Big Bang Recap: Sheldon Cooper's Fortress of Shame

The Big Bang Theory just made the ultimate reveal: Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is a packrat.

Thursday’s episode, “The Solder Excursion Diversion,” found the anal-retentive character’s laptop on the fritz, and Amy willing to do just about anything to keep Sheldon’s mind at ease. Unfortunately for her, gifting him with a new computer opened up a whole new can of worms.

Suggesting that he recycle his old laptop led the physicist to reveal a long-kept secret: He’s a recovering hoarder, and he has a monthly storage bill to prove it.

As Amy attempted to get Sheldon to think about throwing away some of his less cherished possessions — such as old toothbrushes (yuck!) and a bin of pinecones — he confided in her about this very obvious problem. Knowing that Sheldon was hurt, Amy made the best of his situation, indicating that she, too, has kept plenty of things in her life that others would have tossed away, such as the tissue she used during her first-ever brain dissection (double yuck!).

Later over tea, Sheldon gave Amy the idea that perhaps he was feeling a bit frisky. In actuality, he was just itching to test out his new laptop. After sending her home, the couple spoke over Skype while Sheldon got into bed alone. Amy, as you can imagine, was not amused.

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Meanwhile, Raj proved to be the ultimate snitch in Thursday’s B-story, ratting out Leonard and Howard for ditching Penny and Bernadette — who had just surprised them with lunch at work — to attend an advance screening of Suicide Squad without him. Of course, rather than tell the girls about the last-minute opportunity to see the film, they lied and said they got a flat tire on the way to pick up work supplies. While Raj insisted on getting payback, the girls inevitably forgave the guys when they returned with flowers and told them the truth. Raj, on the other hand, was still ticked off about not getting to see the movie — not that anyone really cared.

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