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Shadowhunters Boss Talks Jace's Dark Future, New Characters in Season 2

Shadowhunters Season 2 Spoilers

If you’re concerned about Jace’s mental (and moral) state following the end of Tuesday’s Shadowhunters season finale, you have a very healthy sense of fear.

“We should be very worried about Jace,” showrunner Ed Decter tells TVLine. “As fans of the books know, he’s about to take a very dark journey.”

While the final hour of the Freeform drama’s first season gave cause for celebration at times — including Clary and Jocelyn’s long-overdue reunion — it also presented a laundry list of new obstacles for the gang to overcome. Is Jace, now in league with Valentine, beyond saving? Will Camille succeed in breaking “Malec” apart?

Decter tackles those burning queries, plus several others, below:

TVLINE | You guys took quite a few liberties this season in terms of staying faithful to the books. Will you keep that mentality in Season 2?
The goal in the writers’ room is to make the fans feel like we’re not going to end up in the place they’re expecting, then surprise them with how we get there. We try to keep some surprises for the hardcore fans who initially ask “What are they doing? Why are they doing this?” The hope is that they eventually come to a point where they say, “Oh, I get it. I see what they were doing before.”

TVLINE | As a reader of the books, I can say you definitely kept me on my toes.
With big moments, like the “Malec” kiss, what we decided to do is vary from the books by putting a big obstacle in their relationship. We added the character of Lydia, and the fans really responded to her. We thought they’d be upset about us adding a new character, but they saw that it was really putting the brakes on Alec and Magnus. We were doing a live Twitter event during that episode, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d go to write a tweet, and by the time I got back to my feed, there were 400 new tweets.

TVLINE | Speaking of “Malec,” will Camille pose a threat to that relationship moving forward?
When we see Camille again, it won’t be as a threat to Alec and Magnus’ relationship; it’ll be more as a threat to Raphael and the other vampires, their whole hierarchy. [Editor’s note: Good luck, Simon!]

TVLINE | Clary was much happier to see her mother on the show than in the books. What made you overlook her resentment after being lied to for 18 years?
That’s yet to come. The real unpacking, as we say in the writers’ room, is yet to come. There will be plenty of mother/daughter drama about the fact that Jocelyn basically lied to her for 18 years. … Clary believes she lied to her, but from a parent’s point of view, she was just protecting her.

**Warning: The next two questions detail major plot points from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books** 

TVLINE | In the books, if I recall correctly, Jace and Clary give into their urges, despite believing they’re siblings. Is that something you plan on tackling in Season 2?
Actually, that’s absolutely not true. While they are brother and sister, despite the fact that they have these odd feelings, they are chaste. There’s a moment with the Seelie Queen, but that’s a little different; we’ll save that for the viewers. But Jace and Clary are definitely confused as to why they feel this way, which is a big point of tension in the books.

TVLINE | Books and TV shows are such different mediums. Is it hard for you guys to walk that line with Jace and Clary without it feeling like it’s going too far?
Well, we plan to play the tension of it because, in romances, it’s not what gets people together that’s interesting — it’s what keeps them apart. The torture of a romance is a lot more dramatic than the pleasure of it. This is a very good, torturous situation. Cassandra has a wonderful solve in the books for how this all works out.

TVLINE | Should we be keeping an eye out for any new book characters in Season 2?
Some characters we’ve met go through giant transformation. Simon’s girlfriend Maureen has a lot in store for her, and there’s a lot in store for Jocelyn and Luke. There will be new characters we meet as well, including the Seelie Queen. We’ll start building into each of the realms in a different way.

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