Faking It Season Premiere Recap: #SorryNotSorry

Faking It Recap

Tuesday’s Faking It season premiere reunited Karma and Amy after a life-changing summer apart — and it turns out they both have very different accounts of how they left things.

For starters, Karma was expecting her (former?) bestie to return home with an apology — in addition to her fresh new perspective on life, of course — but as the viewers are well aware, there’s a slight problem with that expectation: Amy doesn’t regret leaving town one bit.

“I left, it worked, I’m back and I’m over you,” Amy told Karma (aka “Starfish”) at the end of the premiere. “We should be celebrating!” But Karma was in no mood for a party — well, except for the lifeguard party where her new Hawaiian boyfriend (!) gave her a tattoo to commemorate their summer together. (Yeah, a lot can change over the course of a few months.)

Speaking of changes, Shane and his perfect nips spent the summer buddying up to co-worker Karma, and now they’re tighter than Karma’s parents and pot brownies. He was worried that this might be a conflict of interest with Liam — who’s totally Jewish now! — but, like Amy, he insisted he’s also over Karma and looking forward to everyone getting along. That Liam, what a mensch.

At least Lauren remains unchanged, though her entourage is in serious need of an upgrade. She spent the premiere auditioning new friend-terns to fill the Lisbeth-shaped hole in her life — but if you read my interview with showrunner Carter Covington, you’d know that position need only be filled temporarily.

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