Grey's Anatomy Recap: Pretty Ugly

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Once Arizona took it upon herself to reveal April’s pregnancy to Jackson in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, the stage was set for this week’s episode to feature showdowns explosive enough to make the Averys’ break-up seem amicable by comparison. Did “I Am Not Waiting Anymore” deliver on its promise of fireworks? Read on and find out!

‘YOU TOLD ROBBINS, AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?’ | As the hour began, we rewound to just before “Odd Man Out” left off, with Arizona learning from Jackson that he’d begun dating again and blurting out that April was pregnant — just as Kepner was on her way to tell him herself. Predictably, Jackson erupted — especially after finding out from his ex that she had been aware that she was expecting before they divorced. After April was called away by a page to the ER, Arizona tried to apologize, but Kepner wasn’t feeling it. In fact, to underscore just how very much she wasn’t feeling it, she put the full force of her faith into the “Go to hell!” that she hurled at Robbins. When Arizona told Callie what had happened in hopes of being reassured that she’d done the right thing, her ex couldn’t back her up. Like, at all. “I’m sorry,” said Torres. “You screwed this one up — big time.” Bailey was even less supportive, noting that what Arizona had done was a “firing offense.” Amelia’s suggestion to Robbins? “The only thing you can do to fix it is wait.”

After losing a patient, April tried to avoid continuing her confrontation with Jackson in the hospital corridor — in front of Richard and Bailey, no less. However, the father-to-be didn’t take it well when his former wife said she didn’t want to talk then and there. “Oh, excuse me,” he snarked. “Is there a more convenient time for me to catch you lying to me?” From there, the “conversation” only went downhill. Hadn’t she thought that her pregnancy would impact his decision about their divorce? “I knew it would!” she replied. But she didn’t want him to stay with her for the sake of the baby and end up hating her. Which, he suggested, he already did. At that, Richard rang the bell, bringing to an end the first of what seemed likely to be many, many rounds. At least Owen was able to offer April some comfort. When she wept, “Everything is all screwed up,” he reminded her that she was having a baby, and that in and of itself was a miracle.

Meanwhile, Richard counseled Jackson, who was bitter that he hadn’t found out right away that he was going to be a father. “I found out decades late,” Webber pointed out. “What’s important is now you know… and you need to step up.” As the episode drew to a close, Jackson apologized to April, and she finally was able to explain that she’d hesitated to tell him about the baby until she knew that it was okay. Sadly, that only served to make him angry again, which prompted her, in turn, to inform him that he had “no rights here.” So, they weren’t just back to square one, they were wherever was a coupla big steps further away from even that!

‘SO YOU’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT ME… ’ | When we joined Meredith, Will was still waiting to learn whether she would agree to go on a date with him and his very nice face. “I have said no to nicer faces,” she noted in such a way that we immediately stopped worrying that she might have forgotten how to flirt. But before she could answer the $64,000 question one way or the other, they were interrupted by Maggie calling her half sister back inside Grey Sloan at Alex’s behest to help with a triple organ transplant. Upon being introduced to Will, Maggie… well, let’s say she pulled a Maggie. (Can that be a thing? “Pulling a Maggie”?) “You’re Thorpe!” she said way too knowingly, then reeled herself in way too obviously. “I mean, um, hello!” Ultimately, Meredith did agree to have a drink with Will the following night. “Unless of course I change my mind,” she added. (Grey’s got game, she does!) Later, when Mer’s nerves kicked in, Callie assured her, “It will be good.” Alex seemed less enthusiastic. But then he explained to Maggie that he was being, as she put it, a “harbinger of doom” to give Mer an escape hatch — if she didn’t have one, she’d bail, he theorized.

As the evening wore on, Amelia found Mer giving her legs an emergency shave and came through with a nice outfit for her to wear. Alas, Mer still panicked, telling Jo to retrieve her cell phone and text Will that their plans were off. “Now it’s really over,” Grey told Maggie, who maybe had pushed too hard, “so let it go.” Yet Pierce really didn’t have to do that, as Alex gave Mer the kinda pep talk that only he could. “It’s gonna be weird no matter what,” he said, “so you might as well get it over with.” Which she tried to, calling Will to Grey Sloan. And, while she was too pooped after a 17-hour surgery for drinks, she did let Thorpe give her a ride home and split an order of fries. (The non-date seemed super promising, didn’t it? Until we saw the scenes from next week… )

‘I DON’T WANT HELP’ | After Maggie cancelled on her dinner with Richard and Andrew (damn triple organ transplant!), they cancelled the dinner altogether rather than go by themselves. Although how hilariously awkward would that have been?!? Later, Pierce offered to rotate her boyfriend into the fancy triple organ transplant, which was just about the last thing he wanted. Preferential treatment, that is, not taking part in the surgery. Making matters worse, Isaac razzed him about his relationship. “Chief of cardio,” said Cross, implying that DeLuca had seduced Pierce to advance his career. “So smart.” (Please don’t hook Isaac up with Stephanie — he’s smarmy, and she deserves better!) As the episode drew to a close, Andrew wounded Maggie by refusing to go home with her. Adding insult to injury, he was just going to study!

‘YOU NEED SOMEONE TO HATE? LOOK IN A MIRROR!’ | Off their puppy date, Owen asked Amelia out to dinner to pre-celebrate his upcoming birthday. But he was in for a rough night. After he engaged in his favorite pastime — antagonizing Nathan — Riggs shot back that Hunt had given up on his sister and left while McKiwi had stayed behind and continued searching for her. Owen argued that Megan was dead. “We don’t know that!” Nathan yelled. “You decided it!” (Countdown to Megan’s introduction begins in 3, 2… ) Later, when Amelia showed up at Owen’s trailer with lobsters, she found him in drunk and in full-on meltdown mode, and had to run, not walk, away.

So, we can all agree Megan is alive, right? Do you like Mer and Will? How nasty will April and Jackson’s custody battle be? Hit the comments!

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