Faking It Boss Previews 'Karmy' on the Rocks, Liam's Crisis of Faith and More From the 'Best Season Yet'

Faking It Spoilers

A lot can happen over a summer, and when MTV’s Faking It returns for its third season Tuesday (10:30/9:30c), the fractured fivesome of Hester High is in for a rude awakening.

“The show has grown up a little bit this season as the characters are getting older,” showrunner Carter Covington tells TVLine. “We’re able to tell more sophisticated stories, because everyone knows the characters so well. I think it’s our best season yet.”

Below, Covington offers additional insight into the show’s upcoming season, including Liam’s new religion, Shane and Karma’s new friendship, and so much more.

TVLINE | We did not leave these characters in a great place at the end of Season 2. Will that change in the premiere?
Well, I can say that writing Episode 301 was the most I’ve struggled with a script for a while. Having Amy and Karma not in a happy place was a challenge, but we’re all excited about exploring what happens to a friendship when something big like this happens. It felt bigger than when Karma found out Amy slept with Liam.

TVLINE | I understand Karma has found herself a guy over the summer. Will he be sticking around?
[Laughs] He does stick around, but I won’t say for how long. We liked the idea of this zen, Hawaiian guy coming in who doesn’t like drama. Karma’s like, “I’m not dramatic either,” but we all know better, so it’ll be interesting to watch that relationship.

TVLINE | Speaking of Karma’s guys, let’s talk about Liam and his newfound Judaism.
We are exploring Liam’s Judaism, which we were really excited about in the writers’ room, because about half of us are Jewish. We had a quorum of Jews in the room, and we were excited to feel that connection to something bigger than yourself. His journey of finding himself definitely takes twists and turns this season, and the Judaism is the impetus that sets that roller coaster in motion.

TVLINE | I imagine Zita is still around?
Zita in the second episode throws Liam a surprise bar mitzvah — but her idea of what a bar mitvzah is is very different from his. It brings up some conflict between them. Meanwhile, Karma is really supportive and understands what Judaism means to him. So Zita might get a little jealous of their connection, which will bring up a lot of her own issues about Karma. She’s wary of that relationship, and it all comes to a head in the second episode.

TVLINE | Lauren’s always got a scheme up her sleeve. What’s she doing in Season 3? 
Our theme this season is how friendship is just as intense, sometimes more intense, than romantic relationships. Lauren is there to give Amy a shoulder to cry on while she’s going through all this stuff with Karma, but — spoiler alert! — Karma and Amy can’t stay mad at each other forever, so things will get complicated there. … We’ll also see her audition new Lisbeths; She goes through many replacements this season, until our climactic finale when someone returns…

TVLINE | …Is it Lisbeth?
[Laughs] …Yes, it’s Lisbeth.

TVLINE | Shane’s new friendship with Karma is also kind of weird, but I don’t hate it.
It’s funny, if Shane hadn’t grown closer to Amy first, he and Karma probably would have been friends. They love being a part of drama. They start a band this season, and that process of who has creative control and who’s in charge is going to pull at their friendship. As Amy and Karma get angrier at each other, Shane finds himself caught in the middle. And we really wanted to put someone in that position, because we can all relate to when our friends are fighting and we get pulled in both directions.

TVLINE | Generally speaking, what will we see in Season 3 that we’ve never seen before?
This season, the show really fulfills its mission, which is to be a show that discusses and presents really groundbreaking material. We have a transgender storyline that plays out in the latter half of the season, Lauren’s story about accepting herself is going to have more twists and turns, the Karma/Amy friendship is going to be challenged by a new character introduced in the second half of the season and a lot of their issues will be brought to the forefront. If fans liked the direction we were headed in, our Season 3 really takes it to another level. MTV has really encouraged us to swing for the fences.

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