The Flash Recap: A Hasty Decision?

Flash Recap Season 2 Episode 20

This week on The CW’s The Flash, a great debate ensued about whether to recreate the explosion that endowed Barry with powers — but the arrival of a familiar face from Earth-Two forces the issue.

Having spent the past few minutes perched on the edge of my seat, I’m here to say that was a helluva final act. And I’m kind of kicking myself for glimpsing at the promo for next week, but hopefully The CW won’t issue any spoilery stills a la Zoom Kidnapping Wally from a few weeks back.

The episode opened with Cisco and Iris cheering Barry on as they use a mo-cap hologram to fake The Flash’s zippy presence on the streets of Central City. Harry arrives to dampen their spirits, saying the ruse won’t last — especially when folks to wonder why this Flash never talks, or goes indoors. No, Harry still stands by his plan to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and (hopefully) restore Barry’s speed.

That cues Barry’s trip — via station wagon — to visit Henry, for counsel on the predicament (after walking Dad through the new developments). In hearing the latest, Henry mentions that his mother’s (aka Barry’s grandmother’s) maiden name was “Garrick.” (Hmmmm. Is that a vote for Henry-Two-as-Iron Mask?) Later, Barry brings Henry back to S.T.A.R. Labs and Central City — for good, everyone hopes.

Cisco meanwhile “vibes” during a verbal sparring match with Harry, and sees his brother — or at least the Earth-Two version. This prompts Cisco to reach out to Dante, who’s more chilly than ever after their tandem kidnapping by the Snart family. But when Dante chases Cisco out of the bar after, they are confronted by the Earth-Two villain Rupture, who blames Cisco for murdering his brother Reverb. Sure ’nuff, Rupture removes his mask to reveal he is the other Dante.

As Barry struggles with his decision about Harry’s plan, Iris makes what is perhaps the “grand gesture”* hinted at in TVLine’s May Sweeps preview, saying, “I don’t know if can go through what I did the last time if you got hurt.” Alluding to his first trip to Earth-Two, after the Patty break-up, she said, “Barry, you’ve always had someone to come home to. Me. I’ve been thinking a lot about us,” married as they are in the future, and on Earth-Two. “I can’t help wondering if we’re meant to be together.” When Barry brings up his previously expressed feelings for Iris, she says, “I wasn’t available in that way,” being with Eddie and all, “but I am now. I need you to know it doesn’t matter to me if you’re The Flash or not. You are who I want to see if i have a future with.”

Rupture later checks in with Zoom, who with Caitlin is holed up at our CCPD. Caitlin overhears the plan to lay waste to the cops who are working out of Jitters, and uses a phone from an evidence box to alert the team. As such, when Rupture later storms Jitters, the holo-Flash distracts him long enough for Joe to subdue the meta. Zoom gets wind of this, though, and shows up himself to kill several cops, as well as Rupture — and then use a TV camera to warm the people of Central City that their Flash is a “fake,” and he is now in charge.

All of this gives Barry the nudge to make the decision — and the decision is his — to join in Harry’s plan. And so with Barry clamped into a Fringe-like apparatus, Cisco on the roof capturing lightning and after Barry’s teary speech to his dad about returning to the “best” version of himself, Harry triggers the contained explosion. Barry, however, appears to disintegrate in the blast waves, which also escape out into the hallway and KO Wally and Jesse (hmmmm!). After the dust settles, all that’s left is Barry’s roasted speed suit, a gloating Zoom and so, so, so many wet eyes looking on.

What did you think of the episode “Rupture”?

* I checked my notes and the exec producer said Iris would make the “grand gesture” “by the end of the season,” not necessarily in the finale.