The Flash Recap: Lady Speed Shtick — Plus, a Tragic Truth Comes to Light

The Flash Recap Female Speedster

This Tuesday on The Flash, Barry was stymied by a new speedster, Iris pondered mixing business with pleasure, Harry suffered a loss and a tragic truth was revealed.

Determined to improve his game (after proving not fast enough to save Jay), Barry amps up his training — though he falls short of clearing a canyon on the first try. Convinced by the others that he needs to kick back his fleet fit for a bit, Barry hits a night club with Cisco, Caitlin and Harry’s daughter Jesse, where they meet up with Iris and Wally. After the monitor Dad slapped in her wrist sounds off one too many times (including around Wally…?), Jesse goes to disable the gizmo, but in doing so uncovers an audio diary in which Harry details the dark lengths — including murder — to which he’d go to protect her.

The gang’s night out is interrupted by a Flash-like speedster who robs the joint and everyone in it, and Barry is not quick enough to catch up to the thief. The next day, as he and Cisco puzzle over the speedster’s origin, Caitlin discloses that in developing Velocity-9, she shared some notes and a partial recipe with Mercury Labs colleague Eliza Harmon. And though the mild-mannered scientist checks out when quizzed by Joe and Caitlin, it immediately becomes clear that she is the speedster, taunted by a V9-addicted inner demon.

“Trajectory” (we shall call her) zips into S.T.A.R. Labs, locks up Barry in the Pipeline and then holds a gun on Jesse until Caitlin whips up a fresh batch of V9. Caitlin though slipped microtrackers into the mix, allowing them to follow Trajectory to a bridge that she is intent on crumbling in the name of “chaos.” After the span collapses in the middle, Barry recreates his failed canyon jump but this time clears the chasm, tackling Trajectory on the other side. Barry nearly talks Eliza out of jacking herself up on more V9, but she ultimately indulges in another fix, one that turns her lightning blue… before degenerating her into dust.

In the wake of Eliza’s demise, Harry and Barry surmise that Zoom, whose lightning is also blue, must similarly be sick from V9 — or dying even, just as Jay Garrick had been. Hmmmm! Light bulbs start pinging over everyone’s head, and though Caitlin and Cisco want not to believe, the latter’s vibing off of Jay’s helmet confirms the sad truth — as Cisco sees Zoom unmasked, looking very tall and Nordic. Anguished, Barry races off to the canyon and lets loose with a scream. Next stop: National City?

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Hanging with Barry at the night club, Iris marveled at the fact that the two of them are married both in the future and on Earth-2.

* Iris’ new boss, Scott, tasks her with doing a hit piece on the “streak turned freak,” when it appeared that The Flash had gone bad. Iris stalled by suggesting they discuss the story over coffee, which Scott misread as a date. Later, after turning in a story on The Flash stopping the female speedster, Iris warmed up to Scott’s notion, saying that his anti-Flash stance is “not a dealbreaker.”

* After nearly dying from a blast of pure V9 and seeing the lengths to which her dad will always go to protect her, Jesse left a recorded message saying that she is leaving town — for Opal City, namely — and he is not to follow her.

What did you think of the episode “Trajectory”?

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