Should Cristina Crash Grey's Wedding? Does Vampire Duo Bite? Peggy Carter's Husband Revealed? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Quantico, Chicago P.D. and Big Bang Theory!The Vampire Diaries

1 | The Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline and Alaric: So wrong it’s just plain wrong? (There’s a reason she still can’t bring herself to kiss him on the lips! He dated her best friend’s aunt! He was their high school history teacher!)

2 | Now that the fabric Outlander used to make Claire’s brown dress is available to the public, who’s going to sew us up something pretty?

3 | Who knew that, on Game of Thrones, Varys’ “little birds” were little kids?

4 | Didn’t you expect Fear the Walking Dead‘s Alex to do more than give Travis a stern talking-to after he basically condemned Jake to die?

5 | Penny Dreadful fans, were you A) thrilled, B) bummed or C) both that Dracula turned out to be Vanessa’s sweet new love interest, Alexander?

6 | TVLine readergood-wife-ring-left Kate asks: “Did anyone else notice that when The Good Wife‘s Alicia and Peter are starting to hold hands, they show her wedding ring on her right hand instead of left, but then after the slap, she holds her face and the wedding band is on the left?”

7 | On Once Upon a Time, how long were Hades’ ashes piled up on the floor in Regina’s office? Did no one – including the “dancing brooms” that inhabit Storybrooke – think to sweep those up? Also, who was the long-mute little boy at UnderGranny’s supposed to be?

8 | Have Quantico‘s Shelby and Alex broken up/reunited more often than even Alex and Ryan?

9 | Why is The Family‘s Willa suddenly assuming that Ben killed Adam, when all he’s admitted to is hurting the boy at some point in their 10-year captivity?

10 | On Monday’s General Hospital, in addition to Sam, Robin, Carly, Sonny and Helena, who else would you have liked to see appear to Jason?

11 | Looking at that 0.2 rating, all the shiny new shows on deck… are you still sure about that Reign renewal, CW?gotham-butch-delete

12 | Why was Gotham‘s Butch so conspicuously sweaty at Tabitha’s hospital bedside? (Admit it, you shuddered when he leaned over to hug her.) And speaking of Miss Galavan, did you fear they’d offed her just when she started getting interesting?

13 | How did Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron pass up the chance to say, “How rude!” when Jodie Sweetin was eliminated on her strongest night ever?

14 | Why did Castle‘s May 9 episode establish the “End of Days” aka “two days from now” as being May 10, when they could have just as easily synced it with the real calendar? Or are we just being OCD?flash-cemetary-delete

15 | How did The Flash‘s Barry wind up at Once Upon a Time‘s filtered Underworld cemetery?

16 | Be honest: Did you suspect the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were pulling a switcheroo on Daisy? Also, who freeze-framed the newspaper obit to see whom Peggy Carter eventually married? (Answer: a husband was alluded to, but not named. Grr.) Speaking of Agent Carter: between screens big and small, worst week ever for her?

17 | Who amongst you in the NCIS/24 Venn diagram overlap enjoyed the fact that Sarah Clarke’s Tess had just transferred from a counter-terrorism unit?

Arrow18 | If Damien Darhk’s plan to “burn the world in nuclear fire” succeeds, will Arrow eventually dovetail with The 100 Season 1? Do we now add Noah Kuttler to the list of people who don’t recognize Oliver in the Arrow hood from five feet away? And why is Donna staying in the loft when Felicity no longer lives there?

19 | Do the titles of Nashville‘s last three episodes — “After You’ve Gone,” “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt” and “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday” — have added (meta?) oomph now that the country-music series has been cancelled?

20 | Did it seem like Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess and Roman were living together during the “Justice” episode? Or did she just come over to help take care of him post-shooting?

21 | As breakneck as Underground Season 1 was, didn’t the Macon 7 seem to traverse 600 miles a bit quickly? Given its Prison Break-like set-up, were you expecting more “two steps forward/one step back” roadblocks?

22 | Anyone else hoping Grey’s Anatomy ends its season with Cristina storming the church just as Owen and Amelia are about to say, “I do”? And as much as (most of) you hated Penny, c’mon — didn’t you feel at least a little bad for her when Callie gave her the heave-ho?

23 | How the heck did The Big Bang Theory‘s Howard not recognize that the car tailing him in finale was Leonard’s?! QUESTION, ANSWERED! “It was nighttime and all he could see was headlights,” says EP Steve Molaro. “And… he’s paranoid.”

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24 | Are Legends of Tomorrow‘s Jackson/”Gray” becoming your favorite TV bro- mance? Also, how do you think [Spoiler] will maintain an “active role” in Season 2?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!