Mom Recap: Enter Jodi's Boyfriend

Mom Christy Meets Travis

Hold the laughs: Mom‘s weekly diner pow-wow just got deadly serious.

It’s not unprecedented, of course, for the CBS sitcom to tackle darker territory — the overdose death of Christy’s young friend Jodi in February was a genuine heartbreaker — but this week’s episode found Anna Faris’ character dealing with an unexpected rush of anger and anguish when Jodi’s addict boyfriend Travis (Jesse Luken) showed up at her AA meeting.

“Part of me is scared I’m gonna die,” he said, shakily taking a turn at the podium and sharing his story of addiction. “But part of me is scared I won’t.”

When Christy bumped into Travis in the hallway outside a follow-up meeting, her still lingering guilt and fury over Jodi’s passing — and Travis’ decision to flee the scene instead of staying with Jodi until paramedics arrived — led to an explosive and rapid-fire outburst. “I was Jodi’s sponsor, and I loved her, and I wish she was still breathing. But because of you, she isn’t! And I will never forgive you for it!” Christy yelled, as Travis made a hasty exit. “Yeah, run away — like you did when she was dying!”

Thankfully, we got a little levity to cut the tension after ever-wise Marjorie chided Christy for refusing to seek out Travis and say she was sorry. “I’m proud of you,” Christy’s hellion mother Bonnie (Allison Janney) chimed in chipperly. “I wouldn’t apologize, either!” After a moment’s pause, Christy reconsidered her stance and ran off to make amends. “Do I know my little girl?” Bonnie chuckled to the group, snaking Christy’s uneaten plate of food for herself.

The emotional cornerstone of the installment, however, took place in Travis’ tattoo shop, where Christy was forced to get her ear pierced in order to express her regret. “For the rest of my life, I have to deal with what I did,” Travis said, finally thawing the wall of ice Christy initially put between them. And that’s when Christy dropped the same hard truth Marjorie and Jill had delivered to her earlier: “You didn’t kill her. She used because she was an addict. And that’s what addicts do.”

The denouement of the episode — in which Travis joined our core ladies for their post-meeting meal at the diner and recounted Jodi’s stories of their time together — didn’t let us off the somber hook. “She talked a lot about you, Christy. And how much she loved you. And how you tried to stop her from going out with me,” Travis shared.

“What can I say?” replied Christy.

“Nothin’,” said Travis, haltingly, tears welling up in his eyes. “I just wish she listened to you.”

What did you think of this week’s Mom? Is it a good idea for Christy & Co. to help Travis on his journey to sobriety? Sound off below!

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