Did This Breaking Bad Favorite Get Cut From the Better Call Saul Finale?

Better Call Saul isn’t quite ready for a game of chicken (or so it seems).

Though the Breaking Bad prequel has been quick to bring back both Tuco and, more recently, Hector Salamanca (played respectively by Raymond Cruz and Mark Margolis), evidence is mounting that an appearance by Giancarlo Esposito‘s Gustavo “Gus” Fring was scrapped from Saul‘s Season 2 finale (airing April 18).

In discussing Margolis’ encore as Tio, series creator Vince Gilligan shared that Better Call Saul had “a perfect opportunity for someone [else] from our Breaking Bad universe to show up” during its sophomore finale, but co-creator Peter Gould ultimately decided against it.

Now, a recent tweet from Saul fan @Sirena6783 suggests that the first letter of each Season 2 episode title is an anagram for “FRINGS BACK,” indicating the potential for an appearance from the Los Pollos Hermanos owner/drug kingpin.

As you’ll remember (original series spoiler alert!), Fring was last seen sporting half a face in Breaking Bad‘s Season 4 closer, after Walter White and Hector came to an understanding about what had to be done to take him down.

Per AMC, Saul Season 2 will end with Jimmy making a tough decision, Mike taking matters (presumably with the Salamancas) into his own hands and Chuck’s condition evolving, following his recent head trauma.

Would now have been the right time for Gilligan and Gould to bring back Gus Fring? Is there still a chance he turns up anyway? 

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