Was Outlander Oversight Exposed? Did Ninja Warrior Best Arrow? Is 12 Monkeys Tops in Time Travel? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Mistresses, So You Think You Can Dance and Person of Interest!

1 | Does Aussie actress Jacinda Barrett’s otherwise admirable American accent on Bloodline go kablooey every time her character refers to Ben Mendelsohn’s Danny as “Dah-nny”?

2 | Did Outlander think we’d be too distracted by the pretty to notice that Jamie’s back scarring was clearly missing? (Maybe having a mirror in the background wasn’t the best idea?) And wasn’t Jamie’s hair much shorter when he and Claire were mulling their options in the field than it was the week before (or any other time in this week’s episode)?

3 | How often do you have to Google Game of Thrones character names to be sure of who’s who — such as people like the long-missing Edmure Tully, who showed up last Sunday?

American Ninja Warrior4 | Did seeing an American Ninja Warrior all-star absolutely crush the 35-rung (!) Super Salmon Ladder make you reconsider your awe at Oliver Queen’s puny 5-rung version?

5 | Does this week’s Veep get the dubious award for the Most Utterances of the C-word in a half hour of television?

6 | Did The Carmichael Show’s excellent Trump-centric finale make you sad that Season 3 probably won’t air in time for the show to weigh in again on this election cycle?

7 | Has the Bachelorette producers’ influence over a rose ceremony ever been more apparent than when Jojo begrudgingly handed a stem to the cartoonishly evil Chad? And while everyone is hating on Chad, is taking advantage of the free food really going on the show for “the wrong reasons?”

8 | Given that Mistresses‘ Joss and April are both in committed, relatively healthy relationships, there’s no way Karen isn’t eventually sleeping with her manny, right? And how much do you wish Alyssa Milano’s Savi would crash Joss and Harry’s engagement party? Or use her Charmed premonition power to “see” their impending nuptials and stop the whole thing?

9 | Will you stick with SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCESo You Think You Can Dance through the live rounds before you pass judgment on the success or failure of its “Juniors” focus, or was the audition-oriented premiere enough for you to make the call? And regardless of your feelings about the shift to 8- to 13-year olds, can we all agree that one big benefit was an absence of lecherous comments from judge Nigel Lythgoe?

10 | Is 12 Monkeys the cream of the crop when it comes to today’s time travel shows?

11 | Which was the better Person of Interest fake-out? That the taxi driver wasn’t some broken English-speaking rube, or that the terrified locksmith was The Voice? And turning to Episode 100, did you think The Machine’s voice would be anything other than Root’s?

12 | Anybody else really going to miss Containment when it ends?

13 | How is it that after 12 years of anchoring ABC’s still top-rated Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is only making $300K an episode?

14 | Are multi-season renewals (as Outlander, The Americans and — and if all goes to plan — Homeland recently received) the new pre-premiere renewals?

15 | How wonderfully crafty is The Americans, embedding The Americanswithin a scene a General Hospital clip that — though neither obvious nor pointed out — was about Soviet sleeper agent Grant Putnam? (Gives a whole new meaning to Elizabeth’s concerned/confused face, doesn’t it?)

16 | Would the death of Wayward Pines’ Ben have been more shocking had Fox not announced in advance in what capacity Season 1 regulars such as Charlie Tahan would be returning? And from reader Kirads09: “If food is rationed to point of malnutrition, how can there be ice cream, beer and restaurants on Main Street?”

17 | It’s early goings, Night Shift fans, but are we buying Jennifer Beals as an army major?

18 | How is it possible that the only 500 Questions answer we knew — “Who is Beyoncé’s alter ego?” — is one of the only ones the contestant got wrong?

Today19 | Did the Today show on Thursday really need an entire five-minute (!) segment on emoji etiquette?

20 | Would Game of Silence’s “Warden” Carroll, who has apparently very ably covered his tracks over decades, really attack Nurse Amy himself, at risk of leaving behind evidence? Similarly, could he have acted any more guilty when deflecting Liz’s questions about Bobby? And despite all the show’s strengths, did the gang stumbling upon a random patch of discolored grass marking chemically poisoned Petey’s 25-year-old grave kinda make your eyes roll back?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. MissEllys says:

    Ellen’s salary isn’t that surprising except that it has gone down from 2013 by 50k an episode. You think ABC would give their #1 actress a raise, even if she is denied Emmy buzz.
    As for salary, Michael Weatherly was making less than that on NCIS when he left. And that show is #1 in the world.

  2. Max says:

    #12 – I had three episodes saved in my DVR, finally deleted them and cancelled the series. Nope, won’t be missing it at all.

