Big Bang Theory Recap: How I Disappointed Your Mother

Beverly Hofstadter getting upset about missing out on Leonard and Penny’s wedding seemed about as likely as Sheldon Cooper keeping up with the Kardashians.

Be that as it may, the emotionally closed-off psychiatrist held that missing invite against her daughter-in-law upon her return in The Big Bang Theory‘s penultimate Season 9 episode.

As you’ll remember, during her recent visit for Sheldon’s birthday, Leonard’s mother (recurring guest star Christine Baranski) didn’t express any hard feelings about missing out on her son’s big day. Nevertheless, Beverly struggled to move past her frustration while spending an evening with the CBS hit-com’s female trio. Despite this inconsistent behavior, “The Line Substitution Solution” was an otherwise solid outing that also found Stuart giving up any last shred of dignity for what he thought would be an easy buck.

THE IN-LAW KERFUFFLE Insisting that she wanted to spend more time with her mother-in-law, Penny agreed to pick Beverly up at the airport upon her arrival to Pasadena. Matters immediately took an awkward turn, however, when Beverly began inquiring about her son’s sex life. With a second discussion on recent literary faves a no-go, Penny invited Beverly to join her for dinner and drinks back at the apartment with Amy and Bernadette. It was there that it become apparent that she had more respect for the relationships built by Penny’s friends than she had in her own son’s marriage.

Attempts to sway the discussion towards Penny’s successful career in pharmaceutical sales proved hopeless. Enamored by the progress made by #Shamy and Howard and Bernadette (#Howardette? #Hernie?), Beverly was more interested in interviewing them for a book she was writing on high-achieving relationships than she was in interviewing Leonard and Penny. In fact, she openly dismissed the idea of interviewing them at all.

A refusal to show any sort of consideration for her daughter-in-law’s feelings prompted Penny to lash out at her for her lack of respect, giving Beverly the fuel she needed to expel her disdain over not being a part of the wedding. In an effort to bury the hatchet, Penny then offered to have a second wedding in Beverly’s presence before she returns home, which probably explains why Judd Hirsch and Laurie Metcalf are also stopping by for the May 12 season finale (as seen in the photos below).

THE SHELDON ALTERNATIVE | In an effort to try and appease Amy’s desire to go shopping with her boyfriend and his own desire to go see a special Avengers screening, Sheldon hired Stuart to fill in for him while he went to the movies. The plan of course backfired, with Amy refusing to accept Stuart as an alternative to Sheldon and the alleged genius incapable of understanding how he was at fault. The couple sent Stuart back and forth between them like a carrier pigeon to relay messages of frustration and halfhearted sorrow — until Sheldon eventually arrived at Penny’s, where he gave what he believed to be a sincere apology before quickly rushing back out to the theater. His day, however, was deservedly ruined when he returned to the screening and got himself worked up over a harmless line cutter (played by Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson).

What did you think of Thursday’s Big Bang? Were you surprised to see Beverly so upset about missing out on Leonard and Penny’s wedding?

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