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Jane the Virgin Boss on [Spoiler]'s Fate, Anezka's Plan, Xo's Surprise and More

Jane the Virgin Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s Jane the Virgin finale

Jane the Virgin capped its second season on Monday night with a wedding — but did anyone actually get hitched? Better question: Were all those theories about Michael dying correct?

Before we get to that, can we talk about the other Villanueva woman experiencing a major life change in the finale? Xo is preggers! (I once talked with executive producer Jennie Urman about how every season could be the story of a different pregnancy, and I love that it’s now coming true. Season 4: Alba?!)

As for the episode’s other big twists:

* Jane and Michael did, indeed, get married. (Michael saying his vows in Spanish was sweet enough to switch some Team Rafael-ers to the other side, I think.) Then the church choir and guests broke out in song, encouraging the couple “to go have sex” now. But before they could do it, Michael realized Susanna was the mole, and she shot him. Oh, and Susanna is actually Rose in disguise. “It’s time to go,” Rose told Luisa. Holy telenovela!

* Rafael — seeing how happy Jane was with Michael — decided to keep his feelings for his babymama to himself.

* A seizure-induced mini-stroke left Anezka unable to speak, except — twist! — it was actually Petra who was hospitalized. Not only had Anezka taken her sis’ place, she got it on with Rafael. #Petrafied

* Xo told Rogelio she wanted to be with him, and he returned her feelings, but he still wanted kids. So the two shared a bittersweet dance instead of getting back together.

Read on for scoop from EP Jennie Urman about Michael’s future, Jane’s sex life, those switcheroo shockers and more.

TVLINE | You know the first question I’m going to ask you: Is Michael alive?
Very early on in Season 3, you’ll have that answer.

TVLINE | Was there any discussion about at least letting them do the deed before this twist happened?
Definitely, there was. I never wanted Jane to lose her virginity in a season premiere or a season finale. I just feel like that puts too much pressure on that, and I just don’t think that’s what the show is about. She is going to lose her virginity. It’s not too far in the future, but it didn’t happen [in this finale].

TVLINE | There was speculation about whether the wedding would happen or not, especially since Rafael was harboring feelings for Jane. Was it always the plan to have Jane and Michael get married?
Yes, Jane made a choice in Episode 12 — she chose Michael. Although Rafael has had strong feelings for her and they’ve remained, and definitely fandoms have had strong feelings about Jane and Rafael, Jane has never wavered since she’s made that choice. That was really important to us as writers… If people start changing their minds too many times, you start to lose faith in the character and in their choices. Jane wasn’t going to make that choice until she was sure, and when she chose Michael, she was sure.

TVLINE | Rafael decided not to say anything to Jane about his feelings. Was that his way of moving on?
It’s one of my favorite moments that he’s had. I felt like it was really important to give Rafael a little bit of a character-building moment in there. He’s been so driven by what he wants and his vision of their perfect family and what it would look like if he had Jane. We felt like it would be great for him to have a real selfless moment when he saw Jane was happy. She gets married, and he knows he has to move on at that point.

TVLINE | What in the world did Anezka inject Petra with?
[Laughs] I don’t have the name of that. It starts with a “C.” It paralyzes you, and you have to keep injecting it to keep it current. Anezka will be moving Petra into her home to take care of her sister next season, so she can keep her petrified as long as possible.

TVLINE | What is Anezka and Madga’s endgame?
Magda’s been planning the takeover since last year. I think it was around Episode 20 when Petra made her mother turn herself in. Magda realized that Petra was not going to be by her side forever. So she’s been cultivating Anezka. Their endgame is, of course, money. Magda wants Anezka to get her a lawyer and get her out of jail and stand up for her mom. Ultimately, they’re opportunists. I would say money and the Marbella and freedom are their big goals.

TVLINE | How long has Rose been Susanna?
Since the beginning. She just manufactured her as a person.

TVLINE | What kind of role is she going to play next season?
At the beginning of this season, once Nadine got the chip back [in the season opener] and then it didn’t get returned to Sin Rosetro, Sin Rosetro knew she had to [go] undercover to get it. That’s why she was leading Michael to try to figure out where Nadine was and where she hid it. Once she got the chip back and, essentially, the money that was buried under the Fairwick, she had all of things that she needed to come back. The only thing that has been missing from her life is Luisa, who she believes she is meant to be with. I’m interested in the relationship between Luisa and Rose, and I would like to put them in couples therapy next year, see how they do. Can they get over the fact that Rose killed her father? Maybe, maybe not.

TVLINE | Is the plan really to have a pregnancy every season, like we talked about after the Season 1 finale?
Well, maybe a pregnancy but not necessarily a baby. Petra was trying to get herself pregnant. Xo, we know very well, does not want to have another baby. She doesn’t want to have another baby with Rogelio. She certainly doesn’t want to have a baby with Esteban. So that will be what we deal with when we come back.

TVLINE | How might Rogelio feel about Xo being pregnant with Esteban’s baby?
[Laughs] It would be akin to Rosemary’s Baby. He’s not going to be too thrilled. Of course, it’s not his decision to make one way or another.

TVLINE | Michael saying his vows in Spanish was so wonderful. How did that come about?
That was a last-minute [idea]. One of my writers, Carolina Rivera, came up to me after the table read for [Episode] 21, and she was bursting with excitement. She said, “Michael has to say his vows to Jane in Spanish,” and I thought, “Oh my gosh, that’s perfect!” It was her idea, and it was one of those ideas [where] there’s no debate. We just all knew it instantly. It made me emotional just to think about it.

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