character that gets it, that would be maggie. or michonne.

    darryl is most certainly captured at this point. negan probably admires his craftiness and resourcefulness. he will be useful. dwight takes the vest in order to take away his power and perhaps see what it is like to be in his shoes. thus, he takes off by himself on the road (see sneak peak scene), learns to respect darryl, then helps him escape later on.

    in the season 7 trailer, there is a second zombie with a shirt on that everyone presumes is glenn. i think it’s spencer.

    but there is only one way to know for sure, and that’s to watch!

  44. Linda Pitman says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Daryl because he has a new show

  45. Jenner says:

    Negan offs Abraham, Daryl intervenes so Negan decides to add a victim, but to build fear and compliance, he doesn’t choose Daryl, he kills Glen. He does however take Daryl as prisoner/hostage and with Glen out of the picture Maggie decides to leave and becomes leader of the other community.