    • Jeri says:

      I’m going to watch them all, Good shows are hard to find, I’d rather see it on its way out than most of what is left on the air.

      • patrickmaloney33 says:

        Right! It was billed as a limited series so I’m assuming that there will be some level of closure at least!

    • patrickmaloney33 says:

      You’re missing out because it is an interesting character study.

  3. Daisy says:

    7. Eating a ridiculous amount of meat was far from Chad’s only reality show crime.

  4. tallsy says:

    7. On The Bachelorette, I would say Daniel was the bigger producers’ pick. Also, Chad is awesome. The guys constantly whining about Chad are worse.
    15. Big couple months for 80s ABC soaps, during Everybody Wants Some!!, while a team member’s girlfriend has a pregnancy scare, Tyler Hoechlin watches a young Erica Kane in one of her schemes.

  5. lori says:

    #2. Are we really expecting Sam Heughan to sit through four hours of back makeup for a split second scene that his back is in? I’m more concerned with major plot changes that totally diminish the character’s ethics than whether or not he has a fake scar on his back.

    • Lala says:

      How many hours would it take to remove the mirror from the background?

    • LJ Pierce says:

      Outlander missing scars? Better check your facts, Michael Ausiello & TVLine writers. Over on Twitter, Sam Heughan himself tweeted that he spent his usual hours in makeup having the prosthetic applied to his back for this scene. Maybe I’ve got scar-shaped cataracts, but I could see the scars in the mirror. The production crew on this show pay great attention to detail- they wouldn’t let that slip.

      “‏Sam Heughan
      @Angela1303 @KeriRose_2829 @RonDMoore let assure you they are. Spent good few hours in make up before that one. Like @TallShipProds said.x”

  6. Winter says:

    2. According to Sam Hueghan he was wearing the prosthetic scars during filming so I think it was just not clear in the mirror.
    4. The ANW all stars skills competition was all so fun. I could not believe how high they got the wall. I know it’s summer time when ANW is on.

  7. Andrew says:

    10 – Yes, it is :-)

  8. KayCeeCee says:

    6. Carmichael Show: Totally agree.

  9. Brandon S says:

    I completely get where you’re coming from with the Pompeo pay, especially with gender equality, but isn’t *only* $300K an episode kind of relative when we’re talking about making over 6 million for less than a year of work? Life could be worse.

    • KT says:

      I’m with you. I think what she is making is more than enough! Plus, she is part of an ensemble, so it’s not like the whole load of the show is on her shoulders.

      • Winter says:

        Not to mention how often they kill people off on that show. I wouldn’t be asking for raise I’d be hoping to survive sweeps.

    • Wooster182 says:

      Exactly. $300k x 22 x 12 is a boatload of money. She’d probably prefer everyone not to comment on it lest she end up the way of 1M per epi Charlie Sheen.

  10. JPinks says:

    #2 The Outlander inconsistencies have been sloppy this season. The spark between Jamie & Claire has fizzled as well.
    #10 12 Monkeys is just so so this season. Lost interest.
    #16 Snooze fest. Should have left it as a 1 season deal.

    • patrickmaloney33 says:

      I think 12 Monkeys is way better this season! They have cut the brooding & melodrama in half, and doubled the fun & weird science fiction.

  11. Jane says:

    11 – I actually was sort of hoping that the Machine’s voice would have been Jorge Garcia or Terry O’Quinn, Hurley or John Locke from Lost.

  12. CaptMediocre says:


    No. It’s the cream of the crop of nearly all shows on television right now regardless of genre.

    Why, you may ask. Because it treats its characters (and fans) like intelligent human beings.

  13. Joanna says:

    2) Outlander, Sam Heughan did have his back scars. They look very faint from that angle and in the mirror. They are only going to get fainter as time goes on, unless it is a flashback.

  14. A fan of TV says:

    13. Much as I love Pompeo as Meredith, her value is clearly relative to her saleability in other projects, no? I hate to be so obvious because I think the prejudices are lame, outdated, and stupid, but Ellen Pompeo is in her forties working unbelievably steadily for someone in her age group. I cannot name a single film she’s ever starred in without the help of IMDB. What I find sad is that if the show centred on a male doc with the same relative non-Greys career prospects as Pompeo, he’d very likely be making more per episode than $300k at this point, just by having his agent defence industry norms.

