Crowded: Will You Make a Little Room For NBC's Newest Sitcom?

Crowded NBC

NBC’s rookie comedy Crowded will likely make recent college grads think twice before relocating to their parents’ basements.

After all, even if it is the most convenient and/or financially savvy option to move back in with Mom and Dad post-diploma, would you really want to live with your parents when you know that (A) they’re secretly smoking your weed, (B) they’re itching to let a few F-bombs fly every now and then, or (C) the thing they want most of all is to have frequent, spur-of-the-moment sex?

Well, in Tuesday’s series premiere of Crowded, Mike (Patrick Warburton, Rules of Engagement) and Martina (Carrie Preston, True Blood) make options A, B and C a reality.

The gist of the NBC sitcom is simple: After enjoying an empty nest for four blissful years, Mike and Martina are unexpectedly rejoined by their two post-grad daughters (played by iCarly‘s Miranda Cosgrove and Stitchers‘ Mia Serafino) who recently discovered that “being an adult is hard,” to quote Serafino’s Stella. (And, upon learning that their granddaughters are moving back home, Mike’s parents decide to postpone their plans to relocate to Florida. Have you ever heard of a more sitcom-y sitcom premise?)

In the half-hour that follows, Mike and Martina find that they miss having the place all to themselves. Now when will they openly curse? Now when will they get stoned? Now when will they knock boots in the middle of the kitchen? (Sliding trombone noise.) After tolerating their newly close quarters for a few days, they decide to gently tell their kids and in-laws that they’d like to have their alone-time back… which goes about as well as you would expect. (In short: Everyone is rightfully offended.)

Naturally, Mike and Martina feel a little guilty for being so harsh, and they decide to embrace the living situation by the end of the premiere. But if you’re skeptical about getting on board with the freshman series after viewing a premiere that relied on birth control jokes and the idiocy of Stella’s boyfriend for laughs, we wouldn’t blame you for moving out early.

But that’s just our opinion — what did you think? Grade the Crowded premiere via our poll below then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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