Grey's Anatomy Finale Preview: Owen and Nathan Call a Truce

It’s a miracle. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 12 finale (8/7c, ABC), mortal enemies Owen and Nathan stop hurling accusations and throwing punches long enough to make… well, if not peace, at least not war.

“Nathan makes a pretty big overture of reconciliation,” says Martin Henderson, who plays McKiwi. “He wants to have some healing in the relationship, and I think, given what’s going on with Owen with the marriage and everything, it’s a time in his life where he may be a little more open to that.”

And a little openness could go a long way toward easing tensions between the warring factions. “In a very small way,” teases Kevin McKidd (Owen), “there’s a detente between them. So Nathan does end up at [Owen and Amelia’s nuptials].

“He’s not Owen’s best man,” he adds, “like he should have been” — and would have been before his unfaithfulness indirectly led to the death of Hunt’s sister, Megan. “But he does get an invitation from Owen, so that’s kind of a big step for him.”

What do you think — are you relieved that Owen is finally getting past his animosity toward Nathan ahead of Season 13? Do you suspect that Riggs’ romp with Meredith will reignite the feud? Hit the comments!