Post Mortems

Grey's Anatomy's Caterina Scorsone Dishes on Amelia/Owen's Future, Mer/Nathan's Secret, Jo's Dilemma

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale

The following article contains spoilers from Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Although Amelia and Owen can now slap a “Just Married” sticker on their car, that doesn’t mean the Grey’s Anatomy newlyweds are necessarily in for a smooth ride. Here, Caterina Scorsone, who plays the bride, not only predicts the Hunts’ future, she weighs in on Meredith and Nathan’s clandestine hookup and offers a little in-character advice to Jo.

TVLINE | First off, take me through Amelia’s final decision to go through with the wedding. It seemed like a big turning point for her, way beyond getting married.
Yeah, I think she’d been looking for external permission from Meredith, and ultimately, Meredith didn’t really give it to her. Instead, she said, “Hey, why are you looking to me? I don’t know anything! You should be looking to yourself!” So what Amelia actually gets from Meredith is permission to listen to herself and follow her own desires.

TVLINE | She’s like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz —Amelia had the power all along.
[Laughs] This is absolutely the Wizard of Oz moment for her, where Dorothy realizes she could give and receive love the whole time!

TVLINE | Do you think Amelia and Owen will get a few weeks of happiness in Season 13 before the next calamity?
I hope so. We really haven’t been able to do all the kind of sweet, romantic stuff that usually is the bulk of a relationship. So I hope we get to have a little bit of a honeymoon before being struck by tragedy. It would be nice to kind of get out of the muck and mire!

TVLINE | At least for a little while.
[Laughs] You’ve gotta build ’em up to knock ’em down! I think Amelia and Owen’s happiness is always going to be hard-won, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they turned out to be exactly the couple who you say “I give ’em six months!” and they end up being able to love each other [forever]?

TVLINE | Do you think they have a shot?
I think they expect flaws and brokenness in a way that most people don’t, so maybe they’ll be able to weather life’s bumps in a way that people wearing rose-colored glasses can’t necessarily.

TVLINE | You have to be looking forward to Amelia finding out about Meredith and Nathan next season. For once, she won’t be the one being judged.
Right? [Laughs] It’s completely reversed! Amelia’s being upstanding and practically a pillar of the community, and Meredith is out doing it in the back of a car! I think Amelia will definitely see the mirth in the whole situation.

TVLINE | Maybe she can finally give back a little of what she’s gotten from Meredith, too.
Yeah, it would be nice if there was kind of a reversal [from their usual dynamic]. Amelia has been kind of this cowering child sometimes with Meredith, so it would be funny to see that reversed. Meredith did give her a lot of grief when she started up with Owen!

TVLINE | Having gone through so much to finally get it right with Owen, Amelia’s practically a relationship expert now. So what advice would she give Jo about her predicament with Alex?
Well, one of the great things about Amelia’s sobriety is that it depends on her ability to be honest with herself. So she would definitely advise Jo to do some inventory and figure out where her fears lie and talk to Alex before she isolates herself and creates all sort of tragedies for herself, which Amelia has done in the past. [Beyond that,] get a good lawyer!

What advice would you give Jo? Are you hoping that next season Amelia will make Owen the dad he’s always wanted to be? Hit the comments.