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Originals EP Previews Klaus and Cami's 'Powerful' Next Step, Lucien's New Fury

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How is it that I’m more worried about Cami after Friday’s episode of The Originals than I was when she was literally dead in Klaus’ bed?

This week’s hectic hour found Team Mikaelson attempting to defeat Lucien 2.0 and Aurora 1.5 — she hasn’t made the full transformation yet, but she’s already there mentally — with somewhat mixed results. TVLine spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci about three of this week’s biggest twists, but first, a quick recap:

Hayley and Cami teamed up to saved Klaus from Aurora’s clutches, while Freya and Elijah gathered the Strix for an assault against Lucien; via the magic of security footage, Lucien discovered that Aurora has no romantic feelings for him; Marcel convinced an out-of-control Kol that the best thing he can do for Davina is leave town, which he did; and in the episode’s final moments, an understandably pissed-off Lucien bit Cami in her home.

TVLINE | Let’s start with Cami. Can you give me any hope heading into the next episode?
Well, you saw what I saw. She’s in absolutely life-threatening peril. She has now been bitten by a bite we know is lethal enough to kill even Finn. I can promise you that in the next episode, you’ll see Cami alive and awake. You’ll see how she reacts to that bite; the first thing she has to do is survive being in the immediate clutches of Lucien. Cami will see Klaus again, and whens he gets to him, he’s going to recruit his entire family to find a way to slow — if not stop or cure — the bite she’s now dying from. That’s really the heart of next week’s episode, these two people who are in desperate straits. It’s going to be a powerful story about the connection between them.

TVLINE | And how will Lucien’s discovery about Aurora’s feelings change his game plan?
He went from being a romantic who wanted to defeat the bully and impress the girl to a guy who just hates the bully and has no hope of getting the girl. In some ways, he’s more dangerous, because he has nothing to lose. Sensing that Klaus is responsible for stealing Aurora from him 1,000 years ago led to his decision to do what he does at the end of the episode with Cami.

TVLINE | I loved Hayley’s line about how staying away from Cami won’t change the way she feels about Klaus. Any chance she’ll take her own advice with Elijah?
We’ve been telling this story of these two very different couples finding their way back to each other after a lot of distance and many obstacles, and both of them will see some advancements and some more obstacles. In some aspects, there will be closure, and in others, there will be the prospect of more to come.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Your hopes for episodes still to come? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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