    • pinky says:

      I’d think that her saleability is relative to how much money Grey’s is making for ABC, and her relative part in it. And serialized dramas don’t sell to syndication nearly as well as comedies.
      Also everyone seem to be thinking she makes exactly $300k per episode…the deadline article says she’s making “well north of $300,000 an episode”. Also it’s been reported in previous season she was making $350k per ep, and I don’t she took a salary decrease…

  15. Annie says:

    Yes, please talk about 12 Monkeys. That show deserves SO much more love.

  16. Katherine215 says:

    10. 12 Monkeys is one of the best shows on TV. I worried that this season would fall off from the phenomenal first season (how could it not?), but it’s been superb.
    12. I’m really enjoying Containment. It’s actually quite well done and not nearly as CW-ish as I was expecting (and I like and watch a number of CW shows). I’m super bummed it didn’t get renewed and hoping for some closure to the first season.

    • patrickmaloney33 says:

      10. I actually think this season is better. I found the first season to be a dredge because all the gloom and doom was so much that I gave up on it before the finale. I decided to watch the finale before the second season… And I’m so glad I did because that scene of Cole going back for Ramse was worth all the gloom! And the show kept that momentum going in the 2nd season.
      12. Containment is totally different from anything on the CW, it’s a refreshing example of realistic characters going through extraordinary (but still possible) circumstances!

      • Katherine215 says:

        I love that scene. I didn’t mind the darkness of season 1, but I love that Cassie is more actively involved this year. I just wish she was slightly less angry/bitter.

      • Velocisexual says:

        “12. Containment is totally different from anything on the CW, it’s a refreshing example of realistic characters going through extraordinary (but still possible) circumstances!”

        I’m sorry, you’re allowed to like the show as much as you want, but please don’t spread the nonsense that that show is realistic. It’s about as realistic as The Walking Dead and that’s how people should treat it. Saying this show represents how things would really go down in such a scenario is just spreading misinformation to others.

  17. A fan of TV says:

    Just loving 12 Monkeys, but the time travel genre is sitting a bit, even though the projects are so different in spirit I barely noticed it was a ‘thing.’ But yeah with Outlander, 11/22/63, 12 Monkeys, they’re all of a decently high quality, no? I’m sure I’m missing some titles, too.

  18. B says:

    12 Monkeys is one of the best, period. More people need to watch! It’s so well done.

  19. Jennifer says:

    #17 – Nope. Not even a little.

    • Sheila says:

      Ha! I watched ten minutes of one episode and started laughing after seeing her “run” into action! Soooooo not military!

  20. Spence says:

    OH wow! My mom and I are literally watching Bloodline right now and thought the exact same question as number one!!

  21. Bwhit says:

    12) Containment is really good in my opinion. They didn’t give it a real shot.

    • patrickmaloney33 says:

      Right?! At least give it to the end of the season! They have given more of a chance to their lesser quality shows (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the 100).

      • wgsecretary says:

        I don’t watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I’m sure they give it more of a chance because the actress won a Golden Globe. So, apparently some consider it to be of a high quality.

  22. Ivy93 says:

    Didn’t POI’s big reveal about the person they thought was a victim(the locksmith) actually being the criminal mastermind(the voice) seem a bit stale, considering they did the same with elias and dominic.

  23. Lindsay says:

    Haha, totally noticed the Outlander back-scar missing issue. I don’t freak out about those things, just laughed a little. Oh well!

  24. Z says:

    Is Ben really dead on Wayward Pines? I thought they left it a bit ambiguous.

  25. patrickmaloney33 says:

    Containment is the only show that feels different from everything else on The CW and has me genuinely rooting for the characters (unlike The 100, who are all just abundantly bleak to root for). So yes, I’m gonna miss the hell out of Containment when it ends!

  26. Gary says:

    As for #5 and the “C” word — I think other shows have used the word “crone” at least that much.

  27. erinconrad says:

    Outlander says that Sam Heughan’s scars are there – Sam says he spent hours in the makeup chair and that it’s the lighting that causes you not to be able to see the scars. I wasn’t there, I don’t know for sure, just reporting.

  28. July Lark says:

    Both Maril Davis, executive producer on Outland and Sam Heughan said the scars were on his back, it was probably the lighting that made them hard to see. I also don’t think Jamie and Claire’s love has fizzled, but their life is one tragedy after another and they have to deal with it. Life was hard in the 1700’s.

    • monty says:

      Well they were apart for a long while, I think the length of time, there child being born in a different era, and all the issues they encounter can drain any relationship. They can’t keep the romance at a passionate level every episode.

  29. baja7475 says:

    I will miss Containment when it ends…. 12 monkeys and Continuum which ended last year, are probably the best time travel tv shows i have ever seen.

