The Originals: Will Klaus Save Cami? EP Previews the Duo's 'Powerful' Episode

The Originals Spoilers

Let’s be real for a second: Despite Klaus’ strong feelings for Cami, his track record for keeping her alive in times of crisis is… less than stellar.

So your fear is completely justified as we head into Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 9/8c), which picks up moments after Lucien injected Klaus’ main squeeze with his home-brewed strain of deadly venom.

As far as Cami’s chances for survival are concerned, we only have executive producer Michael Narducci‘s words to go on:

When she gets to [Klaus], he’s going to recruit his entire family to find a way to slow — if not stop or cure — the bite she’s now dying from. That’s really the heart of [the] episode, these two people who are in desperate straits. It’s going to be a powerful story about the connection between them.

And as much as I’d like to find comfort in those words, “powerful” storylines about Klaus tend to revolve around loss. (Narducci also spoke of a “tragic circumstance” set to befall the Mikaelsons towards the end of the season, and what’s more tragic than the death of a loved one?)

Time to place your bets, Originals fans: Who thinks Cami’s safe — and who thinks she’s a goner? Watch the extended promo below, then drop a comment with your predictions.


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