Wayward Pines' Carla Gugino Previews Injured Kate's Moral Quandary

Carla Gugino Wayward Pines

Although Wayward Pines was initially conceived as a 10-episode, limited event series, star Carla Gugino says she couldn’t help but get excited to return to the role of Kate Hewson after Fox ordered a second season of the twisty, sci-fi drama.

There’ll be one noticable difference in Gugino’s character, however, when Season 2 kicks off (tonight, 9/8c): “Kate has always been a physically active character in this world, but [the premiere finds her] trapped in a hospital bed. That was  was for sure challenging and very strange,” she says.

Season 2 picks up three years following the events of last summer’s finale. “Kate’s husband Harold was killed in front of her by Jason, the young man who is now running the town. And so she’s been heading the resistance for some time,” Gugino explains. “She’s just gotten injured, and now she’s in the hospital, assessing what she needs to do, what world she’s living in. Is there hope, from her perspective, for Wayward Pines? And is this a fight worth fighting? She’s grappling with a lot.”

The actress had plenty on her plate, too, when it came to Season 2’s opening hour. Incoming showrunner Mark Friedman enlisted Gugino’s help in brainstorming a pivotal monologue for her character.

“I was so pleased that Mark was open to that collaboration. I really do love this character, and Mark’s done an exceptional job coming in for Season 2,” Gugino says. “There are a lot of characters and a lot of story to deal with. I felt like if we were going to cut to the quick and have Kate express herself in this intense moment, what would it be? What’s the lens she sees this world through? It was useful and really fun to collaborate and figure that out. I’ve been acting since I was a kid, for 30 years now, and more often than not, I find the most talented people are the ones who are most willing to collaborate.”

Gugino is hesitant to reveal too much about Kate’s arc, but adds that she was excited to work opposite Hope Davis’ Megan, since the duo didn’t share many scenes in Season 1.

“It’s tense between them,” Gugino teases. “They’re coming from two really different perspectives on life and the world and pretty much everything.”

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