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Big Bang Theory Finale Conjures Up a Nightmare for Leonard and Sheldon — Plus: Season 10 Scoop!

The Big Bang Theory Recap

The Big Bang Theory invented a genius new coupling in Thursday’s Season 9 finale, although you might have a tough time convincing Sheldon and Leonard of its merits.

The occasion of Leonard and Penny’s vow-renewal ceremony triggered the long-overdue arrival of Leonard’s single father Alfred (played by Taxi legend Judd Hirsch), as well as the return of Sheldon’s God-loving (and also unattached) mom Mary (Laurie Metcalf). The two quickly got their flirt on and, at the conclusion of the lamest pre-wedding dinner party ever, retired to the same hotel. And the same room. And (presumably) the same bed.

Basically, they had sex.

The episode — and the season — ended on a shot of BFFs Leonard and Sheldon recoiling at the mental picture of their parents doing the deed.

“It’s just a weird situation,” concedes showrunner Steve Molaro. “Anytime anybody’s parents are involved in anything sexual, it’s not something we like to think about as humans. So we’re kind of tapping into that.”

Season 10 will continue to mine that awkwardness, since the premiere will pick up right where the finale left off. “That is the plan,” says Molaro about foregoing any sort of time jump. “Barring a catastrophic scheduling issue, that’s what we are shooting for.”

As if there wasn’t enough family drama, the opener will also welcome Penny’s family — including dad Wyatt (Keith Carradine) — into the incendiary mix. Might we finally lay eyes on Penny’s MIA mother? “It’s a little early to say for sure,” Molaro deflects, “but we would very much like to meet Penny’s mom and her brother, as well.”

And, if time allows, we may actually see Penny and Leonard’s (second) wedding ceremony, although Molaro cautions, “There are so many moving parts that it’s too soon to say. We’ll see how far we can get in one episode.”

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