  30. fatalsin says:

    # 4 Nope he is the perfect man!

  31. CaptainOats says:

    17 | It’s early goings, Night Shift fans, but are we buying Jennifer Beals as an army major? –Yes. Totally, yes. I would buy Jennifr Beals as anything.

  32. 12 Monkeys is… (it was so obvious I forgot to post in here…) a multi-dimensional puzzle which works only because carefully thought through end-to-end. Oh and it tops in every other aspect, limiting it to “time travel” only is unfair:)

  33. mario says:

    Is there any scoop on Big Bang Theory being renewed for season 11 or beyond? Heard a rumor that negotiations are ongoing for another 3 year contract? Any insight on this?

  34. nikki says:

    #4 – Considering Oliver/Stephen Amell generally does it shirtless, I’m going to say No, I’m still in awe (those abs…)

  35. JustMeInCLT says:

    #11 I thought the Machine would chose Carter’s voice

  36. Gary Frick says:

    2 – I can see the back scars both in the mirror and on the character. They are also there but faint in the scene where he is skelped in Ep 209, but they are faint in both (perhaps due in part to the dim lighting in both scenes). As to the “chemistry” between Jamie and Claire fading — with all due respect, You. Are. Wroong!

  37. Carolyn says:

    James’s scars are there, they’ve become increasing more faded as the show continues.

  38. #10 12 monkeys is the best show on TV, ever. I’m a massive TV junky, having watched 90 different shows last year. When 12 monkeys is on, I don’t really care if I fall behind on other shows, because I’d rather spend my time thinking about 12 monkeys in between episodes – it’s that good! 12 monkeys if the kind of clever show that drops lots of little hints in earlier episodes for things that become significant later, so you always get to discover new dimensions on rewatches (Harry Potter does that in the books). I want a time machine, so I can go back and steal Terry Matalas’s idea for 12 Monkeys.

  39. Melissa Rosengarten says:

    12 Monkeys’s is not only the best time-travel show on TV, it is the BEST Sci-fi show on TV! Excellent storylines, character development and actors! Not often are we lucky enough to get a show that has it all like 12 Monkey’s!

  40. 2) It’s two years later. When we meet Jamie, it hasn’t been that long since he was flogged by BJR. Time will have an effect on scarring like that. The puffiness will go away and only the lines will show. And after more time, even those will fade. It’s been two years — Claire even makes that observation. The puffiness of the scarred flesh will have disappeared and all that’s left is those lines. You won’t see them.

  41. Sharron Hather says:

    To answer #10, yes, 12 Monkeys is definitely the best time-travel show, the best sci-fi show, and in my opinion, the best *show* on TV at the moment. The characters have real depth. They make mistakes. They sometimes do horrible things. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad. But at the heart of it you have these amazing, three-dimensional characters who you come to love, played by actors with incredible screen chemistry who genuinely seem to love their jobs, written by talented writers who aren’t afraid to take the show in unexpected directions. It’s like a movie every week. It’s criminally under-watched and under-exposed. Given the chance, it could be the next Battlestar Galactica. As it is, there’s a chance this incredible show might not even see a season 3.

  42. I’m a huge fan of the time travel genre, and will watch practically anything with it in. So far 12 Monkeys is the best time travel TV show I have seen. Unlike most other shows that often write themselves into a corner, leave massive loopholes or forget about something important – 12 Monkeys hasn’t fallen victim to any of that. It helps that the creator is a huge time travel fan too, and really knows his stuff and knows the mistakes that can be made!

    Plus the women – like so many of my current favourite shows right now, they are treating the women characters like people, not tropes. They are interesting, and extraordinary.

    It’s rare a show can get the hard SF stuff right AND combine it with emotionally exciting writing too. So it’s why it’s my favourite show :D

  43. Sarah White says:

    12 Monkeys on Syfy is always a winner! It literally bests itself every episode and always keeps us guessing!

  44. 12 Monkeys is the best Time Travel show ever made for TV.

  45. Iris Davidson says:

    Jamie’s scars on his back were there. Sam Heughan said so.He spent much time in make-up b4 that scene. With regard to his hair length, it probably was due to pick up scenes that production had to go back on so that’s why length was different.

  46. Maria Foss says:

    Each episode of 12 Monkeys is like a mini. blockbuster movie. Acting, script, special effects and even an original musical score make every installment of the compelling story a rich multi sensory experience. This is not just among the best sci fi television has ever produced, it has already earned its place as one of the best series to ever grace the small screen. SyFy had a real gem here – I only hope they realize it.