Shadowhunters Recap: Altar Boys

Shadowhunters Recap

Freeform cordially invited Shadowhunters fans to the wedding of Alec Lightwood and Lydia Branwell on Tuesday — but no one said anything about it going off without a hitch.

To the delight of “Malec” fans from all ends of the twitterverse, Magnus successfully crashed the unholy union, scoring an epic kiss so good it lasted the entire commercial break. And in typical Magnus fashion, not only did he “forget” to R.S.V.P., but he also waited until Lydia’s hand was centimeters from tracing a wedding rune onto Alec’s hand before busting through the chapel doors. (Like you’d expect the High Warlock of Brooklyn to make any less of an entrance?)

Save for grumpy ol’ Mrs. Lightwood, most of the guests were stoked about the turn of events; even Lydia handled her jilting like a classy Idris queen. But the gang’s celebration will likely be cut short when they realize that Hogdge (boo!) attacked the bride and stole the Mortal Cup.

Of course, Magnus and Alec weren’t the only ones wading through relationship drama this week. Here’s a rundown of what the show’s other couples were up to:

* Clary and Jace continued to wrap their heads around last week’s paternal bombshell. As always, Jace spent most of the hour giving his new-ish sister the cold shoulder, but he eventually came around. “I can’t shut you out,” he told her. “I just don’t know what to do with all of this.” Clary isn’t sure how to proceed either — it’s not like they hand out pamphlets for this type of situation — but giving Jace their mother’s box of his belongings seemed like a good place to start.

* Jace and Alec rekindled their bromance — excuse me, their parabatai bond — during Alec’s bachelor party, of which they were literally the only two attendees. (Thanks, Izzy.) Jace told Alec that his life’s been “a lot harder” without having him to talk to, while Alec assured Jace that he’s “not sick” for wanting to life’s been a lot harder not having you to talk to.” He even assured Jace that he’s “not sick” for wanting Clary. “The situation’s just confusing,” he said.  (And wouldn’t he know.)

* Simon and Clary attended Alec’s wedding together. There’s not much to report on that end, but Simon sure seemed pleased when Clary called him with the invite.

* Magnus and Camille‘s backstory was also fleshed out this week; as the ghost of Ragnor Fell stated so eloquently, Magnus may be immortal, but she totally killed him. So of course she’s the only thing standing in between the Shadowhunters gang and the Book of the White, which Clary needs to free Jocelyn from her magicoma. Next week’s season finale ought to be very interesting.

Was Alec’s wedding everything you hoped it would be? Drop a comment with your review of “Malec” below.

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