Grey's Anatomy Recap: Battle Lines

Grey's Anatomy Recap

With their day in court rapidly approaching in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona were faced with the awkward task of asking their friends and colleagues to take sides in their custody battle. And though we would have loved to sympathize, um, that’s kinda what you get when you refuse to listen to all of us who spent last week’s episode yelling at the TV, “C’mon, people! Slow it down! Talk it out!”

More shocking than the predicament in which Sofia’s moms found themselves was the fact that “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side” featured not one but two break-ups and the revelation of a tryst that had taken place in an exceptionally poorly chosen location. Who got lucky, and who got un-? Scrub in and read on!

HOME BODIES | While Meredith and Maggie were leaving for the day with the former’s children — who have gotten more screen time in the last two weeks than in eons! — the half siblings discovered their MIA carpoolmate, Amelia, asleep on the couch. Naked! With Owen! Naturally, Mer and Maggie teased the living daylights out of Amelia, who insisted that she and her ex weren’t back together, they had too much “stuff” for that. (Have truer words ever been spoken?!?) Well, whatever they were doing, Mer told Owen, “My kids don’t need to see your penis” after the doing’s done! Still, as the hour concluded, off Grey’s encouragement, Amelia showed up at Hunt’s door, and the two of them acknowledged that, were they to commit to one another, they’d make a mess of everything. Owen’s solution, sealed with a kiss: “Let’s screw some things up.”

SOFA, SO BAD | Also logging some couch time — though a whole lot less enjoyably than Amelia and Owen — was Ben, who’d been banished from his and Bailey’s bedroom since returning to Grey Sloan as an anesthesiologist. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the pressure cooker that the Warrens’ marriage/working relationship had become just about exploded when he wound up assigned to a surgery with Nathan, Maggie… and his wife! As Ben and Bailey took swipes at each other, with Miranda comparing her better half to their “scammer” son, it was all their fellow doctors could do not to commit harikari with a scalpel — anything to get out of that OR! Later, Maggie came down on Bailey’s side, pointing out to Ben that he had done something wrong, gotten punished, hadn’t liked it and had gone around it — and “the only reason you were able to do that is ’cause she’s your wife.” Nathan, on the other hand, spoke up for Warren to Miranda.

PLAYING FAVORITES | Meanwhile, Calzona were struggling with the difficulty of recruiting their pals to testify on their behalf — and, for that matter, struggling with the difficulty of getting anyone alone long enough to discuss it! And, while your overwhelming dislike of Penny has been well-documented in the comments section, you had to feel for her (at least a teensy bit!) when she was assigned to Arizona’s service for the year. Sorry, it was only for the day, it just had to feel like a year to Blake. Anyway, Arizona wound up with roommate Andrew, plus bigwigs Richard and Bailey, in her corner; Callie had Penny (duh), Owen and Meredith. Alex, perhaps the wisest of the bunch, turned down Calzona’s requests with the simple explanation that “I like you both.”

HISTORY REPEATING? | Speaking of Arizona, when she noticed something a bit off with Baby Avery’s brain during April’s ultrasound, both the mom-to-be and Jackson understandably freaked out. Kepner even went so far as to light into Robbins for previously declaring the fetus perfect instead of spotting this possible issue earlier. When Arizona asked April to calm down… well, let’s just say that April didn’t. Later, as Kepner ran through drastic options to find out if anything was really wrong, Robbins pleaded, “You need to trust me.” April’s response? “I trusted you to catch this.” (Ouch.) In the end, it turned out that the former Averys’ baby was fine. “Definitively” fine to boot. However, Arizona still informed the divorced couple that she was too close to them to continue on as April’s OB. (So that was break-up No. 1.) 

SOUR NOTE | On Stephanie’s day off, she showed up at Grey Sloan with newly minted loverboy Kyle, so that Amelia could check out the new tremor that he’d developed in his left hand. Edwards’ suspicion was that he’d developed a lesion in the other side of his brain. Which was possibly right. But, as Amelia explained, Stephanie couldn’t work on her beau’s case. (Adding insult to injury, Shepherd had Andrew answer all of the questions that Edwards ordinarily would have.) Needless to say, Stephanie flipped when her mentor informed her that, as “the family member from hell,” she’d be cooling her heels in the waiting room instead of at least watching from the gallery during Kyle’s surgery. Having been in the patient’s position before, Stephanie couldn’t handle being on the sidelines rather than helping, so she left a Dear John note at Kyle’s bedside while he was in recovery, thus earning herself a place next to Sex and the City’s Berger on the Worst TV Break-Uppers Ever list.

So, which surprised you morethat Arizona dropped Japril or that Stephanie ditched Kyle? And how heartbreaking was the closeted married senior in love with his doorman? Hit the comments!

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