Grey's Anatomy Recap: A 'Date' Which Will Live in Infamy

Grey's Anatomy Recap

“What’s the worst that could happen?” you could almost hear Meredith and Will asking themselves in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy during the goodnight kiss portion of their (sorta) third date. “I’m hot, you’re hot — let’s do this.” But was Derek’s widow really ready to invite Dr. Thorpe and his very nice face into her bed? Read on and find out!

MEREDITH (CLEAN) FREAKED | As “When It Hurts So Bad” began, Mer and Will were throwing sparks bright enough to light Seattle, so it appeared that they decided not to end date No. “3” on her doorstep. Unfortunately, the morning after, Grey woke up the whole house yelling for Thorpe to get out. Maggie assumed the worst and immediately attacked Will, who tried as best he could to explain that he’d been asleep, and the next thing he knew, there had been screaming. “I didn’t do anything,” he added. Nonetheless, Pierce tossed him out on his ear — shirtless, shoeless and shaken. When at last Maggie got Mer to open her bedroom door, she looked almost as freaked out as she had after she was attacked by her patient in “The Sound of Silence.” Later, Mer came downstairs, but she was still wigged to the nth degree. (On the plus side, at least she was wigged in a way that was gonna result in a very clean house.) “How can we help you?” Amelia asked before admitting that the reason she was present in the first place was because she had been discreetly crashing there for a coupla days. (Mind you, Mer didn’t care why she was there or even that she was there — she was all about disinfecting.)

AMELIA BROKE UP WITH OWEN | Off their heartbreaking non-date last week, Amelia distanced herself from Owen, then called in sick in the wake of Mer’s freak-out. (Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like the show is separating Owen and Amelia in order to pair Hunt with April — and perhaps Amelia with Nathan?) Just when Amelia was beginning to tell Mer what had transpired between her and Owen, Alex showed up ready to kill Will or do whatever it took to set things right. Except houseclean. That didn’t seem to him like a proper emergency. (Clearly, he didn’t see the stain that so bothered Grey!) Eventually, Mer came across Derek’s “stupid, stupid blanket” and announced to Amelia and Karev, “We’re done cleaning.” Next, she lit a fire in the fireplace, recalling the time that her husband had made them a bed in front of it, and confessed to Alex that, though Will had been perfectly lovely, she hadn’t been as ready as everyone thought she was. That evening, Owen showed up at Mer and Maggie’s to apologize to Amelia. “I don’t have an excuse,” he admitted. “Riggs said some things to me, and I’m really sorry… It will not happen again.” No, it wouldn’t, she ensured, by breaking up with him. It wasn’t going to work right now. “And maybe not at all,” she added. As the episode drew to a close, Mer, Maggie, Alex and Amelia were eating junk food in front of the fire when Will showed up worried about Grey. “You’re great,” she assured him. “But there’s a ‘but,’” he sensed, then volunteered to back off “for a while.” However, he was gonna pursue her again. “I’m pretty sure,” he said in a way that was guaranteed to induce swooning, “you’re worth waiting for.” (Side note: Mer invited Amelia to move back into her old room.)

CATHERINE PROVED HER ‘MEDDLE’ | Instead of merely continue competing to see which of them could be less empathetic and more childish this week, Jackson and April were distracted by a visit from Mama Avery. Though Jackson ordered Catherine not to so much as speak to April — and Kepner, knowing that “when she hits, you do not wanna be in her wake,” did her best to avoid her former mother-in-law — Richard’s wife sought out the mom-to-be, anyway. Afterwards, an upbeat April asked Jackson if soon they could talk, just the two of them. (Somehow this felt like an “uh-oh” moment rather than a “hurrah” one, didn’t it?) At the end of the episode, Jackson thanked his mom for ignoring his wishes… until he learned that she’d only talked to April to find out what she knew about her pregnancy when. “She legally committed fraud” by signing divorce papers without disclosing that she was expecting, Catherine noted. “Now we can go after her.” Oh, this is not gonna be pretty…

CALLIE LIED TO PENNY | After Penny told Callie that she loved her, Torres, caught off guard, replied, “Thank you.” Later, while Callie was busy tending to a patient who’d been injured during sex with her supersized lover, Blake cared for Sofia when she was brought in with a minor injury. For her troubles, she got more or less called out by her girlfriend, who claimed that Arizona was upset about it. When, afterward, Penny apologized to Robbins, Callie’s ex said that she hadn’t had any problem with Blake treating Sofia. “Oh, [Callie] was lying!” gasped Jo hilariously. Off that scene, Arizona asked her former wife to keep her out of any drama between her and Penny, and Blake called Callie on the carpet for BSing her. Near the end of the hour, Torres reassured her girlfriend that they were “in the same place” and invited her to join her and Sofia for ice cream. “Thank you,” said Penny. (Fantastic circular writing!)

ANDREW DUMPED MAGGIE | After Isaac implied last week that Andrew was sure to get preferential treatment because of his relationship with Maggie — and she pretty much offered him preferential treatment — DeLuca avoided her so much this week (at least when he wasn’t sleeping with her) that she finally asked him point blank if he wanted to be with her. His response? Crickets. “There’s my answer,” she said, growing increasingly pissed that he got what he wanted (them going public) and then couldn’t handle it.

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