Better Call Saul Season 2 Finale Recap: You Really Got a Hold On Me

Slippin’ Jimmy has finally slipped up. Big time.

In Better Call Saul‘s Season 2 finale, Jimmy confesses to altering Chuck’s Mesa Verde files, unaware that the confession is on tape. Meanwhile, Mike is stopped from putting an end to Hector Salamanca’s reign of terror.

BEWARE, BROTHER, BEWARE Following Chuck’s fall, Jimmy runs into the copy center to take control of the situation and ensure that someone — anyone — calls 9-1-1. At the hospital, Chuck attempts to tell doctors of his hypersensitivity to electricity, forbidding them from doing an EKG or CT scan to see if he’s suffering from permanent head trauma. Jimmy eventually overrules his brother’s demands by getting a temporary emergency guardianship, but the CT scan ordered by his doctor (American Horror Story‘s Clea DuVall) causes Chuck to enter a self-induced psychosis, rendering him temporarily speechless.

After the catatonia wears off, Chuck appears to have let go of the idea that Jimmy was in any way involved with doctoring the Mesa Verde files, and is just content with being home and not locked away in some psych ward. As it turns out, however, his less reactionary behavior is all part of an intricate ruse.

After Chuck tells Howard that he’s leaving Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill as a result of his mistake on Mesa Verde, Howard calls Jimmy in a panic, prompting Chuck’s brother to race over to his house to get to the bottom of his rash decision. When he arrives, Chuck is wrapping his entire home in the same protective foil he dons to shield himself from electricity. It’s then that he confirms to Jimmy his reason for retiring from the law, prompting a confession from his brother that it was he who made the address switch that lost HHM its client. Little does he know that Chuck is recording his confession to the felony, and he’ll have more than just his word against his brother’s when he ultimately brings him to court.

(DON’T) HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT | Mike isn’t a forgiving man, but he’s also not a killer… yet. After finally making a purchase from his friendly neighborhood arms dealer, he sets off for the desert to track down Hector and put a bullet between his eyes — American Sniper style. He ultimately misses his chance (and in the process watches the Cousins kill another unknown victim), refusing to take the shot if it means killing Nacho — who’s standing in front of the enemy — as well.

Though Mike sticks around and silently ponders killing one of Hector’s henchmen as a warning, he is suddenly interrupted by the sound of his own car horn. When he returns to check the vehicle, he sees the windshield has been scratched by a branch left pressing down on the steering wheel, as well as a piece of paper on the window that simply reads “don’t.” It’s unclear whether the note is from Nacho, who somehow caught on to Mike’s plan, or another associate of Hector’s who we have yet to meet. (Gus Fring, perhaps!)

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