The Good Wife: Should Alicia Grant Peter 'One Last Favor'?

the good wife finale alicia

Does Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man” really belong on The Good Wife‘s Season 7 soundtrack?

That’s essentially the question up for debate in the wake of last week’s cliffhanger, which found Gov. Peter Florrick asking his estranged first lady Alicia to hold off on making public her request for a divorce — and to stand by him until the end of U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s investigation into his latest alleged misdeeds.

The hour ended, of course, with Alicia inhaling and preparing to give her response — before the screen cut to black and the credits rolled.

It’s a delicious and deeply dramatic dilemma for the show’s protagonist as the acclaimed CBS drama heads toward its May 8 series finale.

On one hand, while Peter and Alicia have been living under separate roofs and allowed one another to privately see people outside their relationship, their public face as a couple has been both a boon to his political popularity and her influence within her firm and in the courtroom.

At the same time, though, Alicia’s goals have changed since we first met her. In the wake of lover Will Gardner’s death — and her budding romance with investigator Jason — she’s grown increasingly dissatisfied with suppressing her authentic feelings. When she learned of Peter’s nasty confrontation with Jason, then busted into her husband’s office and demanded a divorce, it felt long overdue… and incredibly exciting.

Does that mean, however, that after decades of marriage and raising two children together, Alicia doesn’t owe Peter his request for “one last favor”? Or are we ready for Alicia to finally escape the implications of being a “good wife” in the final Season 7 episodes — and forge a new path to happiness?

That’s where you come in. Take our poll below and tell us how Alicia should answer Peter’s request when The Good Wife returns on Sunday, April 17 (at 9/8c) — then explain your reasoning in the comments!

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