Chicago Fire Boss Previews 'Dawsey's' 'Rocky' Journey, New 'Impediment'

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Chicago Fire couple Dawson and Casey are about to face a one-two relationship punch.

Political consultant Susan Weller (played by Lauren Stamile) has barely set foot inside Molly’s, but star Jesse Spencer has already confirmed that she and Casey will spark. (That will, no doubt, not go over well with Dawson, who is suspicious of the other woman’s intentions.) Then, in the May 3 episode, the firefighter’s girlfriend throws him for a loop when she makes a big decision that could impact their future together.

Below, executive producer Matt Olmstead previews “Dawsey’s” uncertain outlook, Susan’s agenda and Antonio’s role in all the drama.

TVLINE | It was recently hinted that Casey and Dawson might not be on the same page about their future. What’s coming up for them in the final episodes?
On a call, there’s a young child who is being taken care of by a negligent foster parent. There’s a connection with Dawson and this kid, and she’s just following up a little bit along the way in terms of who’s taking care of the kid, where does the kid go now and all the stuff that you’re not supposed to do as a firefighter [or] paramedic… A light bulb goes off for her in terms of, “Do things happen for a reason? Maybe I take care of this young boy temporarily?” Something, emotionally within her, really responds to not only the child, but the child’s situation, which is fairly dire.

That sets off some ramifications, certainly, with Casey, because they’ve gotten to a pretty good place where they’re both busy with other things. … There’s a great scene where [her brother] Antonio, when he realizes that Dawson is somewhat serious about this, goes to Casey and [says], “Are you involved or not? Do you approve or not? Are you guys a couple or not? And if not, then cut the ties, once and for all, and let her go live her life.” We’ve seen them be really chummy for a long time, but Antonio’s had it with this treading water, as he sees it, in the relationship. And what he couldn’t really say to his sister, he certainly can say to Casey, even though it’s venting and somewhat maybe inappropriate.

TVLINE | There’s been some uncertainty this season about whether Dawson and Casey are engaged or not, whether they’re going to get married eventually or not. Is there some resolution to that by the end of the season?
Yeah, it’s coming up. This decision by Dawson, certainly, affects Casey. Dawson, also, isn’t doing it to try and trap Casey or force a decision with Casey. She makes it clear to him, “Hey, I’m doing this completely on my own. Don’t let this inform your decision or make you want to do something one way or the other.” This is a very simple response in her mind: “I’m doing it. Anybody else in my life – brothers, boyfriends or otherwise, bosses – you can do whatever you want to do. I’m not asking for any help.” By the end of the season, we’ll have a little clarification, certainly, on where they’re at, [but] not before going through some rocky terrain.

TVLINE | It seems like this new political consultant might mean trouble for them?
Yeah. [She and Casey] grew up very close to one another. There’s an immediate connection. He likes her, trusts her. So in a business sense, it makes sense, but as we all know, sometimes when you click in business, that can lead to other things. So she’s certainly a little bit of an impediment going forward. When she’s looking at Casey’s potential going forward, he has a very murky, undefined relationship with Dawson and that doesn’t look good in terms of presenting a candidate. His on-again, off-again girlfriend doesn’t really cut it. So, professionally, she’s looking at his relationship sideways. Does she have a secret agenda also? Is there an opening? We’ll find out.

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