Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Cristina Sparks 'Friction' Leading Up to Owen and Amelia's Wedding

After all that Grey’s Anatomy has put Owen and Amelia through, you would think that nothing and no one could keep them from tying the knot in Thursday’s Season 12 finale (8/7c, ABC). Well, except maybe for his ex-wife, Cristina.

Though Yang’s been in Zurich for two years, her person, Meredith, continues to watch over Hunt. “She still feels like she’s Owen’s guardian,” says Kevin McKidd, who plays the groom, “and she takes that role very seriously. She still has that allegiance to Cristina, so she has some issues with [the marriage].

“And she also has her own issues with Amelia,” he adds, “so there’s some friction between them.”

And by “some,” the actor means enough that it isn’t necessarily a foregone conclusion that the couple will say “I do.” Meredith and Amelia’s conflict “puts a spoke in the wheel hugely during the wedding,” McKidd reveals. “The fun and the drama and the intensity of the finale is, will Amelia show up at all? Is Owen going to be left at the altar?

“Obviously, he’s pretty bummed” that that’s even a question, he continues. “Amelia scares the bejesus out of everybody.”

What do you think? Will Owen and Amelia end up tying the knot? Do you want them to, or are you holding out for a Cristina comeback? Hit the comments!

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