Grey's Anatomy Recap: C-Dissection

Grey's Anatomy Recap

We knew this day was coming. Ever since Grey’s Anatomy had Ben MacGyver a scalpel out of a clipboard to perform emergency surgery in the psych ward, we knew that he’d eventually pull a stunt like that again, only when he did, he wouldn’t necessarily pull it off. So what happened when, in this week’s double header, history repeated itself and he operated on a pregnant woman in a hallway? Read on and find out!

NOW OR NEVER | As “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” began, a 6-year-old patient of Alex’s named Gage Dean had disappeared, leading to Miranda issuing a Code Pink (missing kid alert) and putting Grey Sloan into lockdown. The move turned out to be virtually useless — Karev discovered the youngster’s hiding place before the first commercial break — but it was under these extreme circumstances that Ben and Andrew found themselves trapped in a hallway with Gretchen McKay, an expectant patient in desperate need of an emergency C-section.

DO OR DIE | Though conditions were about as far from optimal as imaginable, Warren had gone ahead and performed the operation right then and there rather than risk losing both the mother and child. Unfortunately, in spite of what Ben would see as his heroism and Richard would see as his recklessness, neither Gretchen nor her baby made it. In the aftermath, security footage revealed that an open elevator door would have allowed the surgical resident to leave the hall with the patient — meaning that he’d had an option, he just hadn’t taken it.

MAKE OR BREAK | In the second hour, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding),” Miranda — unable to pawn off the heavy duty on Richard — formed an impartial advisory committee made up of Meredith, Owen and Maggie to decide her husband’s fate. She then saved the life of Gretchen’s husband, Omar, by ignoring his DNR order. Surprisingly (or not?), while everyone else voted to suspend Ben for six months, which seemed more than awful enough to him, Bailey wanted to terminate him altogether. (Hope Calzona and Japril kept the numbers of their marriage counselors — and divorce attorneys. Sure seems like the Warrens are gonna need the former, if not the latter, too.)

MORE OR LESS | In spite of the fact that the majority of the two-parter focused on Ben’s disastrous gamble and its repercussions — for Gretchen and her family, his career and his better half — a few other plots managed to advance, too. Of note:

* Off Jackson and April’s monstrous miscommunication in “I Wear the Face” (thanks a lot, Catherine!), the exes managed to remember that they were once best friends. Kepner even let Avery feel the baby kick.

* Upon learning that Callie was ready and willing to move to New York when the Preminger Grant took Penny east, Arizona — who’d advised her ex to make it work! — discussed with April’s lawyer fighting for custody of Sofia.

* Single-minded as ever, Owen found a way to (try to) entangle Nathan in the Ben mess. Afterward, Riggs doubled down to Maggie on the story that he’d told Meredith — but admitted that he’d left out the bit about his unfaithfulness to Megan.

* Stephanie was getting texts from Kyle that were, in her words, melting her phone.

So, what did you think of the episode(s)? Would you have voted to suspend or fire Ben? Hit the comments!

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